Thanks to internet anonymity, it’s become fairly common for everyone to have an opinion on pretty much everything. A woman named Amy Tingle recently weighed in on Dairy Air (a play on derriere) Ice Cream Co.’s logo featuring a ‘sexy

Pizza is almost everyone’s favourite food (unless you’re some sort of psychopath) and it’s definitely one of the things that people really miss out on when moving to a vegan diet. However, for those in the UK, Pizza Hut is

Christmas is around the corner (okay, a month away, but still) and everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit! Decorations are going up, and advent calendars are being opened. However, there is one decorating trend that seems to

Thanksgiving is upon us, and controversial turkey dishes are coming up left right and centre. Turducken, which is essentially a mix of turkey, duck and chicken, is no stranger to controversy, with many people claiming it’s a ‘bastardization of turkey’

Recently I was scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook (as one does) when I came across a post which described a service provided by Standard Wines which provides you with a chic little bottle that only holds one glass of

It’s the holiday season, and what could be better than Thanksgiving and Christmas themed products right? Wrong. It turns out that Pepsi Japan is determined to undo all the hard work done by Cadbury’s and the like. Kotaku reports that Pepsi is

Because pineapple pizza just isn’t controversial enough, strawberries are making their debut on top of our favorite Neapolitan delight. And no, I’m not kidding. Twitter user @Moonemojii posted a picture of the horror inducing dish captioned “strawberries>> pineapples” and my

I recently discovered Kitchen Confidential while combating my insomnia via browsing shows on Hotstar. Based on Anthony Bourdain’s bestseller Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and starring Bradley Cooper as Jack Bourdain, I decided to give it a shot (4

I must admit, I do love watching Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos. It does give me an odd satisfaction seeing that massive pimple come to naught. It’s almost like a personal victory against pimples (against whom I fight whenever the opportunity

It’s almost Halloween, and ghoulish looking food seems to have taken over everywhere. From jet black cocktails to, you guessed it, all black chicken. But before you jump to any conclusions, this chicken is all natural. The Ayam Cemani Chicken

One of the great things about Easter (apart from Jesus’ resurrection, obviously) is all the chocolate. Chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, what’s not to love? Candy companies usually hit out of the park selling all that chocolate in the pretext

 Fruits, chocolates and cookies are all amazing in their own unique way. And when blended into a thick and creamy beverage with milk, they become even better. Now, there is flavoured milk and then there is milkshake. Both separated by

The festive season has officially begun, and companies are trying to cash in at every opportunity. While that has brought about some crazy (awesome) candy and amazing alcohol gifts, there has been some riff-raff as well. The largest entrant to

McDonald’s has a new vegan burger. *mic drop* While a vegetarian burger isn’t new to us on the subcontinent thanks to the McAlooTikki, and the McVeggie burgers (yes, these are real burgers in India) a vegan option is something we

The pumpkin spice apocalypse is upon us, and even Martha Stewart is tired of it. While we’ve gotten accustomed to the PSL’s, and various pumpkin spice flavoured candy, nothing could have prepared us for the latest passenger on the pumpkin

It’s 2017, yet surprisingly (unsurprisingly?) you don’t have to look far to see sexism rear its ugly head in everyday life. From siblings trying to ‘toughen up’ their younger brother, to your mother telling you that “Girls shouldn’t use that

We’ve all been subjected to the onslaught of memes declaring autumn’s arrival and the shift to all things pumpkin spice (yes, even all the way here in India, where we don’t even have seasons). While we may not have fall

It seems as though we just can’t stop talking about beef (pun intended)! From the spat of protest brought on by the beef ban in Kerala to ludicrous comments being directed at beef eaters, we’ve seen it all. And it

Cakes are gorgeous. Cakes are delicious. And the best part? There is one for every occasion, festival and celebration! From vibrantly lit up birthday cakes to pristine white wedding cakes. But that’s just classifying it on the outside? What about

When it comes to food (or anything really) the internet can be dark and full of terrors. Apparently, in Japan, Chicken Sashimi is actually a thing (you know, raw chicken). Food and Wine (knowingly, I might add) unleashed a whole