According to reports by NDTV, an 11-year old girl named Santoshi Kumari from Jharkhand died of starvation. Her family was being denied subsidized food from the administration because the family’s Aadhaar Card wasn’t linked to their ration card. Investigation Of

In a noble effort to curb food waste in a country where many go without, FSSAI has started up an initiative to collect and redistribute surplus food to the needy. The common platform called the ‘Indian Food Recovery Alliance‘ (IFRA)

On the internet you see some pretty strange things. However, we weren’t expecting this. Sweet Dixie Kitchen in California recently got called out by a man named Tyler on Yelp, where the restaurant had some pretty favorable reviews. Tyler wrote

It’s time for the Pumpkin Spice Latte to take a backseat as Starbucks is releasing a limited edition Zombie Frappucino just in time for Halloween and honestly, it’s a welcome change as we’ve grown tired of seeing PSL’s on our

Love bacon and eggs, we’re sure you do. But if we ask you to eat it for every meal, could you do it. Probably not. So let’s explore weird eating and food habits of these famous people published in The

We’re only halfway through October, but I think it’s okay to start talking about Christmas decorations. Especially when the decorations in question are booze filled baubles. Yep, that’s right, The Lakes Distillery in the UK has come out with adult-only,

There’s no denying the fact that adulting is hard, real hard. Sometimes you just need a long bath and a large glass of wine after a hard work day so why not have both at the same time? SipCaddy has

It’s official. This Szechuan Sauce business is getting out of control and Rick and Morty is to blame (okay, McDonald’s as well). Last week there were people standing in lines for hours hoping to get a taste of that ‘Mulan

According to the reports by the The Hindu, 24 passengers who travelling by Tejas Express got food poisoning after having breakfast on the train on Sunday. Further reports add that they were admitted to to a Lifecare Hospital in Chiplun

According to a recent study, mice were given broccoli to eat along with the regular diet and they were able to bear many digestive issues like leaky gut and colitis as compared to mice who weren’t given broccoli to eat.

You’ve seen the pizza dress, but now Pizza Hut has launched a pizza parka! But wait, before you jump to conclusions, it’s not made out of pizza. The pizza parka is made out the material used for their delivery bags

After more than four months of Wendy’s removing their famed spicy nuggets from stores all over the US, Burger King added them to their menu according to Food Beast. Wendy’s had removed the nuggets without informing the customers. Burger King

According to reports by the Reuters, the social media giant Facebook Inc has launched a service using which US users will be able to order food and get it delivered to their homes using the app or website. Facebook Ties

According to the reports by The Bangor Aye, a Bangor University student named Molly was served a raw ‘Double Down’ burger by a KFC outlet situated at the High Street on Tuesday. The burger had launched in the UK on

According to reports by Reuters, President of France Emmanuel Macron has made changes to France’s food chain on Wednesday so that farmers receive a fair price for their produce. He said at the address at Rungis international food market that

There’s been a lot of contemplation and concern over ice-cream sandwich that won’t melt and the stories of McDonald’s burgers looking fresh even after being kept for days, weeks and years have been doing the round over many years. But

Mystery flavors seem to be big this year with Oreo already releasing a mystery flavor which definitely involves fruit. Now Pringles has jumped on the bandwagon with a new mystery flavor which could make you $10,000 richer, that is, if

One of the great things about Easter (apart from Jesus’ resurrection, obviously) is all the chocolate. Chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, what’s not to love? Candy companies usually hit out of the park selling all that chocolate in the pretext

Chennai has another reason to celebrate this Diwali! Uber is all set to launch UberEATS in Chennai today. After going live in four cities, UberEats has now finally come to Chennai. Eat With UberEATS. The company has tied up with

The iOS 11.1 update brought about some pretty cool emoji’s such as a mermaid, and gender-neutral people. However, they also received a bit of flak for the new Chinese takeout emoji, here’s why: the Chinese takeout box emoji features a