Food Safety

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Delhi Government’s Department of Food Safety is lacking in manpower with only 56 food inspectors doing the work of the sanctioned 273 inspectors. This means that the department is falling short of over 200 employs and that further implies that

Push-carts vendors around Secunderabad railway station are serving up a heightened risk to Public health. They serve foods like mutton biryani, chicken biryani, egg biryani, lemon rice, idli, dosa, tea and so on, which are lacked in quality. Reportedly, the foods are

Pune street food vendors are about to learn all about food safety and hygiene and to train them Coca-Cola India has launched a pilot project along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Maharashtra according to FnB News. Project Clean

Delhi has recently become one of the many cities to report a lapse in food quality control. Whether it is the food – more specifically, sugar and rice – we buy at our local grocer or the one we eat

We often take our health for granted when it comes to food safety. We rationalise our poor decisions by saying ‘it’s all in the mind’. Unfortunately for us, much of the time the regulations on food safety and hygiene aren’t

When it comes to food safety, we don’t want to take anything for granted. We assume that the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) have our backs and are doing the best they can to ensure a clean and