While picking out appliances for your kitchen, what are the qualities you usually look for? Value, brand, efficiency, and/or price, right? Well add one more category to that list – design house. Confused? Well, popular and high street design house

Setting up a fully functional, practical, good to look at, neat, and clean kitchen is not a cakewalk. Quite a lot of thought and work goes into picking the gadgets, interiors, lighting, and last but not the least, kitchenware. While

The Jetsons send their love from the future. And some kickass kitchen appliances to make your life simpler. Ever felt too lazy to get and roll out rotis or wished that the amount of spaghetti you make was just enough for your family members

American grill brand, Weber, which is known for producing some of the world’s premier electric grills and grilling accessories, announced the opening of its first brand store in Gurugram at Sector 14 MG Road. This would take up Weber’s store

Have you ever had a question about how to cook a certain dish, but you didn’t know where to look? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! The HungryForever Kitchen Support Forums are now officially open and you can ask

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for #MAKEININDIA but here’s the deal, they don’t make my favorite flavor of Doritos, Pringles and Fanta in India. Moreover, Laura Vitale’s recipes hardly ever come true in my local kiraana shop. So once

Is your cookware toxic? Sick and tired of food sticking to the pan? Choosing and using the right cookware is important for these and many other reasons. It is an investment that can last a lifetime if your purchase correctly

One of the things about referring to cooking tips or recipes online – especially by ace chefs – is that more often than not they’ll be measuring their ingredients on a fancy scale and you’ll stand wondering whether you coffee

A few days back, Foodbeast reported a possible cook-off brewing between ace chefs Bobby Flay and Gordon Ramsay. The latter beat the cook-off drum till it tore open and there was not a single flying fudge given by the former.

Flying aboard American Airlines is going to be a gastronomical extravagance now. The airlines has got on board (no pun intended) ace chef and restaurateur Maneet Chauhan, Italian food specialist Julian Barsotti, Hawaiian chef Sam Choy and Michelin-starred UK chef

The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday with a cake made by The Great British Bake Off’s winner, Nadiya Hussain. And although the cake came with some controversial frosting (rumor has it, Hussain baked it using eggs from caged hens.

Haven’t we all had those times when we walked to the fridge and simply stared at it. Hoping that someday, the fridge will be able to tell you what you could do with that 3 day old broccoli or week

A couple of days ago, gadget manufacturing giant, Samsung launched a new fridge; the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator in Las Vegas. A Smart Fridge The new appliance has a variety of features including a small HD TV, that allows families

The joy of pulling out a perfectly baked fluffy cake/bread (or crunchy cookie) from the oven is way more than picking it out at a bakery. If you know how to bake flawlessly, that is. Huge clause, isn’t it? Baking

Unless your money grows on trees or your idea of a conversation is bargaining with the vegetable hawker, a kitchen garden is an ideal solution for all your veggie woes. All it takes is a little investment, some dedication and

As much fun as it may be to try our hand in the kitchen, there is always a lazy siren that goes off in our head screaming “tedious tedious tedious”. And that siren isn’t entirely untrue because preparing a dish

Back in the 90s when Sanjeev Kapoor took over our afternoons with his visually and gastronomically appealing Khana Khazana, the audience was hooked. The concept of a genius chef cooking the food on our idiot boxes and sharing the coveted

Arranging your food properly in a refrigerator can be a challenge, especially when dealing with a big family and leftovers (yes, holiday season we are looking at you). Not only is it essential to stack everything neatly and in an

There are very few things that can make an adult go ‘boohoo’. If they’re an animal lover, it’s the sight of a furry pup; if they’re into music, it’s the sound of a heavenly melody; the erudite fans get goose

How many cups in one milliliter? How many milliliters in one tablespoon? Which meat cut deserves a spot in the grill and which one gets to sit on a pan? How many months does that frozen cod survive in the