It is a major deal for celebrities and cricketers to land beverage endorsement and not just because they have the coolest campaigns but also because these tend to be more appreciated and in general have a wider consumer base as

Anaemia, or anemia, is a serious and fairly common health issue and to make sure that people suffering from the ailment do not miss out on their favourite instant noodles, Nestlé India launched iron fortified Maggi noodles today. The new

Amul and its creative team have always been on top of their current affairs game with their quirky and tongue-in-cheek print ads that are loaded with dollops of humour and pun. And despite some mean and truly savage (yet harmless)

We know that we’ve practically grown up on Good Day cookies (we even liked that butter flavour). Thankfully, Britannia has heard our prayers and are coming out with a new variety of Good Day cookies! No, this is not a

Ever felt an uncontrollable urge to snack on something crunchy (read fried) and crispy sans the ensuing feeling of utter gluttony and guilt? Well, join the club because we all have, at some point in our everyday life, wanted to

In a not so unexpected development, India is spreading awareness internationally in order to gain FDI for the food sector, and I can’t say that we’re not happy about it! Recently the Ministry of Food Processing Industries announced that New

In this blistering summer heat, everyone fancies a nice cool soft drink in order to keep their temperature down (even though they pointlessly dehydrate you). However, we (don’t tell me it’s just me) are also always looking for low-calorie drinks

We definitely would have preferred the Maggi scandal not happening but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love Nestle (seriously, if you don’t like Kit Kat you are weird). Recently Nestle India has decided to experiment with new ways to

Over the last couple of days, there have been doubts about how well Dabur India did during the last quarter. FMCG major Dabur India on Monday reported a rise of 5.3 per cent in its standalone net profit for the

We live in a highly advanced age where almost everything we require to go about our daily lives is available either at a press of a smartphone button or a few miles away at some multi-aisled supermarket. Right from home

In what appears to be something out a dystopian fantasy or a Charlie Chaplin movie (you take your pick) Future Supply Chain Solutions inaugurated an automated, high speed cross belt sortation technology, at its distribution centre in Mihan, Nagpur, the

The market for agricultural and milk products is huge in India. However, there does come a divide when you move south, with a whole different bunch of players in the arena as compared to the North. However, one popular South

Last week we asked you to identify some popular food and restaurants mascots, and spoke at length about the importance of visual imagery, advertising, and pictographic advertising. Sticking along those same lines, this week we take it a notch higher

These days, Amul has become synonymous with two things, dairy products (now, who can forget Real Milk. Real Ice Cream) and controversy. However, if all goes to plan they should be associated with something else in the future -fruits and vegetables!No,

I remember, when I was a kid, frantically struggling to make mayonnaise from scratch (yes, people did that). Whipping those eggs as fast as my small arms could move. Lucky for me (and my siblings), mayonnaise became a bit more

Curd is a staple of the Indian diet and is loved by all (If you don’t like curd, we can’t be friends!). Lucky for me, a couple of years ago curd on steroids finally became available in the subcontinent. AKA,

It has to be said that it’s no surprise that we were all heartbroken over the “small”matter of the excess amount of lead found in Maggi noodles (like come on is this the FBI or what?). We were also obviously

In the last couple of years, Patanjali Ayurved has become a household name. This is in part due to their ayurvedic products, and in part, due to the numerous times, they’ve been in the news since they sprung to the forefront in

Going by our previous quiz on ad commercials, you may think that we are big on marketing jingo and branding. But aren’t we all? And isn’t that the whole point of marketing a certain product – to make it an

While Madonna’s Vita Coco has been our go to replenishment after workouts, last year pop artist Beyoncé too put her money in a watermelon water startup called WTRMLN WTR. And now joining the league of extraordinarily talented women is Bollywood