Punjabi Recipes

Besan is the finely powdered version of chickpea or gram and is also therefore famous as chickpea flour or gram flour. It is an ingredient consumed widely and in various forms – like besan ka paratha, besan ladoo, et al

Missi Roti Recipe

Missi roti find its roots in the Indian state of Punjab, which is popular for its rich tradition and culture. And anyone who has had a bite of Punjabi cuisine will know how this richness has seeped right into Punjabi

Panjiri Recipe

Panjiri is a wholesome Indian sweet made of whole-wheat and fortified with every possible dry fruit, oodles of desi ghee, sugar and roasted coconut. Panjiri originates from the food-loving state, Punjab and is also famous in its Pakistani half, where

‘Veg Chili Mili’ sounds like something an Indian family would call their kids (no offense). Sans the ‘veg’, of course. But even though chili and mili would make for really adorable kids, their edible namesake is also a winner. The

Bhurji is a scrambled preparation of eggs, cottage cheese and the likes. The Indian bhurji is well endowed with chopped veggies and spices and makes for an excellent quick dish that can be had with flatbreads or bread. The paneer

Raita is a side dish, which consists of salted or sweetened whipped curd on its own or with added ingredients like vegetables and sometimes even fruits. The curd preparation is consumed mainly with Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi food. Raita is

Shakkar para or pare (pl.) are sugar coated pieces of heaven. The snack comprises of deep-fried bite-sized portions of whole-wheat flour covered in delicious sugar syrup. The snack is popular in North India and is consumed widely during Diwali and

Barfi is every Indian sweet lovers’ bae. The bite-sized desi confectionary is a milk based dish that can be given flavor and texture using an ocean of ingredients like coconut, khoya, kaju (cashewnuts) and more. The carrot barfi or gajar

Parathas are the fancier cousin of the Indian flatbread, chapatti or roti. They are made using pretty the same technique only with more layers and a tad more oil. A lachha paratha is taking the paratha a nitch higher by