To prevent crime at all the places such as homes, banks, offices, CCTV Cameras are become necessity. Today, the technology has reached so far that we can find different types of cameras for different purposes. Likewise, there are the types

Week days are busy, with everyone running off to work, school or college. When we get home in the evening, all we crave for is a hot, fresh meal. But who has the strength or motivation to cook a full-

It’s that time of the year again when you have to avoid non-vegetarian food and food cooked with onions and garlic. The diet might seem a bit trying, but hold on, you’re almost at the end! And meanwhile, we’ve got

The famed Bar Stock Exchange forays into the Central suburbs with an outpost in Deonar, Chembur. Taking over from erstwhile N Bar & Grill, this casual diner sports a cosy ambiance with great drinks which it is popular for and

Nook – the signature all-day dining restaurant at Aloft New Delhi Aerocity, introduces a brilliant blend of regional and exotic specialities that will take you on a gastronomic sojourn! The unique experience offers exquisite delicacies infused with rich, authentic flavours

After a rip-roaring launch of pub Garage Inc. Public House, where some stimulating fusion cocktails like Boston Sour and the Burnt Carribean were served along with appetizing mini burgers, biryani, paneer tikka , we decided to check out the food

Crave to dig into some exotic desserts which not only taste divine but also look a million bucks? Look no further than Vanilla Miel’s artisanal gourmand treats of entrements, petit gateaux and tarts where art gets happily hitched to pastry.  One look

Traveling via train is arduous, but I prefer wheels over wings because you get to see the regional culture change along the way. Starting from the Khadiboli­-speaking Delhi, I’ve seen the language change to Bundeli and then to Bhojpuri till

Barbeque Nation Hospitality Limited has raised INR 80-90 crore in a pre-IPO stage funding from Alchemy Capital Management. The restaurant chain headquartered at Bengaluru is all set to raise INR 700 crore through its IPO (initial public offering). The firm

Online food-delivery startups are all set to loosen their purse strings to acquire customers and increase their market share. A range of food items are on huge discounts, be it snacks, desserts or main course dishes! FoodPanda has launched ‘The

A visit to the UK is pretty much the Holy Grail for David Bowie fans, you can go his birthplace in Brixton, or to the shrine erected at 23 Heddon Street in Mayfair where the album cover for The Rise and Fall

Serafina has built a reputation for showcasing North Italian Home-Style cuisine in a casual-art form, composed just as music in freestyle, imbued with passion and creativity. Serafina is already creating a buzz amongst the gourmands of the city as its

Tea-time cravings are the worst to handle. Especially when you are out with friends and if you happen to be the kind who keeps a tab on calories consumed, keep away your guilt pangs by visiting one of these restaurants

Masala Soda

INGREDIENTS Kokum sherbet – 2tsp. Crushed black peppercorns – a pinch Rock salt – ½ tsp. Lemon juice – 1tsp Crushed ice- As needed Chilled Drinking Soda – 1 cup Fresh Mint Leaves -For garnishing. DIRECTIONS 1. Combine the kokum

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“That is one of the best Dosa I had in my life” My wife kept telling me and wanted me to accompany her to the restaurant in Krishnagiri. After some contemplation finally on a weekend morning we decided to go

In more-than 25 years’ of my outing as a foodie, I have tasted all Indian and international cuisines. I mean almost and among the few that I have not eaten in a restaurant is Sindhi food. However lesser-known it may

My coffee-times (with heavily fried samosas/batata vadas) are not the same anymore…in fact my most looked-forward-to evening cuppa is in good company now with All Heart’s Super Seeded Crackers! As a weight conscious individual, my evening coffee-time cravings put me

With fast lives, you need everything quickly ready as you are always on the go. From morning to the time you go to bed, you are running here and there for one reason or another. You are so busy that

World Emoji Day was just yesterday, and we all know that food emojis make up an important part of texting (hello peach emoji)! Emojis are even getting a more inclusive makeover with the addition of red-headed emojis and the change