If you like carbonated beverages, raise your hands! Now, if you’re scrolling with your toe right now then you’ve probably at least once in your lifetime cringed on one of the following questions asked at restaurants: “Sorry, we don’t have

Dairy products inevitably find a way into our daily diet, unless of course you are on dairy-free diet. One such omnipresent dairy product is curd/yogurt, which is known for its many healthy and nourishing properties. Yogurt in all its forms

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between the kind of food/drink-related job that you would take up to voting for your favorite beer brand that makes every hour

While it may sound super awesome and easy, it’s not. Being a food or beverage taster requires a dapper set of taste buds that can tell a dark roast form a blonde roast or a Darjeeling from an Earl Grey

We’ve all seen and cheered for so many superheroes. Right from flying knights to mutants with an amazing sense of humor (yes, Deadpool, only you fit the description), the superhero realm is overflowing with all kinds of superpowers – laser

They say it should be breakfast. The most important meal of the day, that is. But not everybody is the same, not all digestive systems are the same and not every dietary plan is similar, so not everyone’s breakfast is

Nothing defines “chill” better than a pint – or better, a crate –of chilled beer. And just as we beer-guzzlers are particular about the beverage’s temperature, most of us are picky about the brands that contribute to our beer belly.

Whether you like it or not (highly unlikely), whether you consume it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and whether you like masala, chicken, or Hot Heads, there is no escaping the fact that Nestle’s popular instant noodle brand,

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick the Dairy Milk variant that according to you is the absolute best to voting for the kind of cheesecake that completes your

We can bet a box of classic glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts that you have at least once in your life enjoyed the deep fried ring of pastry dough, a.k.a., doughnuts. Are we right or are you kidding? Point being, doughnuts

God bless the baker who came up with the concept of cheesecake. The entire concept of whipping together sour cream cheese and condensed milk makes our taste buds dance. (Fun fact though, cheesecake was originally made with unripened cheese sweetened

Appreciating sushi does not come easily to many – you either love it or hate it, there is no in between at the sushi bar. And those who do like the Japanese fish delicacy are rather picky about what and

We know, we know. It’s only the second week of February, the mercury is fairly low, and so ya’ll would rather kick back with a cup of hot chocolate, warm milk, or even some mulled wine or hot toddy right

Mondelez-owned Cadbury Dairy Milk has been in our life for longer than we can even remember! Right from its nostalgia-doused ads to its journey over a number of looks and designs, the chocolate has seen more variety than any other

There is a lot – apart from time, patience, and love – that goes into cooking healthy and delicious food. The ingredient list for every main dish, side dish, dessert, and snack boasts of a number of raw materials –

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and beverage-related opinion polls. From taking your pick between energy drinks that give you wings to voting for the kind of chutney that best complements your meals and snacks, there

Love it or hate it, there is no escaping the Valentine’s Day paraphernalia. it doesn’t matter whether you are single, ditched, forever alone or even if it’s complicated, you will come across pink hearts, cheesy couple, giant teddy bears, heart-shaped

Pulses have a way of becoming downright awesome in the Indian kitchen. Whether it is the way that the dal is cooked or the ingredients with which it is cooked that make the Indian dal so luscious, we can’t say.

Dining in is the easiest way of eating out. You get that same amazing food from the same amazing restaurant, minus the stepping out, dressing up or leaving the comfortable vicinity of the couch! In a nutshell, dining in is

Chutney, a.k.a. dip or sauce, is a vital part of Indian cuisine. The spicy/tangy/sweet side finds its way into a number of platters and lights it up like no other food can. Known by different names like pachadi, thuvayal, etc.