Cajoling your young ones into eating greens and veggies that they don’t like is a battle fought by almost every parent on every continent during every meal time. Of course, the parents only have their child’s good health and best

Word is, there is a new plant-based diet that can ease your cardiovascular ailments. Actually, there’s more than just word, there is proof as well. Christened the ‘Portfolio Diet’, this eating plan, which was generated by Canadian researcher David J

In continuation to their ‘Food Mein Dalo Magic’ campaign, which encourages consumers to make everyday food magical, Dr. Oetker’s FunFoods recently launched its range of “Zer0Fat Dressings” that promise the same taste minus the calories.   Fat Mein Zero, Taste

An ideal lifestyle in which there are healthy meals, no alcohol and plenty of exercise, can help in reduction of cancer risk finds out a new study published in Cancer Research, the journal of the American Association for Cancer Research.

With the monsoon rain showering all over us, RAW Pressery is presenting to you an exciting range where we are dropping the monsoon greens directly into your mouth with nutritious iron, especially well for pre and post workout sessions, that

Looking out at a stuffy and supremely humid monsoon afternoon in Delhi, we can only imagine the wonders that a light summer breeze would do right now. That said, we’re far from missing that rejuvenating breeze because we’re currently enjoying

We’ve repetitively heard of calcium helping our bones become stronger and healthier. But did you know that protein is just as important for strong bones? The Tribune reports experts laying stress on the inclusion of protein-rich foods in the diet

Unhealthy food affects children worse than adults which makes it an absolute necessity that care needs to be taken when it comes to the food that kids consume. The American American Academy of Pediatrics has suggested parents and pediatricians to

A study has recently discovered that women who consume a high amount of fruits and vegetables have a reduced risk of breast cancer as compared to the women who don’t. This study was conducted by the researchers at Harvard T.H.

An ace football player on the field and a stunner off it, David Beckham has a portfolio full of ways to charm his fans. But the 43-year-old English athlete is all set to add yet another feather to his hat.

The yeast considered non-pathogenic and widely used in the food industry may be responsible for clinical yeast infections reveals a recent study conducted at the University College Dublin in Ireland. The study was published on Thursday and was led by

Of late, fish-eaters across various Indian states have been haunted by the term ‘formalin’ after a bunch of state governments banned the sale of fish due to the presence of formalin, an organic compound, in them. Following this reveal, sales

A recent study has concluded that though a small amount of caffeine intake did reduce a person’s consumption of breakfast by 10 percent, it did not have a daylong effect on the appetite. This study, published in the Journal of

For non-vegetarians, meat makes up for a major part of their diet, grocery list, and fridge contents. Whether you like fish, shellfish, poultry, or red meat, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to scoffing down meat, especially

Fresh and juicy fruits are essential to a hot summer or a humid monsoon. And this season, it’s the Chilean Kiwi that’s going to be all the rage in most Indian households. According to a report, the Chilean Fruit Exporters

Fruits and fresh greens are a great source of essential nutrients to keep our insides happy. A lot of these natural yummies are also excellent for nourishing our outsides in the form of scrubs, masks, and washes. A fact that

A recent study has found out the people who have an early dinner before 9 PM or eat at least two hours before bedtime have a reduced risk of prostrate and breast cancer. The risk is 20 percent less as

If there is one female Bollywood star who can be lauded for her immense discipline and hard work when it comes to staying fit, it’s Katrina Kaif. The Tiger Zinda Hai actor, who turns 35 today, has proved time and

Gone are the days when had to engage in a battle of words to make sure your child finished his/her food. Be it a simple home-cooked meal of greens, dal, and chapatti or lunch break tiffin, the younger ones –

Bone density takes a hit when a person is suffering from osteoporosis and they are at a great risk of bone fractures and disintegration. However, a Mediterranean diet could prevent this, is the latest find of a study conducted by