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Manzarita Cocktail

You’re going to love this take on a tequila smash courtesy of Food & Wine! Modified by Devlin DeVore by adding apple juice, this makes this cocktail suitably Thanksgiving-themed! Print Recipe Manzarita Cocktail This take on a tequila smash is

Mary Poppins Returns is all set to release in December, and we’re glad Disney has finally decided to make a sequel after more than 50 years! If you’re like us, you probably still remember all the words to A Spoonful

Chettinad Fish Kulambu Recipe is delicious side dish is relished with rice or appam.

A popular favourite in North India!

Mutton bone kulambu is a luscious, flavorful, tangy and spicy soup made of tender mutton bones.

You may not have a wand to summon up these dishes like Queenie does, but we’ve got you covered with these muggle-friendly recipes to soothe your restless soul till you can finally watch the newly released ‘The Crimes of Grindelwald’.

This cocktail is perfect to whip up at your Thanksgiving dinner, if you’ve got a large party attending, and limited time to whip up a drink! Courtesy of Food & Wine, you only need three ingredients for this drink! Print

Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is set to release this December and we can hardly wait to revisit our childhood with the iconic nanny and her friend, the unforgettable chimney sweep. Just to get you through the tough month-long wait, we’ve

Thanksgiving dinner is always a great time to catch up with family and friends, but it can be a bit stressful (especially if you’re hosting). If you’re looking for a unique cocktail that you can easy whip up this Thanksgiving,

Anyone in a live-in relationship especially in a metropolitan would relate a lot to Little Things. Silly fights, work pressure and yet a joy that only comes by living with a person you’re most comfortable with. Follow Kavya and Dhruv

This delicious mushroom dish is a great side dish to serve with rice and curry. Crunchy and juicy at the same time, the mushrooms just burst with flavour.

feature image source Print Recipe Baingan Bharta Recipe This is a really easy and tasty Indian dish that is sure to stir up your taste buds. Delicious baingan bharta is ready to eat with pita bread, Indian naan, or rice.

Big Apple Martini

This brandy take on a martini will certainly raise a few eyebrows. Courtesy of Food & Wine, this Big Apple Martini is sure to add some festive cheer to your holiday! Print Recipe Big Apple Martini Spruce up your Thanksgiving

A perfect Sunday like the one Dhruv and Kavya have, definitely needs a pizza. Whether you order it or get your hands dirty by kneading some fresh dough is what makes the different. Make your weekend a little different by

This delicious fish gravy recipe originating in Kerala, is a malayalee dish that is now popular in many places. It is a famous curry paired with Kappa Kizhangu, for which also you can find the recipe on our website. It

This traditional Fish Gravy is popular all over Kerala and is relished with Kappa Kizhangu or steamed brown rice.

Get dinner on the table in a flash with this easy and quick dinner recipe!

Avial is a delicious preparation made with mixed vegetables.

It’s just about a week until Thanksgiving post will inundate our social media timelines. If you’re looking for a cocktail recipe to serve this holiday, then try this Lumberjack Julep cocktail courtesy of Food & Wine, for a fun take

Started off as a web series, there’s nothing more that has glued the youngsters than Little Things. On popular demand it is back for a second season on Netflix and we’re sitting down to binge watch both seasons. Of course