Calorie counting and food hygiene apps are popular with both iOS and Android users, and food has become the surprise hit of social networking, with Instagram accounts dedicated to food photography racking up thousands of followers. Tell us about it!

So you go to the grocery store. It’s the first day of your diet and you can’t wait to lose all that water weight, feel fit and healthy. But then what do you pick from the endless sea of grocery

Obesity is an age-old and widespread phenomenon. And as most of us have started leading a smarter lifestyle, looking fit and healthy is one of the major facets of our evolving lifestyle. To help us achieve that fit body, Hyderabad-based

The capital loves to gorge on samosa, chhole kulche and pretty much everything the street has to offer. But it’s time we started thinking twice before digging into a plate of our favourite momos or a crunch tangy pani puri.

Get your health freak on this Saturday at Church Street Social for a one-of-kind breakfast event.  The What:  This Saturday, Social Offline is hosting a CrossFit workout and then following it up with a healthy breakfast. Yes, you heard that

So the nation went bananas when this famous Bollywood diva hit 0 on the size chart and sizzled on the silverscreen in some mind-blowing bare essentials! Soon after, the limelight was stolen by celebs who lost a massive amount of

Chennai beats the heat, one smoothie at a time Chennai has always been quite well known for its blinding summers. Some of us keep ourselves indoors as much as possible and take solace in air conditioned rooms and offices all

No they aren’t going to help you try out complicated asanas but they will definitely give you enough energy for it! That’s the idea these sisters had back in 2014 after a particularly gruelling hike. How it all started: In

If you’re on a diet or trying to be on a diet like I am, right about now you feel those hunger pangs coming on. I’ll refrain from describing to you the myriad of dishes I wish and crave for

The brains behind it: Back in 2013, Karnataka cricketing ace, Robin Uthappa approached Qua Nutrition to help him with his struggling diet. Qua founders – Tapan Das and Ryan Fernando helped him get back in shape but realized that their

We had a chat with Mark A. Kastel  of the Cornucopia Institute, all the way from Cornucopia, Wisconsin. Partnering with consumers, the institute seeks to empower farmers by supporting ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food. We were inspired by his team’s efforts and

Chia seeds are tiny, black seeds native to South America that are a nutritional powerhouse. Wait, what? You haven’t heard of them? Have you no care for your health? Okay, we don’t mean to be obnoxious but seriously, you need

Water is literally the best nourishment for your body. Have you been at the receiving end of a condescending look by your doctor when you inform him that you don’t drink 3 litres of water a day? Well, we have.

You’re home at night working, watching TV or reading when suddenly a craving hits. Never mind that you’re not actually famished, you need food immediately. And, unfortunately, you’ll probably eat more than you should. According to new research from Brigham Young University, there’s

Of late we’ve been focusing on delivering some awesome smoothie recipes for all our readers to try. During summer smoothies are a great way to stay cool and energised even if the summer sun seems determined to drain all your

Starbucks is a special place for many of us, holding that tiny little corner in our hearts. For some us, it’s the first stop of the day, without which we are walking zombies wandering aimlessly through life. Yes, we drop

Print Recipe Oat-licious A delicious and healthy variation of the popular Bisi Bele Bath Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep Time 10 minutes Cook Time 20 minutes Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients IngredientsOnion – 1 medium sizeTomato –

If you thought you couldn’t go even a single day without consuming sugar, the 30 Day No Sugar Challenge will be the end of you. It’s advisable to not have more than what your body requires, but what happens if

There is a reason the minions are crazy about the banana. They not only taste wonderful but are also an excellent source of nutrients for your body. Here are five reasons why you should stick to this yummy fruit this

It’s hard juggling work, a social life, more work and family. It’s even harder to make sure you’re eating nutritious meals while you’re juggling – it’s so much easier to just cook yourself a packet of maggi, or eat a