If you are a huge fan of nut butters you might have wondered: which nut butter is healthier? While the price of almond butter is higher than peanut butter, does that mean it’s healthier? Let’s check it out:NUTRITIONPEANUT BUTTER: Both

Protein powder is a useful supplement to help you increase your protein intake, especially if you find hard to get enough of it. In addition to that, if you are in a weight loss plan, you want it to be

1.Eggs Are Low in Calories – One large egg contains about 78 calories. A meal consisting of 3 boiled eggs and vegetables contains only about 300 calories.2.Eggs Are Very Filling – Studies have repeatedly shown that egg meals increase fullness

Coffee vs. Green tea – which team are you? Personally, I am team both. Both have great health benefits in the right amounts. If you’re not great at metabolizing caffeine or coffee gives you jitters, I’d recommend going with green

It’s crazy to think that raisins are just dried grapes with super concentrated components. Have you guys ever thought about the differences or similarities between these two delicious fruits? Here they are, just in case you were wondering. SUGAR: When

Making low calorie, filling, nutrient-dense food as convenient as hitting the drive-thru is a knock-out fat loss strategy.Here are 3 great options:1.Eggs/egg white scramble with all the veggies you love. You can buy your peppers & onions finely diced &

1.Yoghurt With Sliced Bananas Nutrient Duo: Protein and Potassium. Combining the potassium found in bananas with high protein foods like yogurt (especially Greek yogurt) helps build muscle and replenish amino acids that are depleted during exercise. 3.Carrots and Creamy Hummus

Daily dietary fiber consumption is important because it helps promote regular bowel movements, helps control blood sugar, aids in satiation (fullness), optimizes gut + immune health (did you know they are connected ) and reduces the risk of cardiovascular-related complications.

Have you ever heard the theory that certain foods have a negative caloric effect, meaning they burn more calories during the digestive process than they contribute? (Celery and apples are often cited as examples). Turns out the negative calorie theory

Do you sweeten your yogurt yourself, or do you buy it pre-sweetened? Greek yogurt is not only a great source of nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D, B12, magnesium, & potassium, but it’s also a great way to get healthy

1.Bananas Contain Many Important Nutrients – Bananas are rich in fibre, antioxidants and several nutrients. A medium-sized banana has about 105 calories 2.Bananas Contain Nutrients That Moderate Blood Sugar Levels – Both pectin and resistant starch may moderate blood sugar

1.Lemons High in vitamin C, lemons and their lime green counterparts are fairly sour fruits. They don’t contain much sugar (only a gram or two per lemon or lime) and are the perfect addition to a glass of water to

MILK Milk chocolate is made when dry milk is added to sweetened chocolate, which means it contains more milk and less chocolate liquor (than dark chocolate). In fact, the major with milk chocolate is that the first two ingredients are

Here are some tips for busy individuals out there: 1.Chill your oatmeal Oatmeal doesn’t have to be served warm. Cook, then chill individual portions and stash them in the fridge in small containers you can grab, along with a spoon,

1. Harness the Power of Red Whether you choose red bell peppers, tomatoes, or beets, all of these healthy fruits and vegetables are positively packed with antioxidants such as vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C, manganese, and fibre, making them great

There are four types of oats – Steel Cut, Rolled, Quick Cooking and Instant oats. 1.Steel Cut These are the least processed oats. Steel cut oats come from the oat kernel and have simply been chopped into large pieces. They

1. Cutting out ALL sugar As for added sugar, even the strictest guidelines from the American Heart Association allow up to six teaspoons worth per day per woman. This means there’s still room for healthy indulgences like nutrient-rich dark chocolate which

Potassium is an essential mineral and electrolyte. It helps to regulate blood pressure, transport nutrients and supports healthy nerve and muscle function. Potassium isn’t produced naturally by the body so it’s important to incorporate a variety of these foods into

Bloating is the result of gas accumulating in your GI tract or when gut bacteria have a hard time breaking down certain foods. The most common are PODMAP foods, which are types of sugars & sugar alcohols for which our

  Walking into the Punjabi Dhaba Festival, you already feel like you’re in a Punjabi village (a very posh one, though). The organizers of the festival have really spared no efforts with making the ambience as detailed and festive as