The city is known for its love for pavs and now South Mumbai’s wait for delicious stuffed pavs is over as Pack A Pav is opening doors to its new outlet on Monday. The other two locations are at Bandra

Who doesn’t vow to quit alcohol upon waking up with a nasty hangover after having a bit too much to drink the night before? Unfortunately, (for most of us) it’s a lot of false promises and hot air. However, what

Advent calendars are one of the best things about Christmas (other than the birth of Jesus, duh) and these days there are so many options. You can pick from wine calendars, cheese calendars, and now, you can get your hands

Brands are using the burger emoji debate that even caught Sundar Pichai’s attention, to promote their brands and even bringing on a social media war against each other. The fast food chains and their handles are filled with solutions to

Generation Z is all set to go on a plant based diet, ready to eat meat sparingly and reducing animal dependency for food. And the first ever butcher shop that sells vegetarian meat is probably a peek into what the

Emily Field is a registered dietician and nutritionist who was interviewed by the Business Insider and according to her, balance is the key while choosing the right kind of meal and should be remembered before categorizing food into good and

The people born between mid-1900s and mid-2000s are termed as Generation Z and according to recent reports by Business Insider, they are looking at plant based alternatives for meat. In a mission to reduce the worldwide dependency on animals and

In an attempt to provide updates on regulations related to the food sector, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) launched a portal for the businesses in the industry. The portal according to the CEO of FSSAI, Pawan

For all those who wanted to linger around a little more and chat, dance and dine till late in the night, there is good news. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta has given permission for such rooftop eateries

There are only 100 days to go for the 2018 Winter Olympics and Hershey’s has confirmed that they are officially dropping their fourth flavor – gold. The timing of the announcement ain’t no coincidence either as Hershey’s is a sponsor

Potterheads get your cooking wands out because Williams Sonoma has dropped a line of Harry Potter cookware and it’s everything we always knew we wanted! Churning up a new batch of butterbeer has never been better. Our source over at Food

After the announcement of launching frozen desserts in India, the famous cola brand, Coca-Cola is changing the packaging of Diet Coke and Coke Zero and giving it its trademark red one according to reports by the Economic Times. The decision

The going gets tough with food chains, small eateries and even delivery apps for that matter and that is what happened with a growing chain in the US. A brand of FireFin Poke Shop had opened up at Lakeview and

If there was a remake of ‘a few of my favorite things’ we’re pretty sure that Reese’s would make the cut. Unless you’ve got a peanut allergy, of course. However, Reese’s has some great news that might salvage 2017. The

Because pineapple pizza just isn’t controversial enough, strawberries are making their debut on top of our favorite Neapolitan delight. And no, I’m not kidding. Twitter user @Moonemojii posted a picture of the horror inducing dish captioned “strawberries>> pineapples” and my

India is a potpourri of cultures. And with these cultures, come along various cuisines. It might not be possible to visit each part of the country and savour their signature dishes. But what if we tell you that you can

It’s been over a year since Stranger Things and a lovable group of dorks (and Eleven) walked off the screen and into our hearts. Lucky for us, season two released last Thursday (and yes, I’ve already binge-watched the entire season)

Liquor flavoured edibles have been taking the world by a storm. From ice cream that actually gets you drunk, to flavored gummy bears and ring pops, we’ve seen it all. However, a whiskey-loving couple from Colorado is looking to change

It’s pretty much guaranteed that, even if you haven’t seen the Matrix Trilogy, you’ll have seen the iconic green Matrix code running down the screen. If you’ve been castaway on a remote island like Tom Hanks for the better part

Studies have shown that peanut allergies could be genetic but whatever maybe the case, a recent one shows that it has increased to 21% since 2010 in children. This research was presented during the Annual Scientific Meeting at the American