1.Vallonne Malbec Reserve A juicy floral-fruity red wine with intense berry-spice notes. The oak is gentle and never masks the fruit.  Again, this winery is paving the way for Malbec to become an Indian staple. 2.York Sparkling Cuvée Brut The

A popular Italian recipe, Pasta is made in a variety of sauces. In this recipe, the pasta is tossed in fresh cream with oregano seasoning and chilli flakes to make it more flavourful. Pair this delicious and creamy pasta with

Want to spread a smile across the face of your child or even niece or nephew for that matter? Pamper them by getting a pretty gift and throwing them a Children’s Day party by making these simple yet delicious recipes!

The famous chain Dr. Bubbles, the first to introduce the Taiwanese Bubble Tea in the country is spreading is business according to its recent press release. Founded in 2015, the brand has taken a big step forward by opening stores

Modular kitchens have become a key feature of every modern-day home. Apart from being efficient, modular kitchens are seen as an equally important part of the home from the design perspective. Hence, these are being designed to be in sync with the

The makers of tasty and delectable hand-crafted Indian snacks has partnered with filter coffee specialists Madras Coffee House that snack lovers can now buy their favourite Gulabs Khakhras at Madras Coffee House outlets.   A BITE OF RAJASTHAN This partnership also highlights the fact that Gulabs is the

The liquor market and the wine market in the recent decades has seen a drastic change in the taste for population in India loves to booze as more and more international brands are available with sizzling taste and quality to

Kerala Chicken curry, known for its rich flavour and a hint of extra spiciness, is a delicious choice for your chapati or rice. The various spices along with curry leaves lend the rich flavour to the gravy and is an

Is there anything more relaxing than a cup of tea after a tiring work session? This is such a refreshing beverage. Especially, in India it is hugely popular among people of all groups. In fact, India is one of the

A footage was captured of a local bar in The Ventura, California that shows that the claim to be haunted may not be a Halloween prank. The video was taken by the security camera of Cronies which is an old

Who said Halloween was just for kids? For this Halloween, all of us are going to wear our favourite costumes and enjoy some drinks while dancing to really great music. But thinking of where to go? Worry not, friend. We

Vegetables are an integral part of our food and we consume them in a number of ways. For pure vegetarians India is a heaven. India can boast for its innumerable varieties of tasty and nutritious vegetarian dishes. Indians like their

Halloween is just around the corner and restaurants are looking to cash in on one of the scariest holidays in America. Chipotle has really stepped it up with a $3 Boorito (mad pun) that revelers can enjoy post 3 pm

Do you have favorite dishes that you order at an Indian restaurant? You can cook them at home and enjoy that lively, spicy taste anytime you want. The recipes are relatively easy if you stock your kitchen with some essential

Sunday brunch is a great idea because you don’t need to wake up early and you certainly don’t need to cook for yourself. Blanco brings you the perfect brunch environment – a gorgeous rooftop and a buffet with a variety

Green coffee extract the extract of unroasted, green coffee beans, which is used as an ingredient in weight-loss products. There are many known brands producing green coffee. It is the best choice for weight loss and to stay healthy as well

Under the Clean Street Food Campaign of FSSAI, KFC will become the first restaurant to train 500 street food vendors in Chennai during the next five months. FINGER LICKING GOOD AND CLEAN “We consider food safety as a shared responsibility

Making a “happy meal” for customers a manager of one of the McDonald’s at Bronx sold cocaine with the fast food according to reports by NY Daily News. The news came to light on Wednesday when the 26-year old manager

Yumist, a food tech company in Delhi that competed against the likes of FoodPanda and Zomato has shut shop after claiming a dead end to a high burn business model. The company provided home-cooked meals starting at just Rs. 100.

Women of the film industry deserve accolades for their contribution to the industry! So, what’s  better than celebrating their achievements with a huge delicious cake! So, the French Loaf, Chennai’s favourite destination for sweets and cakes is once again back