While the Sula brand is perhaps best known for being the first producer of premium Indian wine, it recently pulled off a coup in another alcohol sector; its grape brandy. Janus recently won a Bronze Medal at the 2016 International

With the Ghostbusters reboot coming to the silver screen in the next few months, it’s expected that people are going to find delicious concoctions dedicated to the movie. Japan is the one place in the whole world that is famous

An exclusive launch of Nestle India’s new product, ‘Hot Heads’, on Snapdeal’s platform resulted in the sale of nearly 70,000 units in 4 hours, the company said. The new product was launched yesterday by Nestle India catering to the young

Prabhat Dairy, a Mumbai based dairy company has just entered the international sweetened condensed milk with an export of the product to Dubai and Sharjah. Prabhat Dairy’s Sweetened Condensed Milk Incorporated by the Nirmal family in 1998, Prabhat Dairy is

ITC’s target of reaching the Rs. 10,000 crore mark in its food business is inching ever so closer to becoming a reality. The FMCG conglomerate recently reported that it has crossed the Rs. 7,000 crore sales mark in the previous

New York is the home of all kinds of restaurants, cuisines and pop culture references. A Tim Burton themed restaurant opened recently in the city and now joining the gang is the Golden Girls themed restaurant that is opening this

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’s (FSSAI) new proposal regarding new juice-based fizzy drinks could potentially help companies launch new products in this specific category. The new proposal calls for relaxation of norms for the required amount of

Nestle India has turned its focus on health-based products in an attempt to gain traction in the emerging health conscious market in India. The company currently has two proprietary products in the market and intends to increase its offerings when

If you’ve ever wished you could share a glass of wine with your cat, you’re not the only one. Denver’s Apollo Peak is in the process of marketing an all-natural, organic and non-alcoholic wine that is great for your feline

Over the past few months, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has launched several initiatives to improve the catering services available in trains across several lines in the country. IRCTC has also partnered with several food delivery platforms

It’s almost (almost) the weekend, but we still have Friday to get through. Prep yourself for the workday on Friday by heading to Starbucks this evening and unwinding over some brilliant coffee paired with stand-up comedy. The popular coffee chain

Lavazza India, a coffee brand, has just launched a new coffee variant ‘Gusto Crema’. Made with coffee beans from Chikkamagaluru, the new coffee is a part of Lavazza India’s ‘Made In India’ range. About Lavazza India The Lavazza coffee brand

Rakyan Beverages, the makers of nutritional cold-pressed juices in India as part of the Raw Pressery brand, are planning on expanding its product portfolio as part of extending its presence in the country. The start-up is also in process of

According to Economic Times, Bessmer Venture, a US-based venture capital firm, is in talks to invest Rs. 80 crore in the online food delivery company, Swiggy. The valuation of the company will increase to nearly Rs. 1,350 crore after this

Leading FMCG brand, Kellogg has launched Ragi Chocos, a healthier version of its popular ‘Chocos’ breakfast cereal. Going Healthier Across the world, consumers are demanding healthier food options and large brands are responding; McDonald’s released an organic burger in Germany,

Technology is vital – it has an overwhelming importance in our lives. There’s no bigger disaster than looking at our phones and realising we only have 5% of battery life left…without a charger or plug point in sight. Sounds like

With the Indian government allowing 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment in various sectors, there may be several dramatic changes in the food and retail segment of the country. The policy allows 100 percent FDI in food retail, including through e-commerce,

In a fierce battle for market share with Patanjali, Nestle India is planning on expanding its portfolio with the launch of several new products. The company is on course to launch 25 new products across several categories to battle against

Andhra Pradesh, prepare for some news that’s sure to chase the beginning of the week blues away. Are you ready? McDonald’s India has opened its first McDonald’s outlet in Nellore. Hardcastle Restaurants Private Takes McDonald’s South In West and South

Nestle India has launched its first sub-brand of its famous Maggi noodles to cater to the young adult population. The brand called ‘Hot Heads’ will have several flavours which appeals to the younger crowd. The company plans to expand its