Print Recipe Fruity Gummy Yum Absolutely addictive gummy candy that won’t allow you to pick up any more from the store. Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1 cup Water dividedcup ½ gelatin powder

Don’t we all look forward to a good night’s sleep? Puffy clouds, sheep and rainbows? But sometimes, sleep just won’t let you have it. You’ll find yourself buying sheep, drawing clouds and painting rainbows, but Nu-uh. Nothing helps. But what

Yello, Here’s a Marshmallow. Hold your horses. We’ll start from the top (of the marshmallow, yes).  For years, sap from the sap from the marshmallow plant has been used to treat colds. Yes, we said ‘marshmallow plant’. No, don’t head

Pour out a glass of your favourite wine. Yes, red would be great. Sip at it while you read what’s going to change everything you know. Everything.  The University of Alberta (Bless them) has just told us that drinking a

Dark chocolate is healthy, sexy and classy, but what it is not is ‘milky’. So why is milk hanging out with it?  Dark chocolate snobs, grab a seat. This could be heartbreaking. The FDA has confirmed that several brands of

Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease striking when least expected and affecting the lives of some and their loved ones in ways that’s difficult to comprehend. If there is any way to prevent such distress, why not right? Especially if it’s

We love eating outside. Trying out new dishes, new restaurants, the latest fad in health, the newest cuisine in town- we do it all. We outsource our dietary needs as much as we can. But then along with this comes

The Cooking Lab’s Modernist Cuisine App of 2015 For the tech-noobs, the Modernist app is based on the Modernist Cuisine book, only it’s way better. Like try way, way better. At 1,683 photos, 416 recipes, a recipe index arranged by level

A bottle of wine a day keeps the bottle away. Wait wasn’t there something about an apple? We aren’t really sure but new studies have shown that a bottle of wine is actually good for you. This video by DNews

We’re staunch supporters of the “Feed a cold” movement While you’re probably thinking this article is a waste of time, “I can barely blink without sneezing” and food doesn’t sound happy to me just now; we’re here to tell you

Print Recipe Sweet, healthy and happy Hello, meet the happy salad. It’s easy, crunchy and mark my words when I say, you will love the roasted sweet potato! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients

Kale was the celebrity vegetable of last year, and we went through dozens and hundreds of recipes with kale. Haven’t you ever been confused when you have read ‘now massage the kale’ in a kale recipe? Don’t worry, we have

We have a new favorite fruit –Grapefruit. Why you may ask? Well it saves us from buying new jeans because our old ones don’t fit around the waist. Yes you guessed it right. Grapefruits are great for losing weight. They

Pinterest is the new tech hottie in town. We are scrambling to ‘Pin it’ on our boards. We like to pin everything from must-haves for our wardrobes to recipes we cannot wait to try. And Pinterest is overflowing with recipes

Soylent is way behind on their schedule. The unprecedented amount of orders for the famous food substitute has caused most of its customers to wait up to three months before they receive their ‘yummy’ box of Soylent. Now they have

It’s winter time and most allergies, especially respiratory ones like asthma and bronchitis, seem to get worse. But fear not, as much as foods can cause allergies, some of them can protect you as well. Here are 7 food items

We all love our granola bars don’t we? They are the perfect on-the-go, healthy, mess-free snacks. What more? They can be used for just about any situation. Be it a post-workout snack or something to munch on while you stare

Yes, yes, everyone has been going crazy over this Kombucha. And why wouldn’t they right? It’s a fermented tea drink that is vibrant and revitalizing. It tastes great without any additional sugar or added preservatives or any of the stuff

Scientists are working on a pill for binge eating disorders. The pill in question is not new to us- it’s the one used to treat ADHD in children and adults. When participants took the drug every day for 14 weeks, half

When we go on a diet we try to cut down our consumption of sugar. Cakes, ice creams, pastries, aerated drinks-they all have to go. But what we didn’t think about was the sugar that is skulking in foods we