Zomato has been hovering over news spaces and headlines off late and mostly not for all the right reasons. The company’s quarter started with a billion-dollar good news but things just went downhill after that. From CEOs resigning and CEOs

The Email: Almost everyones favourite restaurant search provider, has recently been valued as a unicorn company worth $1 billion. But things aren’t looking all too well at the food company’s office. According to CEO Deepinder Goyal, they might not meet

Each year, China seems to have another new food scandal crop us. So much so, that its become infamous with news outlets. In a survey conducted by Forbes, in 2014 in China, the Supreme People’s Court convicted 2,647 individuals with charges

Indian food mogul Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation owned Amul is looking towards Punjab for milk supply. The brand will obtain milk from about 1000 villages from the state, which will in turn provide annual benefits worth Rs 2,000 crore

You might think of Kroger as just another grocery chain but it’s more than that. Kroger has the ability to take away business from Walmart, Target and Whole Foods.  According to Business Insider, the company revealed that it had reached

With the holiday season comes many great surprises, and tasty ones at that. Not only did Hersheys just release an all new mega sized chocolate called Kiss Deluxe. Now, Nabisco is making news too. Nabisco’s most loved Chips Ahoy cookies

Ola Cabs is making news today, and it has something to do with cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes! Who would’ve thought? The cab company, on the occasion of their second anniversary, treated a few lucky people in the city with the chance

The Cow community in Indian farms has been partying hard as reports over ban on their consumption have been doing the rounds. But with cow meat out of the picture, the meat market and its traders are paying the price. Religious

Food Trends 101: Slap on a slab of butter and the food will be trending before you know it. It’s true! Be it coffee, beer or sushi, butter seems to be the latest deal breakers in all their cases.  

With human beings becoming way more comfortable in talking to gadgets, the voice assist front is mushrooming with opportunities. Grabbing one such opportunity is Amazon’s Echo. The Amazon Echo is predominantly a Bluetooth speaker so the voice assist is only

Do Labels Match the Contents? Do labels match the actual food content? A food analytics company in the Bay Area called Clear Labs is aiming to shake up the food manufacturing industry using genetic testing. With this technology they hope

McDonald’s has been testing a lot of things at some of their outlets lately, and now they’re on to something new. Monster Drinks! The company is currently selling monster drinks in 20 restaurants, according to reports from Bloomberg.    Reports

Every ardent pizza lover and cocoa junkie’s answer to this question would be a frantic nod because their mouths are stuffed with the respective “addictions”. But on a more serious note (yes, way more serious than pizza), a recent study

Earlier this year Ben & Jerry’s got us misty eyed by rolling out a beer with the New Belgium Brewing and now it strikes back with a beer flavoured gelato! Looks like the folks over at Ben & jerry’s have

Looks like all the money we’ve invested in Domino’s in lieu of edible returns is finally paying off. The pizza chain has come up with a unique design to create a special vehicle that it’ll use solely to deliver pizzas.

Gujarat and Karnataka have beaten the rest of India by lifting the ban on Maggi. The state governments felt it was about time as the noodles cleared tests in three government approved labs.   Test Parade In the past months,

In a shocking sting operation carried out by India Today, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has come out with a rather tainted image. The authority had recently called out Nestle for manufacturing noodles with higher than

KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell’s Parent company, Yum Brands Inc. is planning on separating its China market. Following several food scandals and after facing pressure from its stakeholders, the food giant is looking at spinning off its China business

Jamie Oliver has taken it upon himself to impress the Cameron led Government, on the child obesity problems Britain is facing. Britain is now the largest sufferer of this problem and Jamie Oliver has voluntarily sugar surcharge in 46 of

Product recalls have been making news in the food industry lately. Joining in the recalls is Kroger, pulling down a range of unrefrigerated caramel apples. Scientific evidence has given proof that these caramel apples, that are pierced with dipping sticks, may