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What’s better than a plate of delicious Egg Bhurji and some chapati for breakfast on a lazy morning!The sauteed onions and chillies along with the spices lend a burst of flavour to the palate! No more plain old scrambled eggs or

Dying for some delicious Pav Bhaji? Too lazy to go out and buy some for yourself? We get it. All of us have been there. Just watch the below video to make some Pav Bhaji masala to satisfy your cravings!

We have the perfect recipe to make your parties more fun! Tired of serving the same old dishes? Here is an easy recipe to make Paneer Nuggets at home! You don’t have to spend your money to but the frozen

Onam sadhya is known for a number of traditional and tasty dishes! One of the most important parts of the sadhya is the payasam. So, here we have the perfect recipe to make an excellent semiya payasam for Onam!

Meet L Nitin Chordia, India’s first and only certified chocolate taster. In this video, he will show us how the chocolate bars that we consume daily are made. He will show how a chocolate bar is made from the cocoa

All of us love our puris hot and poofy! But our mornings are so busy that we settle for last night’s leftover gravy to have our puris with. Worry no more, we have the perfect solution for that. With this

Ganesh Chathurthi, a 10 day long celebrations to honour the birth of Lord Ganesha is a popular festival all over the country! For foodies like us, it is a well-constructed excuse to indulge our self in some amazing dishes. Let’s

The perfect healthy drink to beat the heat. Print Recipe How To Make Mint Lime Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Cuisine Asian Prep Time 15 minutes Cook Time 15 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1 cup of

There is nothing we love more than a good spicy chicken curry for dinner! And that’s exactly why we bring to you the easiest way to make some really amazing pepper chicken gravy for your family or friends. Pair it

Chai time is so much better when we have something to munch on. Are you tired of the same old biscuits that fall apart in your tea? We have something crunchy that you can make with no hassles.  

Chicken kebabs will always be on the top of our list. These delights can be served as a starter or if you are like us, you can just gobble them all by yourself. We will never judge you. A perfect

This is a great cake to make in a hurry with ingredients you are most likely to have handy, without a special trip to the shop! Serve warm with a dollop of cream for morning/afternoon tea, or with ice cream for a yummy dessert. Use fresh or tinned pie apples.

1.Eggless Donut Recipe Eggless doughnuts offer a delicious, tempting dessert treat to all sweet lovers who are vegetarians. The freshly baked eggless doughnuts taste awesome and makes for an enticing evening snack dish. Prepare these round, golden brown, sugar dusted

This bright Beetroot and Sesame dip is just what you need for your crackers and chips. The Beetroot gives it a delicious earthy flavour while the Sesame gives it a rich nutty taste. With a tiny bit of Yogurt and

Try out this easy dip made with ingredients available in every home. You will be the star of any party you take it to. Cool creamy curd meets zingy lemon and fresh herbs. A perfect accompaniment to veggie stick and

Bread and egg is a staple breakfast treat. It is easy and it’s quick and it’s not as messy as cutting up a whole lot of ingredients. All you really need is bread and egg. But to make things a

Three ingredients is all it takes!

This is something of a cheat, but it’s also the perfect cheat day snack. It’s a combination of everyone’s two favourite things, so you really can’t go that wrong. The more complicated and long-winded way is obviously to make everything

The wonderful thing about fro-yo (frozen yogurt) is that it’s perfect for any time of year. Whether it’s summer, winter, monsoons, autumn or spring. It’s the kind of treat that sometimes gives ice cream a bad name. But like no-churn

It’s the perfect way to welcome in the summer.