Karmiq, a premium food brand by Future Consumer Limited presents a special dry fruit gifting range. Karmiq is the 1st National Dry Fruit Brand in India that offers delicious & nutritious exotic dry nuts, flavoured nuts, dried berries and seed

Citing reasons such as “false health claims”, an open letter by health advocacy group, Nutrition Advocacy in Public Interest (NAPi), has urged Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, who is easily one of the most influential names in India, to step down as

Foods can be sub-divided under various nutrition-based categories like minerals, vitamins, and fibers, et al. Pretty basic. And while we all know generic facts like milk is calcium and meat is protein, can you really tell a source a vitamin

Some cartoons are hard to forget and while its still on television, kids relate a lot to The Powerpuff Girls. The episode in which they and the children of Townsville beat an alien invasion of broccoli is too good. They

The torrid summer months are upon us and while all the sunscreen and SPF can save our outsides from the harmful rays, dust, and heat, we also need to be mindful of what goes on inside our body. Here are

Come summer and we rush to the nearest fruit market in search of summer fruits to stock up our fridges and fruit bowls. Fruits are our go-to foods when summer comes knocking and fairly so. With their high water content,

Washington-dwellers, this Summer if you spot an fairly aged tannish-orange person doing his morning walks near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it might very well be Donald Trump. You see, 71 years after dining on junk food, meaty steaks, piles after heaps

Ace tennis player Sania Mirza recently featured in an advertisement by All India Poultry Development and Services Pvt Ltd (AIPDSPL) that boasted about the pros of including poultry meat in one’s diet. The ad went on to claim that the

To know the reason why we should eat whole-wheat bread, we must first start with what whole-wheat bread is and how it differs from the usual bread. A single wheat grain consists of three layers- the endosperm, germ, and bran.

With the UEFA Champions League looming around the corner (read: Sunday, 27th May, 12.15 AM-IST), it’s only fair to take a little peek at what goes on at the dinner table at one of the finest football players in the

After a post titled  “General public should stop purchasing eatables (especially fried) packed in newspapers from any vendor” went viral on Facebook recently, the dangers of food packaged in newspapers has come to light. Posted by the Pune Cantonment Board,

India’s food regulator, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has decided to take down the level of trans-fat found in edible oil even below the current permissible level of five percent. The plan, undertaken by the regulator is

Influencer, reality star, socialite, and social media queen, Kim Kardashian West is known to be on top of her fitness and body goals game. With fans following in her steps to that fab form, it is only fair of some

With heart diseases on a steady rise around the world, the United Nation’s World Health Organization has started an initiative named “Replace” a global campaign to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from food all over the world by 2023. This is

How far would you go for a chilled glass of Horlicks this summer? Would you make a record-breaking tall glass of the healthy drink? Because the kids at DAV Public School, East of Kailash, New Delhi did just that –

We worry a tad too much about what we eat. Not that we shouldn’t but after a point we need to stop and think whether our best friend’s neighbor’s aunt’s dietician’s diet tip actually makes sense. There is a diet

With an increasing desire to stay fit and look good, the Indian consumer is increasingly inching towards healthier eating options and paying more and more attention to what is being served to them. Taking this need to remain on top

If you are one among the crowd who orders a drink with the mandatory summer-time request of ‘with ice’, you might need to rethink your habit. That ice could very well be hiding something murky within its translucent depths, according

NatureFresh, the homegrown brand of Cargill’s food business in India, launched its new digital campaign ‘#AsliKhiladi’ with Delhi Daredevils, highlighting the importance of the homemaker, in the life of a family. The campaign emphasizes the homemaker’s active life and her ability to

The Hindi film industry’s current reigning queen, Deepika Padukone, recently created quite the buzz with her fiery red look at the 2018 Met Gala red carpet. The actress’ scarlet Prabal Gurung gown at the New York event received a bunch