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Watching Lord Beerus and Whis from Dragon Ball Super downing plates of delicious Japanese food had me tempted to try some myself. So after a day’s worth of research on restaurants serving Japanese food, I decided to go with Teppan,

Where can I get my protein from? This question best suits to a vegetarian guy though non-vegetarian guy also need an adequate amount of protein, still they attain most of the protein from the sources like an egg. An egg

Babloo Litti Wala

Babloo Litti Wala is one stop shop to get pure Bihari Authetic Food Like Litti Chokha Roasted, Litti Chokha Fried, Sattu Paratha in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. Its very cheap and average cost per person is approx. Rs. 50/-. If you’re

Burmese Egg Masala

Burmese cuisine is inclined by the foods of three main neighbors( Thailand, India and China). EGG dishes are valued by the Burmese and are often eaten as light meals between the main meals of the day. The Best Way to

The Picture-perfect Kerala chicken kothu Parotta. A lick smacking recipe from South India. The Parottas are typically available as street food and in eateries across the south Indian States. First, The dough is crushed and beaten into thin layer sheets.

Nobody would have thought that a small idea of innovating flatbread with tomato toppings would take the world by rage. Packed in a square box, prepared in round shape and served in triangular slices, pizza remains the most intriguing food

Whenever we exchange the gifts to our loved ones on various occasions the gourmet hampers or any other confectionery items are often picked first as they are suitable for any person irrespective of their personality, taste, and style. But if

The chill in the air, the warm attire, are all set to welcome winter season and calling all foodilicious sweeth tooth people to charge up with celebration. Since winter is considered the best season to enjoy all type of the

Fish is another staple diet in countries like India. Especially people who live in the coastal region tend to eat more fish than the people living in rest of the parts of the country. But yes, coast region people are

I have seen most of the people do not enjoy the real or royal taste of the amazing liquor, whiskey. They add some ice cubes, cold drinks, and soda flavor also and ruin its taste. By adding these things they

Red Fork in Indiranagar, Bangalore has been on my must visit since a long time, and I finally made lunch plans for a lazy Sunday. The restaurant serves Parsi cuisine. The place gives a very homely vibe, with posters and

This is my story, the story of someone whose life changed because of food. I am Khusboo and i am gluten intolerant and living with this condition is extremely tough, this means carefully washing countertops, scrubbing the stove, the microwave,

In today’s on the run society, people rarely have time to sit down for proper meals. At the end of the day, grabbing an energy bar is always a wiser choice than hitting a nearby fast food joint. However, hyped

Diwali the festival of lights, Celebration and exchanging of Gifts, paints the entire nation in happiness and festive mood but it also brings up a big to-do-list making every one on toes. It is a festival of sharing love, care,

Well, Who doesn’t know about the picturesque and unique North-Eastern states of India? These seven small and stunning states- Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur. Meghalaya, Nagaland, Assam, and Tripura- boast the incredible natural beauty like nowhere else! These states have an

Loved the night.....went crazy dancing and good cocktails....stayed till it shut down......will surely come back soon Favourite hangout spot with friends to chill with a drink. :") Amazing DJ who plays pretty good Hindi songs too!

Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to astonish her on her birthday? Is this the main birthday for which you have been searching for since long? You can overwhelm her in the event that you go for

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the time to kindle up smiles on the faces of your loved ones. This Diwali gift them lip smacking variety of sweets and Chatpata Namkeen Snacks to make their Souls Happy with each bite. But

It is believed all around the world that our life is based on the zodiac sign we are. You must be curious to read this article after reading knowing its topic. Yes, this article is going to be very interesting,

Mumbai, also known as a city of foodies whether it be street food or restaurant food whether it be pizza or burger Mumbai has it all. Today we are going to have a look at Mumbai’s best pizzerias oh! There