Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has had a long standing connect with meat – what with his byson-eating stint in The Revenant – but he sure wants to put his money where the greens are. Food start-up Beyond Meat recently

No, that was not a click-bait title. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez really doesn’t like to hit the gym and yet somehow manages to look like the way she does! During a recent interview in Dubai, the Judwaa 2 actress revealed her

According to a recent study, mice were given broccoli to eat along with the regular diet and they were able to bear many digestive issues like leaky gut and colitis as compared to mice who weren’t given broccoli to eat.

According to recent reports, Japanese researchers have found a way to engineer hens to lay eggs that contain life-saving drugs, those that can even fight cancer. According to reports by the scientists are trying their best to reduce cost

The market – and its consumers – right now is big on healthy snacking and foods that are higher on taste and nourishment than they are on the calorie charts. Joining this fleet of wholesome snacking options is ‘Kari Kari’,

Researchers are trying to find the right kind of additives to be added to soil so that the vegetables grown in it does not harm humans. But how can soil be toxic? It can be according to reports by Science

By changing the bacteria in the gut, black tea may be able to stimulate weight loss and provide health benefits according to a recent research. This research by the University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences (UCLA) is published

Chef Jamie Oliver has been a proponent of children’s health for a long time. The chef has spoken about child obesity and their sugar consumption on various occasions and on one such recent event, Oliver urged companies and authorities to

We always strive to balance out our diets, trying to eat right and get all the nutrients. But at times it might have struck you that which nutrients do we really need to fulfil our everyday requirements. Well And Good

Kicking back with a cup of coffee is a major hack that people use to wake up from slumber, cure a hangover or at least keep the fatigue at bay till the work hours are done with. But it’s always

Milk is one of the best ways to complete your nutritional needs but which one to pick from. If the answer is cow milk then what about those who are lactose intolerant? Well and Good took the expertise of Gillean

Unhealthy eating and being vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is as common in today’s date as is ordering food online. And as per data collected by health and fitness app HealthifyMe, Delhi has the highest heart related risks due to

Dussehra is the time of the year when good triumphs over evil and the Navaratri celebrations come to an end. Here are six detox recipes that you can make on Dussehra to wash down all the delicious food you’ve had

Naturally produce milk from cows is a great source of iodine and if consumed on daily basis, can contribute significantly for our daily consumption of the mineral. Milk alternatives however, can cause iodine deficiency as shown in a recent study

In yet another shocking post that has gone viral on social media, an engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi has shared a picture of his hostel food with the corpse of a dead rat floating in

A few weeks back Manforce had us reaching out for some cold water and talcum powder when they announced their notorious pickle-flavoured contraceptives called ‘achaari masti’. And just in case you thought you couldn’t squirm any further, think again. Malaysian

It is a well-established fact that cravings that pay us a visit during the late night hours are a common and frequent occurrence. But seldom are these pangs of untimely hunger greeted with anything other cereal, instant noodle, or other

Scientists at Penn State conducted a study on pigs revealed that a diet full of colourful fruits and vegetables might help prevent colon cancer. “What we are learning is that food is a double-edge sword — it may promote disease,

Updated on 14 September, 2017 The Jubilant FoodWorks’s team has probed into the matter and assuring consumers about the hygiene and safety of Domino’s foods, it added “a comprehensive inspection across vendors & stores” had been carried, the company said

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