If your day doesn’t kick off without a nice cup of coffee, then you’re bound to be really finicky also about how it tastes. Which invariably means that you have a favourite when it comes to your coffee shop. Every

Coffee or tea? Coffee, please. If that’s the answer your brain gives every time, then congratulations, you’re a coffee head. And every coffee lover has a few details straightened out about their morning cuppa joe – like strength, amount of

Coffee gets our day started. What else gets our morning started? That’s right breakfast, and who doesn’t like a creamy (or crunchy) peanut butter sandwich to chow down? Well guess what? Reese’s just made sure we don’t miss out on

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls that had just the right balance between fast food and healthy grubs. The polls included quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including

We know it’s harmful, we know our dentist abhors them, and we know they’d rather be used as toilet cleaner and/or cleaning acid. However, there is no stopping us from guzzling cans after PET bottles after glasses of soda. Especially,

There is a lot – apart from time, patience, and love – that goes into cooking healthy and delicious food. The ingredient list for every main dish, side dish, dessert, and snack boasts of a number of raw materials –

Fast food can satiate our craving for unhealthy and greasy (yet totally delicious) grubs in a number of ways. From the good ol’ burger and fries combination to sumptuous wraps, there are so many options to pick from. Speaking of

With major health conscious food choices taking the lead in our daily life, picking out the right meals has become of utmost importance. Whether it is our drink, our food, the seasoning, or something as simple as the vegetables we

Oreos are best described as ‘sandwich cookies’, but what if we told you that there is one more reason to refer to the popular biscuit as sandwich cookies? That the snack consists of a crème filling sandwiches between two biscuits

Over the past few months, seasons, and holidays, Starbucks has left no source of inspiration untouched when it comes to concocting new beverages. From popular desserts and food trends to seasonal flavours, the coffee giant’s menu has seen it all.

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls that had a kick of palate numbing piquancy as well. The polls included quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including a basic

The world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer, is loved for a number of reasons around the globe. Some like it for the flavour(s), some for the high, and there are some who have preferences based on the

And no, we don’t mean ‘creepy pasta’ or even ‘aakhri pasta’ (sorry, that was a really bad one), but in fact what kind of pasta do you like? Penne, ravioli, spaghetti, and the likes. The Italians have given us a

So you think you know your food? Well, you could be in for a major surprise! We’ve put together some general food knowledge questions in this foodie quiz that covers everything from fruits, vegetables, pasta, global cuisines, to movies, and

Teatime is a crucial half an hour of every tea-loving creature’s (especially if they are Indian) day. Nothing – absolutely nothing – can come in between that cup of piping hot tea and us. Except for a nice biscuit or

Hot sauce lovers have often turned to firing up their palate with an extra dash or two of Tabasco’s various fiery variants. One such bottled liquid fire is the Scorpion Sauce, which also happens to be McIlhenny Company’s hottest sauce.

The week gone by saw some fun food, ice cream, and beverage-related opinion polls that had a hint of technology as well. The polls included quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including a basic

It’s the age of gender equality, women empowerment, feminism, and equal opportunity for all. Now, speaking on the most debatable and sensitive one of them all, Feminism has garnered a fair share of attention, and with good reason. 2107 has

It’s vital to start your day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. And the one thing more important than health and nutrition in a breakfast is taste and appearance, especially if we’re eating out of a box that has a

The Game Of Thrones fever is all over social media and popular culture. Ever since the pilot episode of the seventh season has been aired there has been an overwhelming does of GOT-themed food menus, themed bars, and whatnots. But