Cinnamon rolls are what cavities, plush bellies, sugar rushes, and dentists’ fortunes are made of. But that that stop us from indulging in one? No sir! And why should it? Nothing spells out E-A-T-M-E better than a soft, baked roll

With the weekend just around the corner, it’s time we got our poisons sorted out. So, while all the fashionistas are picking out their LBDs and bow-ties, let us indulge in the one thing that brings us – that is,

Being a street food aficionado takes more than just a hungry tummy. Because there is a lot out there and not all are worth swatting flies and bearing the heat. And given the buffet of street foods in India –

The week that went by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between scrambled, poached, and fried eggs for breakfast to voting for the kind of dipping condiment that completes your snacks, there

Very few foods come close to cheese when we talk about taste, variety, and sheer holistic awesomeness. The milk-based food has melted and seeped into almost all our meals and plates, whether it is in the form of burgers, pizza,

Doughnuts are gorgeous. If it were not for the deep-fried ring of glutinous happiness, “dunkin’” would have a totally different meaning today. Also custard filled anything isn’t half as delicious as a custard filled doughnut. Also glazed ones. Glazed and

The different number of ways in which one can have eggs are a million billion. Right from a delicious Adam n’ Eve on a raft to a bright sunny side up, the options are many. And we won’t be wrong

Chips and dips are absolute party pleasers. Especially if you’ve got a beer crate to empty, then the chips are just what you need to go with! And the one thing that can instantly step up your chips is a

Whenever we find ourselves drooling over the lavish display of ice cream flavours at gelato parlours, the only thing more difficult than deciding which flavour we want, is whether we want it in a cone or a cup? Let’s be

polls. From taking your pick between the tomato ketchup brand that according to you is the sauciest to voting for the kind of icing that completes your cakes and pastries, there sure was a lot to pick from. So, how

Tea is nature’s way of saying “calm down”. And frankly, there could not have been a better way of doing the same. Calming down, that is (unless of course you’d rather hit the bar and gain your calm whilst losing

One of the many things that set different cakes and many bakes apart from each other is the frosting a.k.a. the icing on top. Not only does it make the baked delight look prettier, the icing can turn around the

A trip down the condiments aisle reveals the reality that is capitalism and confusion. One product and almost 10 brands to pick from! And this true not just for every product on the shelf, there are brands everywhere – from

Whether it’s a lazy Saturday night spent in your PJs or an uber glam party at a fancy club, it is incomplete without some poison a.k.a. alcohol. And while many may argue that one doesn’t need alcohol to have fun,

Being a vegetarian is not so much a curse, as it is a boon in terms of doing your share of experimenting with cottage cheese (and we’re speaking of the Indian cottage cheese here, a.k.a. paneer). Similar is the case

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between the kind of fish that is your sole-mate (see what we did there) to voting for the halwa that gets your

Now that we’ve established the king of all tea-time biscuits, it’s time we get to know what kind of tea you like. Or rather, how you like to take your cup of relaxation. Now, before we go any further, let

So you think you know your food? Well, you could be in for a major surprise! We’ve put together some general food knowledge questions in this foodie quiz that covers everything from fruits, vegetables, pasta, global cuisines, to movies, and

If you love eating, then snacking must take up a major chunk of your day. In fact, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have your meals decided around snacks or vice versa, and the rest of the days’ chores can

Having a love deeper than the ocean (no pun intended) for the piscine family comes with a pre-requisite knowledge of not just anti-allergens (kidding!) but also the members of the fish family like sardines, catfish, salmon, tuna, sole, bass, cod,