Even if you haven’t watched the iconic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, we guarantee that you’ve seen pictures of Audrey Hepburn looking ever so whimsical as Holly Golightly. We’re also certain that a more elegant Halloween costume has never been recreated quite

This certainly is a crazy world we’re living in. A 29-year-old man in Mumbai was taken to the hospital with severe burns after a restaurant owner threw hot oil at him following an argument over the taste and cost of

In a world where on one hand people are finding substitutes for meat, WHO is striving to make animals healthier. Stat News reports that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging the countries worldwide for a restricted use of antibiotics

Matthew McConaughey is making the headlines, and no, it’s not for his hunky good looks or southern drawl. In fact, McConaughey showed us just why it’s the season of giving, with a massive Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway on the occasion of

Alcohol flavored food products are nothing new. You’ve got booze flavored ice cream, candy, and even something called rum ham (?). However, nothing is as extra as this millennial pink, prosecco flavored cheese that I’m sure everyone under the age

Millets were an integral part of Indian diets in the past, and recently it’s undergone a sort of rebirth. Hailed as a miracle crop, millets boast of a high productivity, a short growing season as well as its ability to

In July, FSSAI made stringent changes in food labels and now the Singapore parliament is reportedly making similar changes too. The concern here is that the government intends that consumers can make an informed choice on what they’re going to

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a keg? Frat parties (in the movies)? Obscene amounts of beer? Well, guess what, thanks to Hidden Valley you can now get a keg of your favourite

Indian Government has reportedly promoted the staple food India, Khichdi as a brand food for the country at a global platform. According to VOA News, the government in doing so has broken the spicy food identity of the country which

It seems like it’s been years since Rick walked (well, fell really) out of that hospital bed and into our lives. Since then, we’ve endured numerous traumas and deaths we still can’t speak of. However, it seems as though the

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Oreos, and honestly, it’s a lot harder to find someone who doesn’t like Oreo milkshake ( come on, it’s delicious). And guess what? Oreo is making all of our dreams come

What’s Christmas without candy, presents, and stockings? Not that much fun right? Well, hold your horses because Party Flasks is changing the game in the best way possible! Refillable drink stockings are now a thing, and you can kiss those

In an ironic incident, a 19-year old man accidentally shot his wiener while he was attempting to rob a hot dog stand in Chicago and trying to get away. As reported by Chicago Sun Times, his name was Terrion Pouncy

Taco Bell has been testing Nacho Fries in West Virginia and there is major hint given by the food chain that they soon might be available all over the US. The hint came about when Taco Bell replied to a

At a time where Amazon has made steps to enter the FMCG market, Flipkart is showing that they’re not far behind. The Indian born company is making a second effort to establish itself in the grocery segment with Supermart, two

Beer lovers, you may need to take a step back for this news. Pollyanna Brewing Company is taking things to the next level with their Fun Size Milk Stout which is purported to taste just like a Snickers bar! So,

Tiramisu is definitely up there as a favorite dessert. Not only is it difficult to get wrong, but the classic coffee and cream combination is a winner. However, it’s apparently pretty hard to get right as well. The first Tiramisu

The famous chain Dr. Bubbles, the first to introduce the Taiwanese Bubble Tea in the country is spreading is business according to its recent press release. Founded in 2015, the brand has taken a big step forward by opening stores

Consuming an actual fish by the mother as compared to fish oil could actually be beneficial in protecting the offspring from asthma. The research was the work of the researchers at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla wherein