Food is vital to the Indian household, or for that matter any household that plans on a long and healthy survival. But let’s put it this way, great food is vital to the Indian household. And it doesn’t really come

Crab koftas are a contemporary Indian preparation that bring together the art of cooking the widely consumed shellfish with traditional Indian koftas that are baked or deep-fried balls made of any minced meat, shredded vegetable or even crumbled tofu or paneer mixed

Check out this delicious French Fries Recipe that’s so close to McDonald’s you’ll be tempted to make them everyday! Print Recipe Copycat McDonald’s French Fries Recipe Crispy Fries! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 5 minutes

Fish Fry Recipe is a simple, easy and yet flavorful shallow fried sea food recipe,where the spice coated fish provides a delightful and palatable experience to taste buds.

‘Do Pyaza’ is a type of creamy South-Asian gravy that is less water and more spice. The somewhat dry masala gravy is named so because of the cooking technique, which requires adding onion to the gravy twice – both at

McDonald’s had a humble start with a drive-thru selling hamburgers that grew so popular that the it became a global favourite burger chain. So let’s dive into this delicious hamburger recipe, the one that started it all. Print Recipe Copycat

‘Jalfrezi’ is a rich curry with Indian origins, which involves stir frying chopped veggies in oil and spices until thick. The dish traces its origin back to colonial days as the first recipes were obtained from cookbooks of the British

This International Tea Day why not step outside your comfort zone and try out a tea-infused dessert? Acknowledging the flavorful (albeit unofficial) National Drink of India, Chef Rahul Kumar, Pastry Sous, Courtyard by Marriott and Fairfield by Marriott, Outer Ring Road,

The good old masala chai with pakode is mostly everyone’s favourite in India. The freshly brewed cuppa spiced with a handful of spices is simply bliss and the perfect way to start the day. Celebrate International Tea Day with masala

Saag Paneer Recipe

Saag paneer is a popular North Indian dish made with fresh paneer and the traditional Punjabi saag, made typically in winters. So, how is saag paneer any different than palak paneer? For starters, when we say palak, we are referring

It’s the creamy, easy to make cheesecake that can be any flavour you like. All it takes is a sweet treats cheese cake, topped with the original jelly flavour your family loves best.


Get your beer fix this festive season with a delicious Sidewalker. Maple Syrup, Lemon juice, and Hefeweizen all combine for a delectable beer cocktail! Print Recipe Sidewalker Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course Drinks Prep Time 5

Love the good old Filet-O-Fish Burger from McDonald’s? Make one every other day with this simple recipe! Print Recipe Copycat Mcdonald’s Filet-O-Fish Burger Recipe Delicious, Crunchy Burger! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 5 mins Cook

1.Bisi Bele Bath Recipe Bisi bele bath recipe is most Authentic Traditional kannada dish its very spicy and tasty.Do it your home for festival time. 2.Neer Dosa Recipe A delicacy made out of rice, unique to the region of dakshin kannada

Javvarisi Payasam Recipe is a delicious dessert made with sabudana,milk,sugar& gurnished with nuts. It is also Known as Sabudana kheer or Sago Milk Pudding.

Pickles are an excellent and delicious way of stepping up the taste ante of any Indian food item. Loaded with fiery spicy and zesty flavours, the scrumptious condiment tastes like a million bucks with pretty much every food. You can

French Monaco

According to Saveur, this beer cocktail is a hit amongst French youth. Whip up a French Monaco for when you want to give your beer a makeover. Print Recipe French Monaco Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You: Rate this recipe! Course

Coupe De Ville

Beer with a tequila twist is what you get with the Coupe De Ville. Courtesy of Yum Dom, this recipe is perfect for game night, or any other night really. Print Recipe Coupe De Ville Votes: 1 Rating: 4 You:

For all the fans of Orange Is The New Black, here’s the recipe of Apple Pie that Jason Biggs’ loves so much. And we don’t blame him for making it his comfort food, it is absolutely delicious! Print Recipe Orange

Spicy and tasty mutton gravy which taste so delicious and amazing with roti, rice or pulav.Enjoy this spicy and lip smacking mutton gravy!!