Food trends have become bigger than ever. From lacing your food with hot sauces to cakes that are as reflective as mirrors and drinks that look like a glass of rainbow, the world of gastronomy sure has churned out a

Biryani is known, loved and eaten widely across the world, especially in South Asia, because of its unique blend of rice, spices, and meat/vegetables. And of course, the way it is slow-cooked just adds to the charm of this exotic

A few days back we conducted a poll on some of the pet peeves we all have while eating food or while simply eating in a group. For example, double dipping, people using their phones in the middle of a

McDonald’s India has been having a tough few weeks given the on-going row between the American parent company and its Indian joint partner Connaught Plaza Restaurants Limited, which looks after McDonald’s India’s outlets in north and east India. And while

The week gone by saw some interesting food, beverage, and entertainment related polls that included everything from snacks to everyday staples. From taking your pick between different kinds of soups and a variety of junk snacks to voting for your

Coffee is a vital part of anyone and everyone who’s day starts way before their mind and body start to function, that is, in the morning. The caffeinated drink though a major source of acid reflux is the reason why

Movies transport you to a whole other realm, especially if it is a well-made movie. A few of the elements that make a good movie a great movie is the screenplay and how the director plays around on the screen.

Partnerships are important. In fact, there are very few things and people that can exist independently. Whether it’s human beings, animals, games, clothes, gadgets, or even food, more often than not a duo is always better than a single. For

We’ve all, at least once in our life, paid a visit to the nutritionist’s office. And all of us have been subjected to the pros of eating healthy and the cons of venturing anywhere even remotely close to the devious

There are very few cuisines – or even chefs for that matter – in the culinary world who skip soup. The preparation makes for an important part of a meal and sometimes it is the meal. Because we’d be lying

Going by our previous quiz on ad commercials, you may think that we are big on marketing jingo and branding. But aren’t we all? And isn’t that the whole point of marketing a certain product – to make it an

The week gone by saw some interesting food and beverage related polls that included everything from snacks to everyday staples. From taking your pick between different kinds of wines and a variety of cakes to voting for your favourite nuts

After a long hard day of work or simply just to get the party started, a cocktail is all that one needs. And we’re sure James Bond would agree, given his “shaken, not stirred” stand on the matter. But fangirl-ing

With Diwali just round the corner, the fancy decked up boxes of dry fruits and nuts have only started to pile up. And not that we don’t love the edible gifts, but there is that one nut – excluding the

The amount of happiness a bottle of wine induces within ardent wine lovers is unmatched. Especially if it is the kind that they absolutely love. And also at the right temperature. With the right kind of food. But while no

Emojis have completely changed the way we text, type, and communicate via digital means. From the colon and round bracket to proper faces with tens of expressions, genders, and skin colour, we’ve come a long long way. And by long

Cakes are gorgeous. Cakes are delicious. And the best part? There is one for every occasion, festival and celebration! From vibrantly lit up birthday cakes to pristine white wedding cakes. But that’s just classifying it on the outside? What about

The week gone by saw some interesting food and beverage related polls that included everything from snacks to everyday staples. From finding all about an artisanal popcorn brand that rolls out cocktail-inspired popcorns to an all new kind of ‘ruby

Food and drinks (flat, sparkling, and alcoholic) are one of the basic necessities of life. You can skip a meal, cut down on your food intake, go on a liquid diet or take food supplements instead, but there is no

Living in a globalised society, we come across a lot of things in our daily life that belong to a different culture, country, or continent all together. One such thing is food. We eat it everyday, we buy it everyday,