Millennials are obsessed with all things avocado and it’s not really hard to see why. I myself got sucked into this craze, (guac on toast became a staple for me) but have now got my addiction slightly into check. However,

We’ve all been at that point after a crazy night where we just crave some calorie filled junk food. We go to Empire if we must, but when I was younger, Taco Bell was a great option. Those hard shell

These days, Amul has become synonymous with two things, dairy products (now, who can forget Real Milk. Real Ice Cream) and controversy. However, if all goes to plan they should be associated with something else in the future -fruits and vegetables!No,

Mondays may come along with a whole bunch of blues and also may not be the best day of the week to eat out, especially not this coming Monday as it will have one extra added “blue” to it. To

Folks, the day has come. It seems as though it’s just not enough to have a glass of Prosecco. The forces that be (AKA white people) have now decided that just a plain old glass of Prosecco just won’t cut

There has been no shortage of woes for UB in the last couple of years. Starting with the Kingfisher Airlines fiasco and ending with Vijay Mallya’s arrest last week (granted, it was only for about 5 minutes). Don’t even get

I remember, when I was a kid, frantically struggling to make mayonnaise from scratch (yes, people did that). Whipping those eggs as fast as my small arms could move. Lucky for me (and my siblings), mayonnaise became a bit more

Ocean Spray, an agricultural cooperative based in Massachusetts which grows cranberries and grapefruits is looking at entering the Indian market. All About Ocean Spray Ocean Spray has over 700 member growers in areas like  Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Florida,

We’ve had Cheetos Bagels and a Cheetos fashion line. Now, Tom+Chee has created Cheetos Grilled Sandwiches…And Cheetos Donuts. Yes, we’re serious. Flaming Hot Hybrids Tom+Chee is famous for their grilled cheese dishes. To add a little edge, they recently announced

If you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan in the States (if you’re in India do not read, it may depress you) then Dairy Queen’s latest giveaway is literally making all your dreams come true.The fast food chain is teaming

If you follow this website then you should know that food is life. Lucky for us the government of India is starting to feel the same. They are going to organize a global food fair in November this year to

In a directive that probably indicates it will grant Amazon permission to retail food products in India, the government has told the company to differentiate between the food products it is selling with other products. Investing In Food A few

We’ve been pairing French Fries and ketchup for what seems like eons now. So, it’s surprising that it took so long for Pringles’ latest flavour to become a thing, but now it is. Allow us to introduce you to Ketchup

It seems that McDonald’s seems to be in the news almost every single day. Today, it’s because of their uniforms. Yes, you read that correctly, their uniforms. The McDonald’s uniform is pretty darned iconic. I mean, the red and yellow

Of the many things gaining importance as necessary legal identification documents, the Aadhaar Card is definitely on top of the list. The 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has become mandatory to avail

Hello Mumbai! Are you still feeling the beginning of the week blues? Then, we’ve got some news which will cheery you up; Rodeo Drive, a popular eatery from Dubai famous for its burgers has landed in Mumbai. And, there’s an

Curd is a staple of the Indian diet and is loved by all (If you don’t like curd, we can’t be friends!). Lucky for me, a couple of years ago curd on steroids finally became available in the subcontinent. AKA,

It has to be said that it’s no surprise that we were all heartbroken over the “small”matter of the excess amount of lead found in Maggi noodles (like come on is this the FBI or what?). We were also obviously

Faasos, a food delivery platform has raised Rs.41.44 crore in funding as an extension of its previous funding round. Its previous funding round was in December 2016, where it raised Rs.200 crore. The Faasos Story Faasos began in 2011 as

Hostess Brands, a popular bakery company has just launched a new category of Hostess Bake Shop Goods. This new sub-brand is to cater to a rising demand for fresh and high quality baked goods. Expanding the Hostess Brand In a