Yesterday we gave you an option to choose between some of the world’s best celebrity chefs. The list included the crème de la crème of the kitchen with names like Wolfgang Puck, Rachael Ray and Gordon Ramsay. There were no Indian

Even though most of us have accepted Mango – especially Alphonso – as the “King Of Fruits”, the truth is that that’s false. The actual King of Fruits is the highly sought after and highly pungent smelling Durian. Such is

It’s common knowledge that drinks like scotch and beer have been primarily marketed towards men, rather than women. When you imagine a night of cigars and scotch what do you see? I see men in their dinner jackets, laughing over

Nothing defines “chill” better than a pint – or better, a crate –of chilled beer. And just as we beer-guzzlers are particular about the beverage’s temperature, most of us are picky about the brands that contribute to our beer belly.

If you’ve ever stopped to contemplate how your significant other would plan to propose (if thoughts of marriage are on the cards) we’re sure that it wouldn’t involve an avocado. However, people around the world are using avocados to mark

Dining in is the easiest way of eating out. You get that same amazing food from the same amazing restaurant, minus the stepping out, dressing up or leaving the comfortable vicinity of the couch! In a nutshell, dining in is

In what I can only assume was a throwback to the 1950’s, during an interview with Freakonomics Radio PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi made some startling assumptions about the way women snack. In the segment Nooyi mentioned how when young men

Food trends have gotten out of control. There, I said it (pretty much what everyone is thinking). The internet is a strange place, where certain ingredients become all the rage, and before you know it, it’s anyone’s guess as to

Recently, social media has been set alight after photos of a sign posted outside a dive bar in New York, Continental, went viral. The sign posted on the window clearly reads, “Sorry but if you say the word ‘literally’ inside

Let’s just get one thing straight, I do not have anything against pickles. Pair ’em up with a sandwich or as a side for your burger and you get a lovely hit of acidity that cleanses your palate. However, what

In the continual effort to stay relevant (on social media, at least) chefs, and restaurants have come out with increasingly (dare I say) bizarre hybrid foods (you cannot convince me that anyone actually thought pasta biryani was a good idea). The

Thanks to internet anonymity, it’s become fairly common for everyone to have an opinion on pretty much everything. A woman named Amy Tingle recently weighed in on Dairy Air (a play on derriere) Ice Cream Co.’s logo featuring a ‘sexy

Pizza is almost everyone’s favourite food (unless you’re some sort of psychopath) and it’s definitely one of the things that people really miss out on when moving to a vegan diet. However, for those in the UK, Pizza Hut is

Christmas is around the corner (okay, a month away, but still) and everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit! Decorations are going up, and advent calendars are being opened. However, there is one decorating trend that seems to

Thanksgiving is upon us, and controversial turkey dishes are coming up left right and centre. Turducken, which is essentially a mix of turkey, duck and chicken, is no stranger to controversy, with many people claiming it’s a ‘bastardization of turkey’

Recently I was scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook (as one does) when I came across a post which described a service provided by Standard Wines which provides you with a chic little bottle that only holds one glass of

It’s the holiday season, and what could be better than Thanksgiving and Christmas themed products right? Wrong. It turns out that Pepsi Japan is determined to undo all the hard work done by Cadbury’s and the like. Kotaku reports that Pepsi is

Because pineapple pizza just isn’t controversial enough, strawberries are making their debut on top of our favorite Neapolitan delight. And no, I’m not kidding. Twitter user @Moonemojii posted a picture of the horror inducing dish captioned “strawberries>> pineapples” and my

I recently discovered Kitchen Confidential while combating my insomnia via browsing shows on Hotstar. Based on Anthony Bourdain’s bestseller Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and starring Bradley Cooper as Jack Bourdain, I decided to give it a shot (4

I must admit, I do love watching Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos. It does give me an odd satisfaction seeing that massive pimple come to naught. It’s almost like a personal victory against pimples (against whom I fight whenever the opportunity