Foods can be sub-divided under various nutrition-based categories like minerals, vitamins, and fibers, et al. Pretty basic. And while we all know generic facts like milk is calcium and meat is protein, can you really tell a source a vitamin

Not hot coffee or iced tea but a hot cup of tea can lower the risk of glaucoma as found by a recent study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology. Glaucoma is an eye condition which damages the optic

We all love to indulge once in a while but we need to remember that anything eaten in moderation and in balance with your overall diet is less likely to harm you. However it is best to stay away or

The WTO and Food Security, a book on food security authored by Sachin Kumar Sharma, associate professor of the Delhi-based Centre for WTO (World Trade Organisation) Studies, has become a best seller at the 11th ministerial conference held in Buenos

Just in case the dozens of campaigns and health ambassadors haven’t made it clear enough, processed sugar isn’t exactly a tonic for your health. That said, it is next to impossible to eliminate the food from your diet, which is

Recently, the most important meal of the day became a living nightmare for an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi student when he found a floating corpse of a rat in his mess food. The issue was broadcasted all over

The team of researchers at Stanford University maybe on the brink of a breakthrough for finding a cure to multiple food allergy in children. A report by the U.S. News says that the experts have found a way of treatment

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition says that daily consumption of cheese in moderate amounts might help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The effect on heart health came from the long-term consumption of cheese. You can

Sportspeople’s ways of dealing with boo-boos and aches is way different from ours. Case in point, Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn. An ace skier, Vonn doesn’t let any cut, scrape, or sprain put her down for she has the ultimate

A great way of including fruits and vegetables into your diet is via healthy smoothies and juices. While the latter boasts of the raw goodness of these fruits and veggies, the former is also easier to make and can be

Researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have discovered that the presence of high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the blood stream of children can lead to a reduced risk of asthma or rhinitis while growing up. The study published

There are six genes identified by the Mount Sinai researchers which are responsible for activating hundreds of other genes in kids resulting in many severe allergic reactions to peanuts. A previous research shows that a peanut allergy can be prevented

The quality of air in Delhi-NCR may be better than what it was a fortnight ago, it still isn’t good enough to qualify as clean, pure, or even healthy for the time being. In order to prevent further deterioration, the

While we all have our favourite foods for every season – even for the winters – it is always wise to know what the experts have to stay. Especially if the expert is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who’s two-penny worth

After strawberries being deemed as the new magic fruits, blueberries maintains its own star status. A research survey conducted on 2000 people has revealed that the drive for purchase of blueberries is due to the health factor associated with the

This week our hearts broke a little but and our envy rose a little as Prince Harry got engaged to long-time beau Meghan Markle and Markle came a step closer to officially becoming a princess Her Royal Highness, Princess Harry

It was found earlier this year that food can pick up germs in a second from the floor and now a study has recently found that it is not okay to eat food so much so as even touched by

Gluten free diet has become popular in the past few years and there are restaurants and eateries to cater to the customers who are on the diet. Though some of them might ask for a prescription first. It has been

According to the a recent study if we convert to organic farming globally and combine that with other factors like one-third reduction in animal-based food, lower amount of concentrated feed and lesser food waste, it can lead to a boost

According to a new study by the Brexel University, healthy food is brought and consumed in larger amount than junk food if it is lower in price that the latter. Salty and sugary snacks like chips and candies are preferred