Indian Salad Recipes

Salads are amongst the many accompaniments one can find with an Indian meal. One can prepare salad with anything – fresh vegetables, canned vegetables, fruits, eggs and seafood. Here we have provided few salad recipes. Serve salads with an Indian spread or as starters.

Fajita is a popular Mexican dish that consists of grilled meat usually served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla. As is true with most Tex-Mex dishes, fajita too scores high on spices, peppers, and strong flavours. The

I threw this salad together last week took pictures of it and was requested to post the recipe -Vary this easy fruit salad with whatever fruits you can find in the shops. Tropical fruits make a nice addition too such as mango, passion fruit or even persimmon or dragon fruit.

This is a simple and delicious salad made from tuna. It is a great lunch dish item.

Print Recipe Layered Vegetarian Taco Salad Recipe A lot of taco salads I see in restaurants just seem to be glorified burrito bowls — heavy on starches and shy on vegetables. How about a taco salad that really celebrates an

Print Recipe Raw Mango Salad Recipe Peeled raw mangoes tossed with brown sugar, lemon juice and chilies transforms into a spicy, tangy salad that is unique in every respect. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 15

Print Recipe CANTALOUPE, STRAWBERRIES, and Grapes with White Wine and Mint This recipe was born out of leftovers—a half cantaloupe, a handful of strawberries, some grapes—not enough in themselves to feed a family, but combine them and you have a

It’s a great weekend, the weather is great, the sun is out and we want some salad. Not just any regular salad though. (Unless you do, then click here: And not one with vegetables. Not today. We’re going to make

Egg Salad Recipe

Print Recipe Egg-tastic Meet Mr Easy’s Egg Salad. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 2 Tablespoons Butter softened2 Tablespoons minced celery1 Tablespoons Mayo1 teaspoon grated onion1 teaspoon sugar1/2 teaspoon Lemon juice1/4 teaspoon Salt1/8 teaspoon