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If you like mutton and have a palate that appreciates Indian style of cooking and Indian spices well then one of the best dishes that you could try out is the mutton roghan josh. With its roots deeply embedded in

vegetable biryani is one of the most popular, aromatic and delicious recipe loved by everyone. Making a vegetable biryani can be as simple as making it in a pressure cooker.

How do you roll up an entire meal into one heart preparation enriched with vegetables, seasonings, meats, and the works? Simple, you throw in all the ingredients and pressure cook it into a delicious stew! Of course, it takes a

Pork chops are the ultimate meat-lover delight. The meat is exceptionally delicious and just the right amount of rare, basically there is no way you can go wrong with a pork chop. Moreover, the mushroom sauce too has its way

Casseroles are an excellent way to cook up a sumptuous meal for a bigger group and that too in relatively lesser time. They are perfect for parties, picnics, get-togethers, or simply jazzing up leftover food. And if you like pizza

Moong dal or split green gram is often linked with healthy eating. And with good reason. Be it raw as a green salad or cooked as dal, the green gram comes with its baggage of flavor and nutrients. The whole

Print Recipe Paneer Intended! A semi-dry paneer and capsicum preparation. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 20 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients cup ¾onion finely chopped1 tsp ginger garlic paste1 cup tomato

Indian gravies are a treat for all spice-loving souls. Add to that marinated chunks of chicken and you’ve got yourself heaven on a platter! One such heavenly chicken dish is the Kolhapuri chicken. As the name suggests, the dish has

Dal Bukhara Recipe

There is dal makhani and then there is dal Bukhara. The dish, which is a namesake of the Delhi-based restaurant where it originated, is a popular dal not only in the Capital but all around the world. Tourists and VIPs

‘Do Pyaza’ is a type of creamy South-Asian gravy that is less water and more spice. The somewhat dry masala gravy is named so because of the cooking technique, which requires adding onion to the gravy twice – both at

‘Jalfrezi’ is a rich curry with Indian origins, which involves stir frying chopped veggies in oil and spices until thick. The dish traces its origin back to colonial days as the first recipes were obtained from cookbooks of the British

Chinese is a cuisine of many gravies and sauces. Be it with poultry, fish, shell fish, or even vegetables, the Chinese know how to sauce up their gravies just right, with each gravy better than the other. One such awesome

Bheja Fry Recipe

Every animal (cow, pig, hen) has a distinct taste, obviously. But it is interesting to know that within each animal too, the cut, the style of cooking and the part of the body also contribute majorly to the overall taste.

There is a reason Kerala is known for its strong spices and solid flavours, the country knows how to whip up a potful of magic on the stove. And that’s probably why the Gods call it their own country, the

Khichda or khichra, is a popular slow-cooked wheat and rice-based dish that is similar to – but not the same as haleem. Widely consumed in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the mutton khichda, as the name suggests, is meat-laden version of

Whoever said capsicum could only be a sidekick for potato, chicken, paneer and others, couldn’t be more wrong. This delicious capsicum curry is here to break all vegetable stereotypes. Smothered in a rich curry flavored with roasted spices, peanuts and coconut,

Aloo Beans Recipe

Indian vegetable dishes are about as varied as Indian spices. Meaning you wouldn’t have to repeat a dish if you had just the right number of veggies in your pantry. And god bless your palate if one of those vegetables

Italian sausages are a delight, whether consumed grilled, cooked and served with pasta, or sautéed and served with some grilled veggies or a warm bowl of Italian sausage soup. The Italian soup is a calming and delicious mix of signature

On hearing ‘kholdaar machli biryani’ a Hindi speaking or understanding person will immediately visualize a whole fish biryani but only an Urdu speaker can know that kholdaar machli means lobster. Interesting, isn’t it? Biryani has been in the traditional cookbook

India is known far and wide as the land of spices, among many other things, and do we know how to make good use of these spices. Whether it is in various kinds of rice dishes (biryani and pulao), meats,