India’s largest fresh fruit importer IG International in collaboration with Stemilt Growers, the leading North American pipfruit supplier has been successfully fulfilling the demand of organic produce in the country. This time, IG International decided to celebrate the arrival of

Fresh and juicy fruits are essential to a hot summer or a humid monsoon. And this season, it’s the Chilean Kiwi that’s going to be all the rage in most Indian households. According to a report, the Chilean Fruit Exporters

Fruits and fresh greens are a great source of essential nutrients to keep our insides happy. A lot of these natural yummies are also excellent for nourishing our outsides in the form of scrubs, masks, and washes. A fact that

‘Tis the season to eat mangoes tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la! To say that summers are synonymous with golden ripe mangoes (or even bright green raw and tangy ones) would be an understatement, but for the loss of a better superlative, we’d say it

Summer calls for a host of foods dedicated to keeping our body hydrated and well nourished as we slog through scorching days. And among a number of other fruits, fruity and vibrant berries make for a significant portion of this

After the Bharatiya Janata Party took over the Tripura State Governance a few weeks ago, the party is planning to implement a number of moves to up the Northeaster state’s fiscal condition, which is currently facing an INR 11,355.53 crore

Even though most of us have accepted Mango – especially Alphonso – as the “King Of Fruits”, the truth is that that’s false. The actual King of Fruits is the highly sought after and highly pungent smelling Durian. Such is

It has been established that mangoes are a widely loved fruit. And rightly so. The deliciously pulpy and sweet summer fruit tastes as amazing on its own as it does with other condiments like ice cream, milk, et al. Even

You know how we don’t realize something until another person points it out – like the plural of ‘beef’? Well, popular American musician Justin Timberlake recently introduced us to the possibility of ‘braspberry’, a whole new berry that is made

After strawberries being deemed as the new magic fruits, blueberries maintains its own star status. A research survey conducted on 2000 people has revealed that the drive for purchase of blueberries is due to the health factor associated with the

No, the design house hasn’t partnered up with a vegetable market. However, their latest collection, which draws inspiration from fresh greens, suggests otherwise. Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of high-end kitchen appliances and now they’re creating

Scientists have developed a new – and fortified – banana that can help prevent nutritional deficiencies and blindness in children. According to data, in a year about 300k children suffer blindness and another 650 to 700 thousand die as a

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Kunal Kapur was recently signed on as the new face of Stemlit Growers owned by fresh fruit importer, IG International. Kapur has been signed for a year to endorse the brand and also spread awareness regarding

Things are looking up for the “king of fruits” as following suit of the Banganapalle mango that recently got the GI tag, an Uttar Pradesh man upped the mango stakes with a new variety of the fruit, the ‘Yogi Mango’,

As kids we always pretended to talk on the “phone” using the most random objects like chocolate bars, toy phones, or our hands even! Unless of course, you were born in the 2000s in which case you probably got your

It’s summer, the mercury is soaring higher than our aspirations and the only thing that can really put us out of our sweaty misery are some nice ripe mangoes. A fruit Indian has absolutely no dearth of, whether it is

We live in a highly advanced age where almost everything we require to go about our daily lives is available either at a press of a smartphone button or a few miles away at some multi-aisled supermarket. Right from home

Importer of fresh fruits, IG International is now venturing into the exporting of fruits as well. So far, IG International has been involved in exports via third parties doing sizeable exports from India. But this is the first time that

It sort of is the season for strawberries, but mostly it’s just the season for great fruits. Whatever fruits you’re in the mood for, they’re going to be available in stores right now. That’s the awesome thing about summer (or

Have you ever eaten cashew nuts? Of course you have! Did you know that the nut grew on trees? You probably did. And finally, do you know what a cashew nut plant looks like? Maybe not. At least actor Matt