Food trends are amazing, food trends are gorgeous, and some are downright works of art. One such trend that took the dessert industry around the world by storm was the mirror-glazed cake trend. Brought into the social media spotlight by

Having stayed in the Indian subcontinent (the northern half, to be specific) all my life, the one question that has haunted me before every meal is “rice or roti”? And it’s not so much the question than the actual answer

Trends often have a way of hop skipping over from one category to another. For example, art makes its way over to food, just how sometimes foods can inspire the arts at the times. For example, the latest make up

Over the past few days, weeks, and months, the Internet and the F&B space have seasoned us to expect just about anything. Be it an avocado and coffee mash up, charcoal tinted foods, or even bread baked in space (or

What’s a morning without any coffee? Incomplete. Torture. Wrong. Not only is coffee an amazingly delicious beverage, but also the caffeine sure is one of the best things to happen to mankind. At least the chunk of mankind that needs

The week gone by saw some fun food, trends, and beverage-related opinion polls with just a hint of unicorn dust (obviously!). The polls included a vast range of topics that covered everything from Dunkin Donuts UK’s grand new chocolate brownie

So we live in the 21st century and in addition to a number of technological advances, we’ve also evolved as a race with a taste and liking for experimental foods. Case in point, the at times brilliant but more often

Here’s yet another mind blowing museum to honour one of our all time favourite snack – Cheetos. That’s right, there exists a fiery orange walled Cheetos Museum (the world’s very first, by the way) in New York City that pays

We’ve seen a whole lot of crazy cakes, and by crazy we mean over the top innovative and ingeniously decked. From gorgeous gardens to spicy chicken wings, the world has decorated the baked dessert with pretty much every possible topping.

Over the past few months Starbucks has managed to portray itself as some kind of King Midas of cold brews and coffee beverages. Pretty much every food, flavour, and trend that the coffee giant that it touches becomes a whipped

Turning food into slices is something that we as a species have aced. Case in point: cheese slices and Japan’s ingenious chocolate slices. But it’s time we expanded that list with a new somewhat similar addition – ketchup leather. That’s right,

The week gone by saw some fun food, cooking, and beverage-related opinion polls that had a hint of beefy politics as well. The polls included quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including your take

The hands of the clock divide the day up for an average human being, but for a hard-core desi (Indian), the activity that punctuates the day is our religious cups of tea, a.k.a. chai. It’s true; you can ask any

Before we spark off this debate of “yes, absolutely” and “no, we could do without a ban”, allow us to give you a quick insight into what the seething ‘beef ban’ situation in India is about. The Central Government, after

The week gone by saw some fun food, cooking, and beverage-related opinion polls. The polls included quite an interesting lot of choices including a long list of largely common cooking pet peeves to pick from and a whole new variety

A few days back we conducted a poll on some of the pet peeves we all have while eating food or while simply eating in a group. For example, double dipping, people using their phones in the middle of a

If reports are to be believed, M&M’s fans should gear up to munch on an all-new flavour of the chocolate candy, which will pack a whole lot of chocolate and which will follow up after the candy’s Halloween-special White Chocolate

The week gone by saw some fun food, tech, and beverage-related opinion polls. The polls included quite an interesting lot of choices including a vast variety of delicious and exciting biryanis from all over India to pick from and a

Biryani is known, loved and eaten widely across the world, especially in South Asia, because of its unique blend of rice, spices, and meat/vegetables. And of course, the way it is slow-cooked just adds to the charm of this exotic

We’re still a little hung-over from all the colour and vibrancy brought about in our life, courtesy the Unicorn/rainbow food trend. The trend just came and threw up all possible pantone shades of the VIBGYOR on our chocolates, coffee, bagels,