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Your child may have celebrated Children’s Day at school but being a weekday they ultimately would have to drag themselves to school for the remaining week. So why not give them a surprise this Saturday? Let them devour pizzas as

GUILT FREE PIZZAS, not an oxymoron anymore! The Pantry Café is celebrating its 6th birthday with the introduction of 6 new delicious guilt-free pizzas. How are we making this improbability a reality, you ask? Think low carb – cauliflower base,

The foodies of Chennai are getting bored with the pizza franchises that seemed to have been around since forever. Pizzas that were once a delicacy saved aside for special days is now a common household food in the city thanks

After an interlude of 8 years, Pizza Hut, India’s leading Pizza brand, is back with a ‘celebrity endorsed’ fresh new campaign which features actor Abhay Deol and his very own ‘gang of puppets’. This is the first time a fast food

Say what you want to and judge us all you want, but a teeny tiny portion of our heart does beat for some piping hot Hawaiian pizza, a.k.a. pineapple pizza, a.k.a. a blend of spicy, fruity, and tropical ingredients like chicken

The secret to a great home-cooked pizza lies in all the love that goes into making it, especially the crust. While it’s always easier and way more convenient to just use store-bought pizza crust, the homemade counterpart is always yummier

Pizza is #BAE (unless you are Adele, in which case you and ‘bae’ just broke up). Sorry, human ‘bae’ but pizza does come before you. Always. If you’re in a gastronomical relationship with pizza, you’re bound to have a type.

What do you do when you’re a globally known and loved music artist who could do just about anything with their money? A lot of us would relate well with Steve Aoki’s answer to that question – kick-start a pizza

Pizza, the answer to all our carb, fat, and gluten cravings rolled into one big delicious baked pie, has taken over the globe as a widely consumed snack. And with good reason. The preparation brings together the best of so

When it comes to picking pizza, a lot many things can make or break the divine food. Like the kind of toppings, sauces, seasoning, and crust. And while it is important to know what toppings work for your palate, it

Rolling out pizzas seems like a fairly easy job. What’s to it? Roll out a nice base, top it with some fresh marinara, cheese, and yummy toppings, and bake to perfection, right? Wrong. While these steps are involved in making

Though we don’t need a reason to binge on pizza, Just Delhiing is giving us just the reason to toss our diet out of the window and go on a full-fledged pizza diet at The Pizza Fest this February! The

Pizzas make the world go round, at least it does for us pizza lovers! So don’t stop yourself from trying your hand at these drool worthy pizzas! Barbecue Chicken Pizza Recipe Call your gang for a pizza party and surprise

Marketing today goes way beyond traditional print, TV, and even campaigns. The consumer today, or the younger consumer that is more active on social media, is more likely to lap up a brand’s offering if they come off as equally

The love affair with pizzas is all set to reach a new level in Delhi as Café Coffee Day adds Italian pizzas to its menu. The original café culture pioneer, Café Coffee Day extends its wide-range of food options with

Domino’s Pizza’s Indian wing has recently undergone some major change and we’re wondering whether you’ve noticed the same. The popular global pizza chain has revamped the way it makes its pizzas, almost as if having read our minds! How often

There is hardly anyway you can go wrong with pizza. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay and you’ve come in contact with pineapple pizza. But apart from that exception (and a few others), pizza is loved and devoured in a number of

Over the past few days, weeks, and months, the Internet and the F&B space have seasoned us to expect just about anything. Be it an avocado and coffee mash up, charcoal tinted foods, or even bread baked in space (or

With the Internet, our social media hands, and even newspapers flooded with exam results, all that most of us can think about is getting into a good college. And we all know that it’s less than easy getting into one,

Pizza is meant to be unifying however in the last couple of days it’s been quite the opposite of that. The reason for this great divide? A Pizza topping! I know, you’re thinking how could something that should be so