Food and vegetable art has been around for a long time now. From people taking Eminem’s songs to the their plates to classic art forms like mosaic finding its way into the sushi kitchen, we’ve seen a fair share of

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and drinks-related opinion polls. From Dunkin’ Donuts’ all new sweet and salty cold brew and a monstrous pea and mayonnaise pizza to the Cadbury-Oreo dream team launching two new candy

Combining sweet and salty flavours is probably one of mankind’s biggest achievements in the food arena. What? You don’t think salted caramel, prosciutto-wrapped melon, and chocolate popcorns are downright awesome? And cashing in on our love for all combos sweet

YouTube sensation and Unicorn queen ‘Superwoman’, a.k.a. Lilly Singh, is popular for her mad hilarious take on everyday struggles, people, and situations. From mimicking the type of people you see at supermarkets to explaining situations where people should just keep

That’s right, not one but two new candy bars to loose your will power over this summer! The confectionary aisle has been stocked before with Cadbury-Oreo collaborations with the Cadbury Oreo Creme Eggs and the Dairy Milk Silk Oreo earlier

As delicious and vital to human existence as it is, pizza is also a topic for major debate. The most common one being the pineapple pizza, which even the President of Iceland condemns. But believe it or not, there now

Oreo is on a roll, would be an understatement because the sandwich cookie label is high on creativity and we would definitely like a bit of that. The creative drive, I mean. After launching and announcing the launch of an

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and drinks-related opinion polls. From Coca Cola company’s yet another new soda (Sprite Cherry) and a brutally honest misfortune cookie to an array of salad leaves and cooking oils, there

Following in the footsteps of its sweet Spring-special Cola variant in Japan, Coca Cola has now given the world of sodas two brand new Sprite flavors – Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cherry Zero. Sprite has always been the less caffeinated

Oreo has been on top of its flavor game since Christmas when it revealed its Chocolate Strawberry Oreo. Soon followed a number of other Oreo flavours and the cookies aisle wasn’t the same again. Adding to their already loaded flavor

When ordering Chinese takeout or dining at a Chinese restaurant, we always look forward to the sweet crunchy tradition (read, life revelation) at the end of the meal – the fortune cookies. The tiny dessert has for years convinced people

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of food and drinks-related opinion polls. From Coca Cola’s all new nourishing and fibre-fortified soda and a $22 strawberry to an array of Valentine’s Day marketing gimmicks, there sure was a lot to

Japan may be home to some of the whackiest and most innovative foodstuff, but it also houses a number of expensive edibles too, like the gold-plated sushi. Joining the elite food club of the Far East is a strawberry that

It is the decade of unthinkable and absolutely absurd food hybrids, and even though we think that we’ve seen it all – the mosaics, the rainbows, the raindrops, and the works – along comes the next food hybrid that proves

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish may soon get another fishy partner on the menu. If an on-going trial goes well, then a number of McD outlets in California will be rolling out a snow carb sandwich. As Refinery29 reports, a franchisee in the

Aerated beverages have been in the news for a bunch of reason, none of them being pro health and fitness. But Coca Cola seeks to change that with its new soda Coca Cola Plus, which is apparently the healthiest soda

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of opinion polls. From the food pet peeve that annoys you the most, your preferred froyo topping, and the vegan ice cream flavor that you’d rather have to a gold plated sushi,

February 2016 became a scoop more special for vegan and lactose intolerant gelato fanatics as ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s rolled out its very first non-dairy ice cream. And it wasn’t just the above folk who got to try

Coca Cola really wants you to ‘Taste the feeling’, if you’re feeling spring around the corner that is. The soda giant will soon be releasing a bright and vibrant new range of Cherry Blossom beverage in Japan. Coke has announced