The quick, delicious bite.

Whether you are at a local McDonald’s or Nando’s or any food outlet, you simply can’t order a main dish. There has to be a side to accompany your burger, sandwich or quarter chicken. And more often than not the

Developing a taste for sushi is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially when your first time was a little heavy on the wasabi. *painful flashbacks* But when you’re in the 21st century and food innovators and chefs are working overtime

While it may sound super awesome and easy, it’s not. Being a food or beverage taster requires a dapper set of taste buds that can tell a dark roast form a blonde roast or a Darjeeling from an Earl Grey

We’ve all seen and cheered for so many superheroes. Right from flying knights to mutants with an amazing sense of humour (yes, Deadpool, only you fit the description), the superhero realm is overflowing with all kinds of superpowers – laser

Summer has been anything but lenient (again), but that’s okay because we have our ways turning the heat down. Also known as lifesavers in this season, summer drinks or summer coolers come in a variety of forms and flavours –

Nestle’s instant noodle brand Maggi just dialled the instant noodles game up a notch by introducing four new fiery flavours. Each of these comes with a spice meter (read, warning) printed behind the packet. Starting from 1 chili, the flavors

How many times have you stood patting the base of a ketchup bottle help upside down while your food runs cold? And how many times has it come rushing so fast that it’s almost too much ketchup to eat? Oh

Food hybrids or food mashups, as they are also called, have slowly taken over restaurants bakeries and fast food joints. Right from the cronut and cupcaron to some outrageous mixes like the pizzabon, the list goes on. Adding to that hefty

We’ve all seen money dispensing machines a.k.a ATMs, but there is a special kind of “ATM” in Puducherry that dispenses human breast milk. Yep, it’s happening. Medical students at the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry

Initially I thought they forgot to put the coco in their biscuit. But it was love at first bite! Mondelez’s new spin on the classic Cadbury Oreo is the delicious new Golden Oreo Biscuit. Chella Pandyan, Associate Director of Marketing

The Dabur-Patanjali fight is a thing of the recent future and given the on going lock-horn situation, neither is ready to back down any time soon. And in all fairness, why should they? On one hand Dabur has been the

The Indian junk food customer is quickly becoming the subject of fast food innovation. Or actually, being subjected to fast food innovation. First it was the Chizza and Burger Pizza by KFC and Domino’s, respectively and now it’s McD’s that

While the rest of the world wad OD-ing on an All Day McBreakfast, Chocolate Fries, Mac n Cheetos and what not, we sat here drooling all over our computer screens. But little did we know that popular fast food chains

The Asia’s 50 Best restaurants sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna have been named in “Bangkok wins big” (quotes)with two restaurants in the top 10. Gaggan restaurant, a modern Indian Restaurant in Bangkok, run by Chef Gaggan Anand has scored the title

 Looking for a New Year resolution that lasts? Try ‘Pinning’ this year. If you are a foodie, these 5 food trends which are our favorites from the just-released ‘Pinterest 100 list for Food and Drink’ are probably going to be

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