Junk Food

What’s holiday season without leading snack labels tweaking their flavour portfolio to throw in some gravy, mashed, and filling-inspired variants, right? Pringles is planning on doing it and now Lay’s wants to know which Thanksgiving special flavour you wish they

Despite having a wide array of super foods at our disposal, fast foods and junk foods continue to be an integral part of our diet. And with brands like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more feeding us

We’ve all, at least once in our life, paid a visit to the nutritionist’s office. And all of us have been subjected to the pros of eating healthy and the cons of venturing anywhere even remotely close to the devious

We grew up with Happy Meals, birthday parties and McGrills at Ronald McDonald’s fast food crib. And just when we thought that the McAloo Tikki and McChicken were our SO, KFC came back to the country with a big bucket

A little while ago, there was massive speculation about whether making junk food and aerated drinks available in and around schools is a good idea or not. Well, looks like there is a final verdict on the debate. The Central

Stuffing our face with uncooked cookie dough is a trend that has picked up quite the pace in the past few months, and is not going away anytime soon. Especially if industry players continue to rake in the moolah with

At the risk of sounding pretentious, we say this: art is everywhere. From the food we eat, to the movies we watch, it’s all art. And the best thing about art is that there are various ways of looking at

There are good food mashups and then there are mashups that never should have seen the light of day (yes, we’re looking at you avolatte). Moreover, good or bad, there is always a consistent onslaught of new trends and ideas

Here’s yet another mind blowing museum to honour one of our all time favourite snack – Cheetos. That’s right, there exists a fiery orange walled Cheetos Museum (the world’s very first, by the way) in New York City that pays

We’ve seen a whole lot of crazy cakes, and by crazy we mean over the top innovative and ingeniously decked. From gorgeous gardens to spicy chicken wings, the world has decorated the baked dessert with pretty much every possible topping.

Turning food into slices is something that we as a species have aced. Case in point: cheese slices and Japan’s ingenious chocolate slices. But it’s time we expanded that list with a new somewhat similar addition – ketchup leather. That’s right,

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, you read that headline correctly. A woman who claims she was injured when she slipped on a chip on the floor of a Dublin shopping centre food court has sued for damages in the High

In what can only be described as a blow to child obesity, an expert panel set up by food regulator FSSAI has recommended additional tax on highly processed food items and sugar-laced beverages as well as a ban on advertising

We all enjoy having the television on for background noise while doing other chores (especially if you live alone). As such we are bombarded with a slew of advertisements for every product under the sun. I know you don’t pay

Who said bags of chips were just air and some chips? Doritos just proved us al wrong by rolling out a bag that has chips, air, and, music! That’s right, the popular corn chips company launched a special musical bag

After Kylie Jenner’s brilliant cinnamon roll waffle hack reveal, it is only fair to take a look at the other Jenner sister’s diet. Not so much ”diet” as it is a guilty indulgence, though. With every single member of the

Pineapple on pizza – or Hawaiian Pizza, as some call it – has been a major topic of debate, hate, and argument among pizza eaters. The combination of pineapple and cheese repulses some, while some love indulging in a slice

And we would’ve done exactly what he did after that! A few days back a particular Hot Cheeto was making the rounds on the World Wide Web. The snack grabbed so much attention that even Jimmy Kimmel featured it on

Last week Donald Trump officially became one of the most powerful men on this planet (*shudders*), and with that he was bestowed with the luxury of residing in one of the most lavish mansions in the Western Hemisphere – the

Drunk driving and the accidents – and worse, fatalities – caused by the same are an unfortunate yet common phenomenon around the globe. And while respective authorities and managements are doing their best to curb this problem, there are a