It has been successfully established that breakfast is vital for a healthy existence. Of course, we tend to stray towards the unhealthy but the fact remains that a sumptuous breakfast is the best way to start off your day. And

If you’re a part of the Star Wars fandom (or have access to the internet) you’ll know that the latest Star Wars movie – The Last Jedi is hitting theaters soon. Since there is no such thing as too much

No, you can’t say cottage cheese.  Cheeses come in a variety of flavours and kinds. From a pleasantly salty cheddar to a deliciously pungent blue cheese, there is a flavour to suit every palate. Moreover, all these fermented milk blocks

It’s December already, and it was like just yesterday that 2016 was a day old. But nonetheless, it is the happiest time of the year with the gift shops and candy shops gearing up for a merry merry Christmas. Like

Don’t we all love those crunchy potato snacks that manufacturers put in with our pack of air? Kidding! I am aware that all the air (a.k.a. Nitrogen) is essential for keeping the crunch of the potato chips intact, but we

Price fluctuation among fruits and vegetables is a common notion. Especially since the introduction of the Goods & Services Tax (GST). But did you know that there is a completely different category of foods that is affected by this recently

While all the cookie makers, chocolate and candy companies, and coffee giants are tripping over the umpteen number of ways in which they can market the concept of Christmas and new year, we thought we’d ask our food-loving folk about

It may not be snowing, but as we speak through chattering teeth and punch the keyboard with semi-frozen fingertips, the winters are slowly engulfing us in a bitter blanket of fog and cold. However, we have just the right ammunitions

Comfort food, as the name suggests, is a category of food items that is either high in sentimental value for the consumer or provides comfort to them for other reasons (like being high in calories). That is true, comfort food

Very few of us can function properly through the day sans caffeine. And more of ten than not, the sacred source of this caffeine is coffee. But what good is a coffee break without anything to eat with the cuppa

If anyone said that they did not like the satisfaction provided by the sumptuous slurp of a noodles, they’d be lying. Honestly, there are very few other foods that can be cooked in quite as many ways as noodles, and

The week gone by saw an quite an interesting mix of junk and fast food and related polls including everything from popular diet fads that you may have fallen for to the Times’ version of a holiday slider­. From picking

When it comes to picking pizza, a lot many things can make or break the divine food. Like the kind of toppings, sauces, seasoning and crust. And while it is important to know what toppings work for your palate, it

We know they are a storehouse of calories, we know one won’t be enough and we also know that we absolutely will follow it up with a coffee. But there is still nothing stopping us from biting into a gorgeous

We worry a tad too much about what we eat. Not that we shouldn’t but after a point we need to stop and think whether our best friend’s neighbor’s aunt’s dietician’s diet tip actually makes sense. There is a diet

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry. In other words, the holiday season is just about getting started, as is the delicious onslaught of festive foods, drinks, and desserts. From a roster of delicious pies to heady cocktails

There is an odd level of comfort in that sugary brain freeze one gets after eating a little too much of ice-cream in one bite. And while nothing can compare to all those flavours of frozen creamy treats, the brands

The week gone by saw some interesting holiday food and snacks related polls that included everything from grubs that can curb your midnight hunger pangs to the shellfish that completes your meal. From taking your pick between different kinds of

If there is one thing that binds all us night owls together – apart from the insomnia – it’s probably the midnight hunger pangs. And just in case you’re not in the know, craving food late after everyone’s asleep is

What’s holiday season without leading snack labels tweaking their flavour portfolio to throw in some gravy, mashed, and filling-inspired variants, right? Pringles is planning on doing it and now Lay’s wants to know which Thanksgiving special flavour you wish they