So you think you know your food? Well, you could be in for a major surprise! We’ve put together some general food knowledge questions in this foodie quiz that covers everything from fruits, vegetables, pasta, global cuisines, to movies, and

Teatime is a crucial half an hour of every tea-loving creature’s (especially if they are Indian) day. Nothing – absolutely nothing – can come in between that cup of piping hot tea and us. Except for a nice biscuit or

Hot sauce lovers have often turned to firing up their palate with an extra dash or two of Tabasco’s various fiery variants. One such bottled liquid fire is the Scorpion Sauce, which also happens to be McIlhenny Company’s hottest sauce.

The week gone by saw some fun food, ice cream, and beverage-related opinion polls that had a hint of technology as well. The polls included quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including a basic

It’s the age of gender equality, women empowerment, feminism, and equal opportunity for all. Now, speaking on the most debatable and sensitive one of them all, Feminism has garnered a fair share of attention, and with good reason. 2107 has

It’s vital to start your day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. And the one thing more important than health and nutrition in a breakfast is taste and appearance, especially if we’re eating out of a box that has a

The Game Of Thrones fever is all over social media and popular culture. Ever since the pilot episode of the seventh season has been aired there has been an overwhelming does of GOT-themed food menus, themed bars, and whatnots. But

Drinking tea is one of the many things that brings people together. Unless, of course you like your caffeine stronger in the morning (read, coffee). The beverage with its umpteen number of variety is a favorite among many households and

We’ve had a fair bunch of photo identification quizzes, but there is nothing quite as fun as looking at a picture and guessing the answer to that question. Basically, we aren’t going to stop throwing picture quizzes at you for

Have you ever done something a certain way all your life and then suddenly find out that all your life you’ve lived a lie? Like the time you thought the samosa was Indian, or that time you thought you knew

The week gone by saw some fun food, ice cream, and beverage-related opinion polls that had a hint of technology as well. The polls included quite a contrast in terms of topics and a lot of choices including a basic

Khichdi is a common Indian recipe that is made by pressure-cooking rice and dal (lentil) together with mild spices. The dish sees a number of variations across different Indian regions, with the most commonly eaten being the classic moong dal

It’s the age of smartphones, and if it looks good and has a great camera, it sells. And if a renowned tech giantengraved it’s name on the gadget then it’s a sure shot bestseller. Amid a sea of extra competitive

We have learnt quite a lot about the ills and goods of kicking off the day with caffeine, or just tea and coffee in general. For example, coffee can prevent your teeth from staining and reduces the chances of having a

Ice Cream giant Häagen-Dazs recently wowed the world with a range of potent boozy gelatos, but the brand has gone on to delight us further with four additional flavours that are – wait for it – dairy free! Yep, all

Maintaining the freshness and taste of half-cut fruits or cutting open one at just the right time is vital. For example, a fruit may look gorgeous on the outside but pose the risk of being as raw as dough on

With a production of over 350,000 tonnes annually, it is safe to say that Nutella is probably the most widely consumed chocolate spread in the market. The chocolate-hazelnut condiment, which can be eaten in so many ways, has made quite

Do you also have trouble gulping dinner without a sip of your favourite soda? Are you also a part of the soda-is-the-best-hangover-cure army? Is it true that for you the only thing that should sparkle is water? Well, then you

If you are ardent follower of all that’s happening in the F&B and culinary sphere globally, then chances are high that you know your celebrity chefs well, too. But just how well do you know them? Do you know what

Did you know Long Island Iced Tea does not have any tea in it? And a martini made with tequila is called a tequini? Or that Irish coffee ain’t just good ol’ coffee? And also that “whiskey” is used to