Kung Fu Panda 3, which released last Friday, is quickly finding its way into the public’s hearts with its overload of pandas and dumplings. To generate more buzz, the movie franchise has entered deals with seven brands in India including

Some are calling it water jelly, an edible raindrop, a dessert craze and so much more. In realty, the much hyped raindrop cake is one word – surreal. Ok yes, jelly made of water is taking food trends to a

Starbucks India, one of the country’s favourite coffee chains has launched a massive campaign this month to make their customers’ coffee experiences even better; the ‘My Mood My Starbucks’ experience. #MyMood #MyStarbucks Through the month of April (from the 5th

Global Consumer Products, an FMCG brand has just launched a new TVC featuring South Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal, promoting Mango Cherio, a soft drink. This ad comes just in time for the summer, tapping in to consumers’ need for refreshing,

Gurgaon based Divyat Infotech has announced the launch of India’s first Organic Fast Food service – YumBox. They offer a wider range of healthy organic fast food which includes items like burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps, rolls and more. All the

Are you a fan of Rajasthani fare? Does your mouth water when you think of dishes like Punjabi chicken? Then, perhaps it’s time you learned to cook your favourite North Indian fare at home. Living Foodz, an Indian channel dedicated

If you’re a chocoholic and love to win prizes and goodies, then the Coco Jaunt 1728 Drooly Choco Challenge is the perfect thing for you to do. Till Friday, April 8th, you can participate in this drool-worthy challenge. What is

What’s your favourite donut flavour from Mad Over Donuts? Us, we love their chocolaty sweet Double Trouble, their Cinnaster and their Midnight Beauty. However, we believe our favourite donuts at the popular Indian chain may just change thanks to a

    Over the past few days, popular ice cream brand, Arun Ice Creams has launched a variety of short films promoting their ice creams. The ads all share a common, catchy jingle. About Arun Ice Creams Arun Ice Creams,

Multinational food and beverage manufacturing giant, PepsiCo has tied up with the Andhra Pradesh department of agriculture, committing to help farmers in the Vizag region cultivate and sell potatoes. This comes after a successful round of cultivating Himachal Pradesh apples

In a startling new case, over 10,000 tonnes and almost one million liters of illicit food and drinks have been seized from across 57 countries in an INTERPOL-Europol coordinated initiative aimed towards the protection of public health and safety. The

Indian automotive company Mahindra & Mahindra has entered the dairy sector with the launch of a brand of milk pouches under its Sabaro brand. Mahindra’s Agri Business While this is Mahindra’s first foray into the dairy business, it is no

The perfect desk accessory. Lego enthusiasts at Astonishing Studios have just created the coolest thing you could ever find. And it can sit on your desk and looks good too! Check out this McDonald’s French Fry dispenser that can satisfy

Top FMCG company, Nestle India has appointed Dr Rakesh Mohan to their board as an Independent Non Executive Director. About Nestle India Nestle India is a leading FMCG company that entered India with its first manufacturing factory in 1961. A

Have you caught Kung Fu Panda 3 yet? Can’t get enough of the adorable pandas that featured heavily in this movie? McDonald’s India will allow you to extend your fandom for all things Chinese with their ‘Snackilcious New Chinese Menu’.

We’ve experienced Indian-Chinese food all our lives, but how about trying out some American-Chinese cuisine? Word is, JSM – the same company that has brought Hard Rock Café, Shiro and California Pizza Kitchen to India – are planning to bring Panda

Is there no end to the parade of rainbow burgers? Last year we saw KFC launching a rose burger, McDonald’s launching a black burger ad Burger King Japan serving a red burger. Now, Burger King US has launched a red

Some laughed it off; some called it ‘shock advertising’, while the rest are still resurfacing from a major sexism spasm. We’re talking about Nando’s print ad that came out in papers earlier this week. Here’s what it looked like: Please,

India is eagerly waiting for the release of Ki & Ka, a Bollywood film directed by RK Balki and staring Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor. The film challenges gender roles – Kareena plays a career driven wife while Arjun plays

Forget your smart phones and your wine apps, Kuvée’s latest innovation is a wine bottle with an internet connection and a refillable case that keeps your wine for up to 30 days. With a $6 million funding from General Catalyst,