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If you are looking for something to cheer you up as the days grow colder, enjoy a bowl of piping hot Gnocchi along with a cup of tea. Made from mashed potatoes, eggs and flour, the preparation is similar to

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Made with bread (occasionally grilled), shredded chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mayonnaise, this layered sandwich makes a tasty meal for one. A favourite among the cafes and restaurants across the globe, Club Sandwich is usually served with French fries, coleslaw etc. Here’s the perfect recipe

If you like your chicken with extra spiciness, then Chicken Bhuna is the perfect dish for you! An extremely easy recipe, the onions are blended together with along with ginger, garlic, chillies to form a thick paste. The chicken is

A delectable combination of paneer and green peas in a spicy tomato based gravy, Matar Paneer is a favourite dish in every Indian household. The addition of curd brings a light touch of sourness to the gravy. The cashew nuts

Dum Aloo is a traditional Kashmiri delicacy that is very popular in India. In today’s recipe, the potatoes are first deep-fried and then cooked slowly in a gravy made with chopped onions, tomato paste and spices. Usually served with garlic

Impress your guests with this Kerala style fried chicken! Marinated in curd and corn flour, it is the addition of lemon and spices that make this dish stand apart from the rest. So, now you know what to make for

If you love Samosas like we do, we have an excellent recipe for you. Slices of bread filled with mashed potatoes and deep-fried to get the perfect crispy bread samosa. Make your evening chai more interesting with this delectable samosa!

If you are tired of the same old Pakodas, here is the perfect recipe to make your Pakodas more interesting and of course, tastier. The boiled eggs are coated with the Pakoda batter and deep-fried. So, make your dinner parties

Thinking of a snack to serve to your guests during your Diwali party? If you couldn’t think of anything, we have something super crunchy and easy to make.  Check out the below video to make Thattai with this easy recipe.

Let’s brighten up your Diwali, shall we? Get into the festive mood with a bowl of delicious Kesari. We have the perfect recipe to help you out with it. So, make your Diwali parties more sweet with some Kesari with

Let’s make this Diwali a little sweeter with some delicious Coconut Laddus! Follow the below recipe to make some delicious laddus without any hassles.

Thinking of something piping hot, nutritious and healthy for breakfast? Here’s the perfect breakfast recipe for you! Rava Upma is an excellent breakfast choice. So, get cooking with this easy recipe for Rava Upma.

Spicy and crunchy, Paruppu vada is the perfect evening snack! So, make a bunch of delicious paruppu vada at home with this easy recipe!  

Pooja celebrations are not complete without a bowl of Sundal! So, for this Ayudha Pooja, make yourself and your family a plate of delicious and traditional Sundal with the help of below recipe video!

Poha has always been our favourite! So, start cooking with this recipe to help you out in terms of the ingredients and the required amount !

What’s better than a plate of delicious Egg Bhurji and some chapati for breakfast on a lazy morning!The sauteed onions and chillies along with the spices lend a burst of flavour to the palate! No more plain old scrambled eggs or

Dying for some delicious Pav Bhaji? Too lazy to go out and buy some for yourself? We get it. All of us have been there. Just watch the below video to make some Pav Bhaji masala to satisfy your cravings!

We have the perfect recipe to make your parties more fun! Tired of serving the same old dishes? Here is an easy recipe to make Paneer Nuggets at home! You don’t have to spend your money to but the frozen

Onam sadhya is known for a number of traditional and tasty dishes! One of the most important parts of the sadhya is the payasam. So, here we have the perfect recipe to make an excellent semiya payasam for Onam!