A burfi made using 7 cups of ingredients. This is a modified recipe and can be made with reduced amount of sugar, so the total ingredients come up to 6 cups

A simple and easy Chili Potato recipe that is perfect to use up leftover chili!

Dalia khichdi recipe – One of the most nutritious and whole some dish made with broken wheat.

Ghugni is an evening snack in Eastern India prepared from dried yellow peas or dried white peas is cooked with gravy, in the traditional eastern Indian style. It is generally served hot with pav or bread.

A tikki is a deep-fried or pan-fried Indian cutlet usually made with mashed potatoes mixed with chopped vegetable and mild spices. The preparation takes various forms across the different regions and kitchen of the country. One such variation is the

Anjeer barfi, figs and dates fudge that can be made in just 20 minutes

Bread dahi Vada with fruits has to be one of the easiest and quickest recipes. These are perfect for evening snack, kitty parties or for serving.

Fragrant basmathi rice cooked in coconut milk along with mild spices and vegetables. Star of this recipe, garnished with fried coconut and cashews.

This easy and delicious Spinach Mushroom Crustless Quiche. Quiche makes a comforting main dish for a family supper or a casual dinner party.

In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Snips serves an oat smoothie “with extra hay”. We’re recreating that smoothie, but swapping out that hay for bananas.

Give your snacks a sweet and fruity twist with this chunky apple cranberry chutney that packs a zest flavoursome delight. The dip goes deliciously well with just about any snack, whether they are classic salted chips, fried chicken, or some

In Gilmore Girls after (spoilers ahead), Rory quite Yale she joins the DAR and takes on planning events. At one, she chooses not to serve salmon puffs and Emily never has a fit. Here’s a recipe for those legendary salmon puffs to try at home.

Home-baked sponge cakes are always a few steps ahead of store or bakery bought. If not yummier, they are definitely special. And what makes these homemade sponge cakes a tad more special is that added vanilla essence and some coco

Sometimes, all you need is a warm bowl of soup to make you feel all happy and fuzzy inside. This is a perfect soup for that feeling!

Egg Kalaki Recipe

Kalaki is a type of South Indian omelet that is mostly served in Parotta stalls. This Omelet recipe is so similar to the regular one and yet so different that !!

Karupatti paniyaram is a sweet paniyaram made with palm jaggery. Palm jaggery is healthier sweetener and has a unique flavour too.

This Mushroom pickle made with milky mushrooms.the taste was amazing and it’s really a must try tasty and healthy recipe.

Vella seedai or Sweet seedai is a traditional snack prepared for Gokulashtami. Learn how to make vella seedai or sweet seedai in this recipe.

In Zootopia, which is an Oscar-nominated movie from Disney this year, prey and predators live in harmony. What, then are predators eating? There are a lot of hints scattered across the movie including allusions to fruit smoothies, breakfast cereal, strawberry mousse and buggy burgers. Since the Oscars are just around the corner, we’re sharing a recipe for strawberry mousse; after all, it’s strawberry season!