Push-carts vendors around Secunderabad railway station are serving up a heightened risk to Public health. They serve foods like mutton biryani, chicken biryani, egg biryani, lemon rice, idli, dosa, tea and so on, which are lacked in quality. Reportedly, the foods are

The civic health department under the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is all set to provide nutritious food to the patients of Tuberculosis (TB). According to the report by the Free Press Journal, a nutritious food ration will be given in

A 77 year old resident managed to swallow one of his dentures while enjoying a Vada Pav on Friday that eventually landed him in the hospital reports the Free Press Journal. The favourite food of most Mumbai-kars and Nigella Lawson

According a report by NDTV, the Supreme Court is to announce the final decision on the Maharashtra beef ban in the third week of February. On Monday the court had announced that those who want file petitions against or with

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has shut down a café situated in Juhu area of Mumbai which has been running without a food licence and occupation certificate. The civic officials had taken action against the 10th Street Café according to a

Anyone and everyone who has been to Lucknow must have dined at the iconic restaurant Tunday Kababi, unofficial duplicates of which have cropped up in various parts of North India. However, in a new decree passed by the Delhi High

Chances are, if you grew up on the Indian subcontinent, an Old Monk and coke was probably one of your first drinks (due to cost constraints, obviously). However, over the years we grew to love the sweet taste and signature

The popularity of Indian food in other countries is amazing to see especially when they are the dishes we’ve grown up on. The Bombay Frankie is run by the brother-sister duo in a gas station and the publications Red and

Pune street food vendors are about to learn all about food safety and hygiene and to train them Coca-Cola India has launched a pilot project along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Maharashtra according to FnB News. Project Clean

The rule to stay open 24×7 is coming into play as Mumbai is all set to host its first three night bazaars in non-residential areas between 12th to 31st January. The Mumbai Shopping Festival will be held on 13th and

India is a large and diverse land, however, according to these statistics, we are also a wasteful one. Although 194 million Indians are going hungry every single day, we still waste Rs. 244 Crores worth of food daily! In fact,

After the tragedy that occurred at Kamala Mills, rooftop bars & restaurants around the country are cleaning up their act in regards to fire safety violations. However, in a tragic turn of events, 5 employees of a restaurant/bar in Bengaluru

What’s the most expensive bottle of vodka you’ve ever seen? Was it $1,000 maybe? Well, the world’s most expensive bottle of vodka costs about $1.3 million and it just got stolen (I know, over a million dollars for a bottle

One of the reasons we can’t resist candy is due to the fact that our brains are programmed to crave bright, colorful foods (yeah, science). And, let’s be honest, even as adults we enjoy sneaking in an occasional (or frequent,

On 29 December 2017, Mumbai Kamala Mills had witnessed massive fire incident that had destroyed two rooftop restaurants. According to the fire department reports, the fire could have started from the flying embers from charcoal used for hookahs at the upscale

Last week the internet held its breath collectively after comments were posted by Laura Goodman, the head chef and co-owner of Carlini Restaurant, on a Facebook group saying she had “Spiked a vegan a few hours ago.” Goodman made the

It seems as though people on the internet seem to be obsessed with eating Tide pods (ICYMI, they’re brightly coloured detergent pods which look vaguely edible). Memes are being pumped out at a rapid rate extolling the virtues of Tide

After a stray chicken was confirmed to have the H5 virus or Avian Influenza on December 31st, 2017. 942 chickens were found with the virus in Dasarahalli. The chickens were later culled and disposed of. A statement released said that

After the inauguration of Indira Canteens last year, various other canteen spinoffs have now emerged. However, the success of the Indira Canteens has not gone unnoticed, especially in light of Karnataka’s State Assembly elections this year. One Canteen Per Ward

The Federation of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTAPCCI) organised The Food Processing Industry Conclave 2018. Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Dinesh Kumar inaugurated the conclave at the Seshasai Kalyanamandapam in M G Road, on Thursday.  Chief Secretary said