It’s hard to imagine an ice cream flavor that could scare us off or have us vowing never to have another scoop for days to come. But alas, there is no limit to our imagination now, is there? We’ve come

Despite having a wide array of super foods at our disposal, fast foods and junk foods continue to be an integral part of our diet. And with brands like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more feeding us

Bread is a vital part of our life. The food, which is consumed in a variety of forms across various cuisines, regions, and cultures, has found its way into every household. The food item has been around for quit some

Happy Diwali, foodies! Now that the Capital has been devoid of crackers and the rest of the country (hopefully) knows better after last year’s smoky Diwali, the one thing that has all our devoted attention is food. Especially if it

What’s a morning without any coffee? Incomplete. Torture. Wrong. Not only is coffee an amazingly delicious beverage, but also the caffeine sure is one of the best things to happen to mankind. At least the chunk of mankind that needs

The week gone by saw some interesting food and beverage related polls that included everything from popcorn to kheer. From taking your pick between different kinds of milkshake and popcorn flavours to voting for the one (or more than one)

It is safe to say that most of us, no matter where we live, have been to a Starbucks store at least once in our life. And that’s possibly because the coffee giant has over 21,000 outlets worldwide and serves

It’s Popcorn Day today, and we are super excited! Not just because we get stuff our face with crazy amounts of popcorn – well, majorly because of that – but also because we live in a time where ‘popcorn’ is

 Fruits, chocolates and cookies are all amazing in their own unique way. And when blended into a thick and creamy beverage with milk, they become even better. Now, there is flavoured milk and then there is milkshake. Both separated by

Kheer is a vital part of the Indian dessert spread. Alternatively known as payesh in Bengal, payas and payasam in South Indian states, the sweet dish is loved and hogged far and wide for its sugary richness and flavours. Usually

Post the stir caused by certain infamous food controversies, the newspapers, Internet and every other form of social media is brimming with advice on healthy and unhealthy foods. Suddenly a lot of people are more conscious about what they consume, how

The week gone by saw some interesting food and cooking related polls that included everything from subway sandwiches to ice creams. From taking your pick between different kinds of ice cream flavours and some of the smartest cooking gadgets out

The Jetsons send their love from the future. And some kickass kitchen appliances to make your life simpler. Ever felt too lazy to get and roll out rotis or wished that the amount of spaghetti you make was just enough for your family members

Our loyalty may lie with a particular food chain in general but it’s okay to flock over to a different restaurant for something that they’re better at. For example, a lot of times we may love a particular eatery for

Subway is an outright boon to everyone trying to shed a few kilos without murdering their taste buds. And not only are its salads and subs a delight (even for those not looking for a low calories meal), their vast

Now, we know that given the nip in the air most of you would rather head over to the warm drinks aisle rather than treading down the ice cream aisle. But then there are some of us who don’t check

If you thought Rajasthani olive tea was the only new thing that we were going to savour in 2017, wait till your learn what Gujarat has in store for you. This Diwali, it’s not just cow milk chocolate that’ll be

Of the many things that make us absolutely love the month of October/Fall, Diwali is one. And it’s not just the gorgeous clothes, gifts, and home decoration that get us all festive, but more so all the laddus, payasam, and

The week gone by saw some interesting food, beverage, and cooking related polls that included everything from street foods to everyday staples. From taking your pick between different kinds of Indian biryanis and some of the hottest and healthiest food

Indian street food sees a rainbow of desi, international, and international-turned-desi offerings (yes, we are totally looking at you “hakka noodles”). One such widely-consumed street that falls in the third category is momos. The Tibetan food, which is also consumed