Whenever we find ourselves drooling over the lavish display of ice cream flavours at gelato parlours, the only thing more difficult than deciding which flavour we want, is whether we want it in a cone or a cup? Let’s be

polls. From taking your pick between the tomato ketchup brand that according to you is the sauciest to voting for the kind of icing that completes your cakes and pastries, there sure was a lot to pick from. So, how

One of the many things that set different cakes and many bakes apart from each other is the frosting a.k.a. the icing on top. Not only does it make the baked delight look prettier, the icing can turn around the

A trip down the condiments aisle reveals the reality that is capitalism and confusion. One product and almost 10 brands to pick from! And this true not just for every product on the shelf, there are brands everywhere – from

Whether it’s a lazy Saturday night spent in your PJs or an uber glam party at a fancy club, it is incomplete without some poison a.k.a. alcohol. And while many may argue that one doesn’t need alcohol to have fun,

Being a vegetarian is not so much a curse, as it is a boon in terms of doing your share of experimenting with cottage cheese (and we’re speaking of the Indian cottage cheese here, a.k.a. paneer). Similar is the case

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between the kind of fish that is your sole-mate (see what we did there) to voting for the halwa that gets your

Now that we’ve established the king of all tea-time biscuits, it’s time we get to know what kind of tea you like. Or rather, how you like to take your cup of relaxation. Now, before we go any further, let

If you love eating, then snacking must take up a major chunk of your day. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have your meals decided around snacks or vice versa, and the rest of the days’ chores can

Having a love deeper than the ocean (no pun intended) for the piscine family comes with a pre-requisite knowledge of not just anti-allergens (kidding!) but also the members of the fish family like sardines, catfish, salmon, tuna, sole, bass, cod,

Packaged juices are a boon. How else where we supposed to make Screwdrivers and pinacoladas? Kidding! But jokes aside, boxed juices really have made it easier to down the goodness of fruit juices without much hassle. And while nutritionist will

It is hard not to like halwa. Ghee, sugar, and dry fruits, what’s not to like? And loving halwas comes with loving all its varieties and the ways it is made in. But everyone is bound to have a favourite.

Bread sees a variety of forms across the globe. From a crusty baguette in Paris to a rich bakarkhani from the streets of Karachi, bread in all its forms is delicious. And the cuisine itself offers up an impressive number

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of fast food and snacks-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between the breakfast cereal that kicks off your day to voting for the whackiest Kit Kat flavor that you would dare

Instant noodle is something that can instantly turn things up. Be it a quick evening snack or an easy lunch, instant food can step up any meal! India was introduced to this magnificent food back in 1982 when Maggi first

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you wake up in time for breakfast, that is. But insomnia apart, a good breakfast goes a long (almost up to lunch). So it’s vital that the first

For most carbohydrates are bad, but given the current fast food trend, the food group seems unnecessary altogether! What trend, you ask? Allow us to remind you of the crunchy bun-less wonder that took India by storm a few months

The last week of 2017 saw an exciting variety of food and drinks-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between the kind of caffeine that gets your day started (that is, coffee or tea) to voting for the condiment that

For most of us, this question (picking a Kit Kat flavor) is hypothetical. Flavor, what flavor? It’s either a 2-piece or a 4-piece! But those of you who really do have access to flavors like Green Tea, Banana, Matcha Milk

When the Aztec stumbled upon the treasured cocoa bean, little did they know that centuries later we’d be eating cocoa extract in the form of chocolate bars. Let alone flavored, nutty and center-filled bars. From tree to factory, chocolate making