Recently, the internet and Nutella consumers worldwide were all a flutter when reports began to emerge that palm oil, an ingredient in the delicious chocolate spread may cause cancer. Before you fly into a panic, however, take a few minutes

A few weeks ago, we told you about how, despite common conception, red meat may not actually be detrimental to heart health. However, a recent study also suggests that men who eat too much red meat have a higher risk

Do you enjoy nothing more than a spicy curry or a serving of chilli fried rice? Each time you enjoy spicy food, you may just be expanding your lifespan as well. According to a study conducted by researchers at the

There’s a long popular opinion that buffets are the bane of a diet regime; men and women simply cannot resist piling their plates high when presented with a banquet table full of food. A new study, however, has suggested that

There have been multiple studies which have explored the benefit of the Mediterranean diet; one found that pasta may help you retain a low BMI, while another found that the fats in the Mediterranean diet are vastly beneficial to the

Many people on diets shy away from carbohydrates believing that a low carb diet will help with weight loss. However, a recent study has found that carbohydrates high in resistant starch may actually increase satiety, help check blood sugar and

It might sound strange, and it might also sound a little bizarre, but a new study issued by the National Institute of Health (NIH) says that to avoid developing peanut allergies, it’s best to just feed infants peanuts. One of

Many dog owners prefer feeding their pets canned food over homemade food; its typically cheaper, less time consuming and altogether more convenient. However, a recent study has found that a canned food diet may be exposing your dog to the

There’s been a lot of focus on heart healthy foods of late, understandable considering the amount of people around the world who suffer from heart disease. While omega-3 rich fish, nuts and berries have long been accepted as heart healthy

Last week, we discussed how eating processed meats like bacon and sausages can play a role in aggravating asthma attacks and symptoms. This week, we turn the focus to fast food; a recent study has suggest that individuals who eat

Diabetes can happen to anyone at any time in their lives. It’s a serious health condition that can worsen over time if not treated properly. Simply put, diabetes is what happens when there is high levels of glucose in the

Many studies and health professionals point to the dangers of processed meats which include bacon, sausages, salami and hot dogs. A higher intake of processed meats has been linked with a susceptibility to heart disease, high blood pressure and bowel

We’ve heard time and time again that red meat is bad for us; compounds in it have been found to thicken the blood vessels, increase the risk of stomach and colon cancer and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

We worry a tad too much about what we eat. Not that we shouldn’t but after a point we need to stop and think whether our best friend’s neighbor’s aunt’s dietician’s diet tip actually makes sense.  There is a diet

A short walk down the designer lanes of Shahpur Jat, and a little further up Dada Jungi House was a solitary chalkboard gleefully boasting of what lay ahead of me – GREENR Café. A quick fleet of stairs later I

The gluten free diet has gained a lot of interest in the recent years. Many people choose to eat gluten-free foods to improve their digestive process; gluten is believed to cause disturbance in the digestive tract, causing cells in it

The year saw a number of cannabis-infused foods and drinks. Right from coffee pods to marijuana wine, a number of beverages too were on the “green” list. And just before 2016 comes to a close, the most recent drink to

As a foodie, you’re probably no stranger to eating contests. You favourite burger joint may have a wall of fame for people who can polish off their biggest burger in a specified time. Meanwhile, YouTube stars like Matt Stonie have

The week gone by saw an exciting variety of polls. From your most relished Oriental gravy/sauce to the 2017 food trend you’re most eagerly awaiting, there sure was a lot to pick from. So, how did your choices fare? Find

Forget the anti-wrinking creams and anti-ageing products that burn a hole in your pocket while claiming to keep your skin young and healthy. Instead try incorporating these food types in your daily diet and retain the natural glow of your