We read somewhere that “New Year Resolutions are the To-Do lists for the first week of January”. And that’s probably true for most resolutions. But ‘food resolutions’ people, come on, it’s time we take those serious (well, not so serious)

Watcha gonna do with all that Junk, all that Junk? Fast food chains like Taco Bell and McDonalds’ have taken a resolution that will make every’body’ happy some day.  “The demand for fresh and real is on the rise,” said

Are you tired of diets that leave you feeling bloated even though you are starving? Are you tired of cutting down on everything that remotely gives you any joy? Well DASH may just be the answer for you. U.S News

2% over Sports Drinks New study shows that milk is indeed the best post-workout drink. Even as a separate market exists for post-workout drinks specifically, milk rules. “Milk-based drinks are more effective rehydration options compared with traditional sports drinks,” says

The choice between the two comes down to a few milliseconds-a new study suggests. Researchers at Caltech decided to see how people would react to a choice between taste and health and got together 28 volunteers to do the same.

We have all been talking about eating healthy and eating right. And that’s great, but do we really know how many calories we unknowingly (or knowingly) ingest every day? These pictures will show you exactly what 200 calories look like

Last summer she served out Moose Cheese dogs, but right now Sarah Palin is about to make you choke on one of those.  Former VP candidate Sarah Palin is writing a book on fitness and self discipline. The book supposedly

Have you had a very ‘merry’ Christmas? “Last night was just too merry to handle. This morning that mug of de-caf just didn’t wake me up. That cab just wouldn’t stop for me. Breakfast on-the-go just didn’t say the right

Sleep less, eat CRAZY All of us have those pre-big-day-sleepless-nights. The mind wants to dream of the big day while the body is saying, ‘Ain’t no one got time for that.’ We know, we know. But could that be affecting

Big Beer Bath Have you ever been in a bar where the beer is so good you want to swim in it? Well, we won’t keep you waiting. Now you can do just that. Move over wine, champagne and bubble

Are you constantly trying to eat right and stay fit? Are you finding it hard to chew on carrots? Are boiled vegetables not your cup of tea? Here are 9 simple ways to eat healthy and tasty! 1.Make dips with

A tale of the Healthy Mexican India’s first of the Una Mas Mexican Chain of restaurants opened up in Chennai on the 27th of November. But they’re not your average Mexican fast food- not even your average ‘fast food’.  Fresh

Something about even saying “Avocado” feels healthy. We’ve taken the time to handpick some facts about the famous “Avocado” and serve them up ripe! 1. The Butter Fruit   Most parts of the world still refer to the avocado as

Wake up and smell the Cinnamon. Cinnamon is known to enhance the flavour and aroma of any dish that it’s thrown into. But what tastes nice isn’t good for you, right? Surprise, Surprise. Cinnamon does a world of good for

“Behind the tastes” In that sauce you had with your turkey sandwich, in the popcorn at the movie last night or the chips you’re snacking on right now; hides a tiny “white” lie that could make or break you. Salt:

Meet the Under Cover Super-Fruits These fruits with their humility just don’t give away their superiority. When you fast scroll and see what fruits we’re talking about you won’t believe us. But really, we did our homework. And well, what

A new research claims that Diabetes could be reversed if you follow a Vegan diet. “No drug comes close to offering those with diabetes this kind of relief.”- Dr. Neal Barnard, author of the study. A Vegan diet could also could

Workshop by Dr Aris Latham, Anna University, November 29th- 30th The Raw Food Miracle, Dr Aris Latham is in the city for the 42nd World Veg Fest. Also on his agenda are demonstrations at various places in the city including

“0 g Transfat” reads the label. So that’s healthy right? Trans fat is mostly not natural fat, it’s man made. To use technical lingo, it’s unsaturated fat that is naturally uncommon but created artificially. So who’s going around creating these?

Everybody’s calling in sick. If you haven’t already, stay safe, my friend. The flu is a mean thing. Drink and eat healthy and keep that immune system smiling! Try these and get the army ready.  1. Sweet Potatoes 2. Garlic