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The food franchises are growing in Pakistan due to rise in incomes, more women coming into the workforce according to reports by Bloomberg. It also has to do with the fact that two-thirds of the population is less than 30-years

Our loyalty may lie with a particular food chain in general but it’s okay to flock over to a different restaurant for something that they’re better at. For example, a lot of times we may love a particular eatery for

Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt’s love for fast food is not unknown. Bolt surprised us all pleasantly when he shared a picture of himself gorging on 1000 chicken nuggets during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. And that fast food streak lives

It’s not a fancy caviar (of any kind), or a even gold-plated dessert sundae. Oprah Winfrey may be a millionaire but some of her food choices are a hundred percent relatable and real. According to Food & Wine, the media

Becoming popular comes with a fair share of ups and downs, and there are no exceptions even in the case of Pennywise, the infamous sewer clown, who has recently garnered a lot of fame in It. The movie adaptation of

McDonald’s India has been having a tough few weeks given the on-going row between the American parent company and its Indian joint partner Connaught Plaza Restaurants Limited, which looks after McDonald’s India’s outlets in north and east India. And while

A lot of our favourite TV and movie stars roughed it out in industries that were not quite as glamorous as the one they are in right now. And most of these celebrities tell us tales of their waiting days

So, Kingsman: The Golden Circe hit theatres today and we cannot keep calm even a tiny bit! (Do not pretend to understand what we mean unless you haven’t seen the first part. It’s not too late to watch it now,

The weekend that went by saw a massive star-studded gala in Los Angeles, a.k.a. the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which hosted and honoured a number of popular television stars. The awards ceremony was followed by one of 2017’s most

Updated on 14 September, 2017 The Jubilant FoodWorks’s team has probed into the matter and assuring consumers about the hygiene and safety of Domino’s foods, it added “a comprehensive inspection across vendors & stores” had been carried, the company said

What is the one thing you miss (or will miss) about your college? Not the classrooms, definitely not the lectures and not even the teachers – except for a few who helped you clear the exams or didn’t notice the

Earlier this week, the fast food-loving folk in North and East India were in a massive state of shock when the feud between Vikram Bakshi led Connaught Plaza Restaurants Limited (CPRL) and McDonald’s India resulted in a possible shut down

Updated on 22 August 2017 It sure is a dark day in the history of fast food in India as McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd (MIPL) has terminated its franchise agreement with Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd (CPRL). CPRL was responsible

We grew up with Happy Meals, birthday parties and McGrills at Ronald McDonald’s fast food crib. And just when we thought that the McAloo Tikki and McChicken were our SO, KFC came back to the country with a big bucket

Pizza, the answer to all our carb, fat, and gluten cravings rolled into one big delicious baked pie, has taken over the globe as a widely consumed snack. And with good read. The preparation brings together the best of so

Domino’s Pizza’s Indian wing has recently undergone some major change and we’re wondering whether you’ve noticed the same. The popular global pizza chain has revamped the way it makes its pizzas, almost as if having read our minds! How often

And we’re not even exaggerating. Just as we thought eccentric food trends had become passé, Taco Bell has gone ahead and rolled out an edible explosive. Move over naked chicken chips and star-shaped cheese, because the fast food joint is

Six fast food chains in the US had pledged to include healthier food options for children and a study recently found that while the options were included, they weren’t marketed well at the outlets. This resulted in kids still eating

Fast food can satiate our craving for unhealthy and greasy (yet totally delicious) grubs in a number of ways. From the good ol’ burger and fries combination to sumptuous wraps, there are so many options to pick from. Speaking of

When it comes to being a flawless and totally whack superhero, there ain’t no better actor than Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star has charmed us all with his wit, humour, and acting time and again. But did you know that