For all of you who just need a reason to hop over to the nearest Nando’s and binge on some peri peri chicken, Nando’s Punjabi Bagh gave us the biggest incentive to overdose on the chicken and beer for their

Air India’s latest ploy to bring in more passengers to its international flights is by reinventing their menu for the business and first class segments. This change might have been pushed forwarded by the fact that Air India earns sixty-five

I don’t know. I don’t care.  I am not hungry. I don’t want that. What. Believe us or not, these are the names of the meals in the kid’s section of the menu. These extremely creative and hilarious names were inspired

1.KASHMIRI PULAO RECIPE This mild, delicious pulao is perfect for a hearty family lunch! 2.KARAHI GOSHT RECIPE Karahi Gosht is very popular recipe in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.Kadhai Gosht Recipe is a delicious and easy to make dish. 3.TABAK MAAZ

We never run out of doubts when it comes to the matter of food safety. But what is fiction and what is actual fact?  Mr Adam Hargrave, scientific officer of foodborne disease control at the UK government’s Food Standards Agency,

Now that monsoon is almost here, we need to be extra careful with the food that we consume. During the months of heavy rain, the moisture content in the air increases to extremely high levels, and along with it, various

Are you looking for a new place to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings? Here are four places that you could check out, and start a life long relationship with them. Brownie Heaven: If you are one of those people who

1.NUTELLA CREPE CAKE RECIPE The only thing better than a chocolate crepe is this amazingly delicious gluten-free nutella indulgence: nutella crepe cake! 2.NUTELLA MOUSSE RECIPE Decadent mousse that uses yummy, yummy Nutella! Cook time is chill time. 3.NUTELLA PANCAKES RECIPE

We all have that packet of potato chips or a box of chocolates tucked away for a really bad day. Columbia University psychiatrist, Drew Ramsey, MD, author of The Happiness Diet and Fifty Shades of Kale says that people soothe stress with foods,

After a heavy storm, you wake up in the morning to no power. Now, what about the food in the refrigerator, how long does it take for them to perish? And what about your frozen food? And the fish and meat in

Solution :  Relish is just added for extra flavour. Very often made with onions and sauce, relish is just a topping for hot dogs. Your hot dog can be absolutely plain, or you can smother it in ketchup and mustard,

KitKat has dropped something new, and you might want to sit down for this. Known worldwide as the Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon, this has a soft and chewy piece of chocolate cake inside the top layer. Yes, we know,  that’s

Have you ever come across a particular dish and wanted to know the recipe behind it? All of us have been there. And if you have watched HBO’s Silicon Valley, you would all the remember the hot dog and not

All of us immediately think of citrus fruits every time someone mentions vitamin C. Here is something else you should know. Strawberry is another main source of Vitamin C. One cup of strawberries provides 149 per cent of our daily

1.Kingfisher: Kingfisher is the top rated, most loved and leading beer brand of India despite strong competition from several local as well as International brands. What makes it so popular is the abundant malt and the light, refreshing taste. The

All of us are so used to grabbing a packet of frozen food item and just cooking up something in two or three minutes. These frozen items have integrated into our daily lives so much that our mornings would stop

Solution : Some say that pouring beer is an art, others say that it’s something that everyone can pick up on if they just try hard enough. Hopefully this method is easy to understand, so bear with us! Step 1.

1.Officer’s Choice: Hailed as the number 1 selling whiskey in India, this brand upturned Smirnoff Vodka to become the biggest-selling spirit in year 2015. With a record sales of more than 20 million cases annually, the Officer’s Choice brand has

1.PEPPERMINT CHEESECAKE RECIPE Looking for the best Christmas cheesecake recipe to make? This Peppermint Cheesecake is the best. 2.STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE MUFFINS RECIPE The Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins Recipe is a delicious and moist cake that you must make when you have

We understand fruit punches. We understand pickles. But Walmart just released Tropickles, and we are still not over it. Walmart did a good job of playing around with words, Tropickles, also known as  tropical-fruit-punch-flavored pickles, is nothing but your usual cucumber