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Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all. Be sure to share a slice. Is your bread dry and has a coarse grain? Does the bread you just baked have dark streaks? Does it smell and taste of yeast?

It is dangerously hot out there. Go get yourself some ice cream. If you ever meet someone who doesn’t like ice cream, DO NOT TRUST THEM. Perhaps the greatest thing ever in the whole entire world, ice cream is impossible

Fluid, fruity and refreshing. You’re sure to be on this juice cleanse. A morning without orange juice is like a day without sunshine. But not all juices are the same. There’s normal juice- the juice that we all know and

My Love for Food

Well, one look at me and you will say, “khaate peete ghar ki hai” and honestly, am proud of it. Born in a family that lives to eat, food has always been passion, desire, and comfort. Every aspect of food

Finicky Eaters

My column Eating Out With Stars for, offered me vast insights into gourmet leanings and dining patterns of film and tv actors. i discovered the most popular cuisine among them was Oriental (Chinese or Thai to be more specific)

It’s April, and the air is redolent with the fragrance of delicate neem flowers. For a tree that’s so robust and the leaves and bark of which are supposed to have supreme anti-microbial and disease-repelling properties, the flowers are, surprisingly,

Icecreams of Chennai Most people see chennai as a place where the dosa and the sambar-vadai are king. But chennai also has an amzingly vibrant ice-cream market, and some of the best ice-cream shops are listed below. Amadora icecream- A

Food Insecurity Food insecurity is probably one of the biggest causes of death and loss than almost anything else. It causes disease, pain, fatigue, damge to the economy and is both a symptom and a cause of poverty. It has

Tuscana Pizzeria

Tuscana Pizzeria Tuscana pizzeria is probably one of the best pizzareas in chennai. Located on 3rd street, wallace garden road, it has an impressive menu and a great layout. The food has always been excllent and the srvice is prompt.

I am sure most of us love the sound of brunch. The idea of lounging at a Mediterranean-isqe set up with friends and family, casually sipping some Sangria accompanied by some delectable food, while the music playing softly in the

Off the Border

  It used to be known as Hotel Rahmath on the Kerala border, a simple, unpretentious roadside eatery, where the well-heeled rubbed shoulders with truck-drivers, where parathas were, quite simply, “barottas” and one had to shout to be heard during

Amdavadi Restraunt Ambdavadi is located in T. Nagar, on North Boags road. It has ambience that might appeal to most people but not to me personally. The food was outstanding, except maybe for the salads, which were a little bit

Amadora Ice-cream

Amadora Icecream Amadora icecream is located near Wallace Gardens, in an area with many ice-cream shops. But it is by far the best of all of them. When you enter, you are greeted by excellent ambience, and funny sentences on

Food Security in India Food insecurity is retreating fast in India. Poverty has decreased from 37.2% in 2004-2005 to 29.8% in 2009-2010.(c. The country’s economy grew by about 6.4% this year. But much remains to be done. 17.50% of

International Food Securtity Food Security is one of man’s oldest concerns. The first homo sapien farmers spiced and salted their meat to prevent decay. The ancient Harrpans used granaries to make sure that their agricultural produce was accesible whenever needed.


Tepenyaki Grill is a restraunt just above the benjarong restraunt. Both are located on TTK road in Alwarpet chennai. It’s a japanese restraunt, and it has excellent ambiance, with beautiful paper lamps hanging from the ceiling and long, polished tables.

The complexity in the layers of flavours of Indian curry is a symphony of taste. But to nail that curry- we all have our curry disaster stories. Here are all the tips you’ll ever need to make that lip smacking

What is Star Anise? Native to China and Vietnam, star anise is today grown almost exclusively in Southern China, Indo-China, and Japan. Star anise, Illicium verum, is sometimes called Chinese star anise. Star anise is not related to the common

This generation or that, when it comes to Chinese khana, it’s got takers from all ages! With eating out as a ‘pop-culture,’ you can bet on Chinese food at all times. Reasons – tasty, safe and not less than a

From early birds to night owls, we can all agree that when we finally lay our heads on the pillow we’d like to actually go to sleep, thank you. Nothing is more annoying than insomnia, and evidence is piling up