Not all oils are made equal. Coconut oil has been blessed with all the benefits that make it the best oil of them all! It is a very versatile ingredient and can be used in everything  from cooking to salads

The news that there has been an increase in tax under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) for restaurants has been doing the rounds. The Tamil Nadu Hotels Association has called for a strike to protest this unfair increase on

We all enjoy the beer muscles that drinking can sometimes give us and often feel the need to showcase our talent whether it is on the dance floor or on the (impromptu) stage (aka your table). This is why karaoke

The summer holidays are almost here and you may have noticed that a lot of your friends are headed to Dubai, the UK or Singapore. Sure, they’re great placed for shopping and sight-seeing, but s survey by Cox& Kings has

They are undoubtedly the superheroes that even your resident superhero( your mum) looks to for advice. Age does after all come with wisdom and over the years your grandmothers have collected and stored tips and tricks that they use in

Summer is here and we’re all feeling the heat. To help you deal, Starbucks has launched some new drinks and has announced the return of #AwesomeThursdays performances which feature live artists at stores across India. Sip On Summer Treats Starbucks

To Bangalore’s socialites, wine, whiskey, and tea tastings are now so passe. Chocolate tastings are the new kid on the block and ready to give those other tastings a run for their money. Some of these elusive tastings are only

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and we all want our mumma’s to know that they are the best. However, we understand, sometimes the pressure of work is crushing and you feel like you have no time to get

I’ve known die hard carnivores come to Chennai and get converted to vegetarianism. That is not a fact. What is in fact true is that Chennai has been able to bring about a love for vegetarian food in most meat

We’re all aware of the rich food culture that is embedded in our country. However, do we really have the full extent of knowledge about our culinary traditions and how to protect them? This is exactly what Sunita Narain wanted

Patanjali is more often than not in the news on a daily basis. The last thing I wrote about was the Army canteen banning their Amla juice but they’ve been in the news most recently over their proposed chain of fast

Adyar has always been the place to go to when you want to have a good time. With its tree lined avenues and the beach nearby,it is lovely driving through the inner lanes of Adyar in the evening. Head out

Summer. That time in Chennai when the mercury goes on a trip and makes you feel like you will melt into a puddle at any moment. During this intense season it is very important that we make sure that we

1.CHOCOLATE SANDESH RECIPE chocolate sandesh recipe with step by step.Another delicious fudge from west bengal with a chocolaty variation. 2.BENGALI MOONG DAL KHICHDI RECIPE Bengali Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe is always made during durga puja festival. this khichdi is served

Here are 10 Best Bacon Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind. Try them once with our simple easy to make steps! 1.Bacon Wrapped Turkey Legs Recipe Perfect for someone who loves their meat! 2.McDonald’s Style Egg McMuffin Recipe One of

There are a number of machines spread in all the sectors of human life. In fact, the mankind is surrounded by the machines in a manner where a life is almost impossible without the help of a machine. However, with

To celebrate and promote its Happy Price Combos,McDonald’s has created anew anthem in a TVC created by Leo Burnett. The Happy Price Combo The Happy Price Combo, which allows customers to pair one beverage with one burger, wrap or side

In recent times, we’ve had coffee infused jeans and and weed infused coffee. But the trend of doing strange things with coffee is nowhere near the end; we now have clear coffee. ‘CLR CFF’ Clear coffee is exactly what it

Here are 10 Indian Bread Recipes that will melt your heart. Try them once with our simple easy to make steps! Akki Roti Recipe Akki roti is made with rice flour and is an everyday food from karnataka cuisine. It

We all know that food is life. However, this 8 year old took it to the next level. His act of bravery would put all of us adult foodies to shame. An eight-year-old boy drove himself and his four-year-old sister