Breads constitute a vital – an almost irreplaceable – part of our daily diet. The baked food is a staple in almost every cuisine across the globe. Whether it’s a French baguette, a Mexican cornbread, an Indian paratha, an Italian

Now there’s a sentence you never thought you’d read! But it’s true, a new make up trend has taken social media and make-up fanatics by storm – the taco eye make up. The trend is exactly like what it sounds.

With fall and pumpkin spiced everything around the corner, the party is just getting started and with that comes the delicious onslaught of various holiday desserts and candies. One such popular holiday dessert is pie. Yummy piecrust topped with sweet

August is almost over and you know what comes after that? That’s right, fall! And what spells out fall better than some cosplay, a dip in the mercury, and pumpkin pie/spice lattes? Which is exactly what the makers of Kit-Kat

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls. The polls featured a bunch of choices including breakfast, pizza, and alcohol polls. From taking your pick between waffles and pancakes to choosing the topping that completes your

A day that starts off with a good breakfast is a productive 14 hours in the making. And while most of us skip this “most important meal of the day” and settle for some coffee, juice or tea, we’d still

Alcohol and snacks go hand in hand. And not just because no one wants to get drunk on an empty stomach, but more because certain foods tend to bring out the flavor in your drink even more. It is also

Pizza is #BAE (unless you are Adele, in which case you and ‘bae’ just broke up). Sorry, human ‘bae’ but pizza does come before you. Always. If you’re in a gastronomical relationship with pizza, you’re bound to have a type.

Green Tea is all the rage right now – as is any food and drink that could help keep your body in the pink of health – and why shouldn’t it be? It’s been proven to be supremely healthy, can

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls that had a slight inclination towards the world of junk. The polls featured a bunch of choices including . Meanwhile there now exists a fiery Firecracker Burrito to

How good is your eyesight? Do you have 6/6 (or 20/20) vision? Can you read far off things without difficulty? These are questions that we often answer or are usually asked. But have you ever wondered how closely can you

We grew up with Happy Meals, birthday parties and McGrills at Ronald McDonald’s fast food crib. And just when we thought that the McAloo Tikki and McChicken were our SO, KFC came back to the country with a big bucket

It’s just the perfect time of the year to sip on a tall glass on chilled iced tea – not the one from Long Island, because that one sees no season. Now, the question that mechanically follows an order of

Pizza, the answer to all our carb, fat, and gluten cravings rolled into one big delicious baked pie, has taken over the globe as a widely consumed snack. And with good read. The preparation brings together the best of so

Domino’s Pizza’s Indian wing has recently undergone some major change and we’re wondering whether you’ve noticed the same. The popular global pizza chain has revamped the way it makes its pizzas, almost as if having read our minds! How often

And we’re not even exaggerating. Just as we thought eccentric food trends had become passé, Taco Bell has gone ahead and rolled out an edible explosive. Move over naked chicken chips and star-shaped cheese, because the fast food joint is

The week gone by saw some fun food and beverage-related opinion polls that had just the right balance between junk food and healthy grubs. The polls featured quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including

Nestle India’s instant noodle brand, Maggi, may have had a rough patch last year, but it is well back up on its two feet. Catching up to ITC’s Sunfeast Yippee! noodle to regain it’s number 1 spot even (and the

As delicious as plain ol’ milk with a spoonful of sugar can be, it is always yummier with a dollop of Complan or Horlicks or whatever it is that you relish (instant rewind to a warm summer vacation evening). Most

Stuffing our face with uncooked cookie dough is a trend that has picked up quite the pace in the past few months, and is not going away anytime soon. Especially if industry players continue to rake in the moolah with