Maharashtrian Recipes

Onion Poha Recipe

If you’ve ever had a Marathi relative, friend or cook, you’d know what a poha is. And in all possibility are already imagining a plate of it topped with some peanuts and coriander chutney. The dish is a popular breakfast

Chivda Recipe

Chivda or poha chivda is a Maharashtrian savory snack. It consists of fried or roasted puffed rice mildly spiced and flavored with curry leaves and coconut. The poha or aval is mixed with other pulses such as peanuts, cashews and

Rice Poori Recipe

Rice Up! 2016-06-14 02:02:38 Serves 2 Deep fried rice flatbreads. Write a review Save Recipe Print Total Time 40 min Total Time 40 min 359 calories 64 g 0 g 9 g 5 g 1 g 206 g 78 g

Anyone familiar with Indian street food will be well acquainted with the concept of a bhel puri. The tangy dish comprises of crunchy puffed rice tossed with coriander/mint (green) chutney, tamarind (red) chutney, boiled potato, chopped veggies, peanuts, lime juice

Matki Amti Recipe

A hardcore Marathi staple, the Matki Amti is a curry dish with sprouts as the main ingredient. We’ve seen how to make a sprouts korma and this one is similar only lighter and made with sprouted moth beans (matki) instead

Moong – a.k.a. whole green gram – sprouts are easily one of the healthiest pulses in your kitchen. The pulses provide you with the best of nutrients and can be revved up to make some exotic preparations. A fancier take

Rice has its way with different cultures and cuisines. The same grain can be had as biryani, risotto, paella and this delicious tendli bhaat that we are going to make. Tendli – also known as baby watermelon, ivy gourd, kovakka

Maharashtrian Style Bharli Bhendi

Kolhapuri Akha Masoor Recipe

Alu Chi Patal Bhaji Recipe

Til Ladoo Recipe

Maharashtrian Til Ladoo Recipe

Print Recipe Batata Tomato Rassa Bhaji Name the spice, choose your flavour, and you will find it in this bhaji. A traditional Maharashtrian favourite, the Batata Tomato Rassa Bhaji revolves around an intense paste of assorted spices, onions and coconut,

Print Recipe Bhaat me in Masala A delicious Maharashtrian rice and vegetable recipe Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 35 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1 cup uncooked rice soaked for 15

We’ve learnt and tasted a fair amount of sabudana a.k.a. sago preparations for the ingredient to prove its versatility. And just when we though we’d exhausted the recipe book with all the vadas and kheer, ‘pop’ comes yet another delicious