Google has all the answers. But do its employees?  Ray Kurzweil, director of Google engineering, eats ultra healthy and pops 100 pills- a day. Yes, absolutely, like all of us do.  He believes that by eating healthy and taking supplements

So you’ve lost that weight. Your body fat is at a minimum and you feel fantastic. But hold on, you need to ton up a bit, don’t you think? You probably have and you’re lifting weights, focusing on your core

Easily available and easy to cook, chicken is many a meat eaters favorite protein. While there’s nothing quite as satisfying as biting into a leg of deep-fried chicken, an equally delicious option is grilled chicken. Grilled chicken promises to tantalise

We love our pets. They are the sunshine in our lives. Unconditionally loving, constantly there, so much so that we have heard more than one pet owner say – that if they could date their pet, they would! At the

In the afternoons, when you have a stack of unfinished work, your eyes sag downward and within seconds you catnap like nobody’s business. Any individual will be quick to agree to this point. All that work has horribly disturbed your

It is not the closet monster but the carbohydrate monster that you should be fretting about. There is only so much you can do to shed those calories and exercising is the worst. These hacks will give a good insight

We have all heard the phrase – ‘An Apple a day keeps the doctor away’. What we don’t know is that this is actually derived from the English proverb –  “An apple before going to bed keeps the doctor from

World Health Day, sounds magnificent. But as I woke up today, grabbed a a cup of sugary cereal for breakfast, gulped down some canned berry juice and rushed out of home, it sure didn’t sound like it. You may understand

It’s been a week after your new exercise routine and you’re feeling fantastic. The pain in your legs, the tiredness, everything is worth it if you get on that scale and you’re a few kilograms lesser.  But then, something happens.

There’s something about that ice cream sitting there, in that cone and staring at you that will just melt your heart even in the scorching heat. One glance and you’re a goner. But sadly, as science generally bites you in

We all know that one night when everything jumps on the wagon. Reports due, meetings to prepare for, exams, speeches, presentations and the list goes on. What’s keeping you up at night? It sure as anything isn’t what you’re working

One does not simply love food for all its grease and unhealthy ingredients. Even health food is delicious. Now, I may not have a particular interest in health food but I have friends who are and it gets a tad

Hablife from The Hablis Hotel, Chennai, is proud to organise an event on Breast Cancer Awareness in the city. The event will feature a panel of experts and best of all, Milind Soman, on Breast Cancer Awareness; followed by lunch

Because of their ‘Cholesterol’ label, these poor, oval shaped, white-bodies, have been pushed away by many. Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten how much good they can do for us. So stop shying away from eggs. Sure, there’s a lot

From early birds to night owls, we can all agree that when we finally lay our heads on the pillow we’d like to actually go to sleep, thank you. Nothing is more annoying than insomnia, and evidence is piling up

Food is so good. When you’re down, a chocolate mousse will lift you up. When you’re happy, you celebrate with fancy food like sushi. When you’re out with friends you snack on fries and burgers. I mean, food is always

We’ve all had our parents tell us to chomp on carrots to keep our eyes healthy- Heck, that’s why Bugs Bunny chewed on a carrot- we were told. So is that all we need? Of course, carrots do help eyesight.

Brocco- Waka.  Broccoli. There’s something about saying ‘broccoli’ that pushes that plate away automatically. We don’t know what this little tree like vegetable did wrong, but let’s just say it doesn’t have big fans. So we sat down with this

Tell a health nut you are trying to lose weight and the first things he or she would tell you is “Control your diet”, you ask them how and they tell you “Cut Carbs”. And then you are stuck with

Soda, chocolates, acidic foods, oily chips, etc all cause our teeth to lose their colour over time. You may brush your teeth twice a day as your dentist recommends. But are you sure that’s enough? Of course it isn’t because