Aspen Foods‘ products are being pulled down from shelves in stores currently following a recall by the company citing the cause as fear of a “Salmonella Enteritidis contamination”. This was announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection

As kids we looked for reasons to land up at Chuck E. Cheese and as peace loving humans our parents wanted one to talk themselves out of the scene. Neither one being at fault of course. According to the company,

How rotten is really rotten food? Apparently bomb-scare rotten. Yep. A high-speed train was evacuated in France when an unidentified and nasty smell led to suspicions of a bomb or chemical weapon. 250 startled and terrified passengers were hurriedly escorted

  Yum Restaurants India Pvt. Ltd, the local branch of American fast-food firm Yum Brands Inc., has “concluded a year-and-a-half-long exercise to reorganize its business under larger, well-capitalized franchisees,” according to reports. The US based Yum Brands operates over 800 restaurants in

We’re excited that our favourite instant noodles, Maggi, is making a return, but recent events have led Nestle to make a huge decision about the manufacturing process of Maggi noodles. Nestle has been outsourcing the production of Maggi’s instant noodles

What would you do if you saw a national sentinel in public? Go over to him and thank him, give him a warm smile or if you are a shy lamb then you’d at least acknowledge him in your head.

With the upcoming launch of Cailler, a high-end luxury chocolate, Nestlé is all geared up to challenge the likes of Lindt and Godiva. The KitKat makers announced on Wednesday that for the first time it will begin selling its Cailler

According to recent reports, food delivery service FoodPanda confirmed that it is removing restaurants from its listings as part of a “thorough clean-up”. The online food ordering startup is revoking registrations of over 500 restaurants every month as it aims

Dunkin’ Donuts now gets closer to you like never before. The company has officially announced its decision to get on board with a delivery business, according to Delish. The delivery service will be made available on the company’s mobile app update

  BrewDog, an independent Scotland-based craft beer brewery, will start producing beer at a U.S. site, the firm declared after announcing a £6 million ($9.17 million) mini-bond sale. The beer giant has begun taking steps toward opening a new bar in York city-centre. The

Graham’s The Family Dairy is a family farming and dairy business that is now being run by the son and grandchildren of the founder. They produce a fine, award-winning range of conventional, organic and Jersey Gold milks as well as butters, cream

In an interesting turn of events, the Food Safety Standards and Authority of India (FSSAI) has been brought into the limelight yet again. A joint committee of food sector’s nine organizations has demanded refund of Rs 80 crore collected by

What a doctor, dietician or nutritionist recommends is not the same as what your friend suggests. How the body reacts to a certain chemical or a particular herb may not be the same for two people. What we’re trying to

Allset is the new app for all “busy lunchtime eaters” looking to eat out at restaurants in their city. Available as both an iOS and Android app, Allset announced the app’s official launch, alongside a $1.5 million round of funding.  Allset allows you to

The Browns Food Group is a multi-disciplinary food manufacturing organisation operating throughout the UK. They were established in 1885, and today the group operates from seven different manufacturing sites, where they produce and supply a vast range of high quality cooked meats, ranging from salmon,

The foodtech horizon is abuzz yet again with meal delivery service InnerChef amassing $1.6M from top-notch tech space entrepreneurs. Gurgaon-based InnerChef adapted its model from the US-based Blue Apron. It delivers pre-cooked, sliced food to customers with all necessary ingredients

Purdue University just conducted a study with an interesting outcome that fat would be the sixth taste and called “oleogustus”. “Most of the fat we eat is in the form of triglycerides, which are molecules comprised of three fatty acids,”

Ever wondered what babies are thinking? Of course, you have. But ever wondered what they were thinking about food? The feds are on their way to get some answers. You’ll soon know what babies think about the food you put

A few years ago, Maria Marsala happily bought a couple of coffees from a Dunkin Donuts store in North Plainfield, N.J. She then left with her multiple cup of coffees but was greeted by an exposed spike on the curb stop

Fresh amidst the controversy surrounding the Maharashtra meat ban, Bangalore made a surprise announcement. Sale of meat during Ganesh Chaturthi is banned, that is tomorrow there will be no sale of meat.  The circular was issued by Bengaluru civic body