People are generally advised to stay away from gum and candy because of the amount of sugar they contain. A recent study has also found that additives in chewing gum, candy and even bread can make the body more vulnerable

We already know that swapping white bread and rice with whole grains is better as it ensures a more fibre rich diet. Now, a study has found that including more whole grains n your diet can help you lose weight.

Coffee lovers are all too familiar with ‘caffeine crash’; that washed out feeling you get a couple of hours after downing strong coffee. The caffeine crash can be approached in two ways; either bear the symptoms for an uncomfortable while

You already know that it’s calorie, sodium and fat laden, but now there’s another reason to rethink the amount of fast food you eat. Recent research has found that fast food packaging contains chemicals which may be harmful for the

You may have been told time and time again that you shouldn’t skip breakfast if you’re trying to lose weight. Logically, it makes sense; if you’ve skipped breakfast you’ll be extra hungry as lunch time rolls around and therefore more

For a good two decades (1994 – 2014), Bihar’s Muzaffarpur region had been the epicenter of a mysterious neurological disorder, which has ended up claiming nearly 100 lives each year till 2014. But in a joint effort by scientists from

In the recent years, more and more people have been giving up red and possibly white meats in favour of seafood. They believe that fish is a healthier source of protein as it has less saturated fats and contains omega-3

In a recent study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, researchers suggested that pregnant women have a higher risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency if they are vegetarians or vegans. According to the study, a Vitamin B12

Food authorities and regulators in India have been immensely concerned about India’s eating habits of late. Recently, reports announced that the government is considering a proposal to implement a tax on unhealthy foods; called the ‘fat tax’. Additionally, the Union

According to a recent study,  eating healthy foods and snacks may help diabetes and HIV positive patients battle depression and stick to their medication routines. The Study Conducted by researchers from the University of California and Project Open Hand, the

Last week, there was a bit of a hullabaloo on the internet about how palm oil in Nutella might cause cancer. Now, the focus has shifted to the browned potatoes and bread you enjoy; according to the Food Standards Agency

There’s a lot of reasons you should chew your food well before you swallow. It can prevent you from choking on hard foods like chips or apples. It can help your stomach digest your food. It can help you better

She’s a former Bollywood heartthrob, currently a happily married mother-of-two and a dazzling diva, but most of all Neetu Kapoor (née Neetu Singh) is an evergreen artist. One who’s persona refuses to give away her age. And how! In a

Recently, the internet and Nutella consumers worldwide were all a flutter when reports began to emerge that palm oil, an ingredient in the delicious chocolate spread may cause cancer. Before you fly into a panic, however, take a few minutes

A few weeks ago, we told you about how, despite common conception, red meat may not actually be detrimental to heart health. However, a recent study also suggests that men who eat too much red meat have a higher risk

Do you enjoy nothing more than a spicy curry or a serving of chilli fried rice? Each time you enjoy spicy food, you may just be expanding your lifespan as well. According to a study conducted by researchers at the

There’s a long popular opinion that buffets are the bane of a diet regime; men and women simply cannot resist piling their plates high when presented with a banquet table full of food. A new study, however, has suggested that

There have been multiple studies which have explored the benefit of the Mediterranean diet; one found that pasta may help you retain a low BMI, while another found that the fats in the Mediterranean diet are vastly beneficial to the

Many people on diets shy away from carbohydrates believing that a low carb diet will help with weight loss. However, a recent study has found that carbohydrates high in resistant starch may actually increase satiety, help check blood sugar and

It might sound strange, and it might also sound a little bizarre, but a new study issued by the National Institute of Health (NIH) says that to avoid developing peanut allergies, it’s best to just feed infants peanuts. One of