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Do you have a unique recipe that gets great reviews from family and friends alike? Here’s your chance to exhibit your talent and show the magic of your hands. Haldiram’s Nagpur, the leading manufacturer of Indian snacks and sweets, is

Leading a wholesome life in this world is a significantly tedious task. We might try to set a daily habit but in some way the responsibilities and commitments put a halt on the healthy program forcing us to exert and

There are 2 major factors that can help to build strong bone: vitamin D and calcium. While Calcium strengthens structures of your teeth and bones, vitamin D boosts calcium absorption and bone development faster. They play a crucial role in

On lover’s day you like to celebrate with the best lovable cake that impresses your lover? If you are bored in ordering the square and circle shapes of  cakes  try the heart shapes of cakes which is now available in

  Indian People are famous in all over the world for their rich taste. Indian Cuisine is just phenomenal and this is why Indian people living in London, UK and even in other parts of the world never forget their

India is a country full of diversity and unique food and eating habits. The preferences and food tastes of each region carries its own uniqueness. The great thing about the diversity in Indian cuisine is that from North to South

This Navratri energized yourself with Khaochatpata.Com varat-upwas Falari Mixture Chevda range. Kahochatpata the online Namkeen and Sweet store indulges in delivering namkeen and sweet throughout the Country, announces discount coupons on their Varat Special farali range for Devotees on this

If it’s organic vegetables and fruits you are hooked on to, then this is the place to indulge your taste-buds happily. The American Joint existing already in BKC has an offshoot in Borivali now, to the delight of the western

Argan oil, also called liquid gold, found in a small area of Morocco, is produced from the argan tree’s nuts. In the past, this ingredient was majorly used by the Morocco’s Berber women, but now it is commonly used all

Dogs spoil their owners with endless amounts of love. And while Fido may like to play ball or go for a run, one thing will make your dog happier than all the others combined: food. Their tail wags, they bark

The MRS Research Store Global Rice Wine Market 2016-2022 report by Stanley Research represents an inclusive evaluation of the Rice Wine Market 2016-2022 and comprises considerable insights, historical data, facts, and statistical and industry-validated data of the global market. Additionally,

This may come at a surprise, but did you know the weeds in your background can have an impact on your health in a good way? Yes, these are the same weeds that often become a nuisance and soon end

The Good Girl Show had me obsessed with munching Thekua Today I watched the first episode of The Good Girl Show, Pooja a character from The Good Girl Show is a Bihari who brings a whole big jar of Thekua

Celebrate Holi with Shahi Durbar’s Thandai offerings. With laughter, excitement and lot’s of colors, you can enjoy your Thandai in the forms of Kulfi and Milkshakes. Thandai Kulfi starts at Rs. 60/- and Thandai Milkshake for Rs. 90/-. Contact Number

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you how to make a Veg. Sizzler. This recipe will make you the star to whomever you serve. Let’s start with the ingredients: • 2 cups mixed vegetables ( mushrooms, beans, peas

Lentil is a very popular food material in the world. Lentil is available worldwide so that people can buy it with ease from any food store, both in raw and canned forms. Today, let’s take a look and do these

You can also try: Method : 1st  1) Garlic naaan bread with cheese: Take haldiram’s nagpur garlic naan and thaw it as per instruction written on pack, cut it in 4 pcs and grate some cheese on top of it,

Most of us love the delicious and tasty bites of chocolates. When you are allowing yourself to enjoy the pleasure of eating something, it should be a healthy one! Dark chocolates are also identical with happiness. People who eat dark

The North West Frontier festival at the poolside restaurant of VITS Hotel in Saki Naka is must-visit for all kebab lovers for the melt-in-the-mouth delicacies. Chef Rehman Mujeebur, the famous chef who excels in NWF, Kashmiri, Mughlai, Awadhi, Hyderabadi &

What’s new and trending at Peshwa Pavilion, ITC Maratha’s round-the-clock restaurant? A spanking new menu, in keeping with their Responsible Luxury Culinary Initiatives, caters to not just pleasing the taste buds but also takes into consideration your well-being. Curated by