Fast Food

If you utter the words In-N-Out in a room full of Americans – especially West Coasters – you can expect a unanimous outpour of love for the brand followed by major mayhem to look for the nearest outlet. One person,

Popular American burger chain Carl’s Jr. is all set to pep up Gurgaon’s food front with a new outlet at One Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road. The global chain, which is operated by Cybiz BrightStar Restaurants Private Limited, which is

Fighting for the one you love is plain and simple human instinct. And this instinct that can span over materialistic belongings and non-living things that you deeply care for as well. A fact that Chrissy Teigen recently proved on Twitter

McDonald’s is having a fantastic year. Starting off, they teased their American fans that they were going to be launching something awesome and magical on January 26th and ever since then, the fast food giant has been releasing one magical

You know what would make a burger even better than it is right now? A fried egg. And Burger King France had the right idea about that too. They’ve been selling the “Egg Burger” at their outlets in France since

McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish may soon get another fishy partner on the menu. If an on-going trial goes well, then a number of McD outlets in California will be rolling out a snow carb sandwich. As Refinery29 reports, a franchisee in the

Valentine’s Day is the one day in the year when brands of all kinds can do pretty much whatever and anything they desire. Whether it’s about love or food or clothes or couple activities, there’s always something going on. Domino’s

McDonald’s in India has been known for creating really interesting and delicious versions of their burgers and introducing new things every now and then. Earlier this year, they introduced the various sizes of the Maharaja Mac with a mini-version called

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to have a traditional wedding with the usual kind of gifts, then this is just what you’re looking for. Who wants to get bed sheets and kitchen towels for their wedding

Two years ago, KFC Philippines introduced something absolutely revolutionary that it made us all wonder why we’d never thought of something like that before. The Chizza was basically a large piece of fried chicken topped with everything that a pizza

Drunk driving and the accidents – and worse, fatalities – caused by the same are an unfortunate yet common phenomenon around the globe. And while respective authorities and managements are doing their best to curb this problem, there are a

McDonald’s recently announced an all-new Oreo menu in Hong Kong complete with Oreo flavoured desserts, beverages, and snacks. Adding to their global image as the ultimate fast food mullah, McD announced a revolutionary Big Mac ATM, which is all set

Apart fro their ridiculously perfect chicken, the one thing that is associated with KFC is their popular imagery of their founding father Colonel Sanders. A number of actors have been roped in in the past to play the role of

How do you break away from clichéd quote-stamped, hand-in-hand, doing-things-together “relationship goals”? Cookbook author/model Chrissy Teigen and her partner-in-finger-slicing, musician John Legend have two words for you – KFC onesies. Recently, at a Hollywood pajama party hosted by actress Jessica

And now if you’re done laughing, can we talk serious? Delhi-NCR’s eastern shoulder, Noida, is infamous for a number of criminal controversies, notorious personalities, and most commonly snatching and armed robberies. The city is no stranger to loosing chains, mobile

Last year, we talked about how fast-food brands come to India and change their menus to suit the local tastes and flavours. But in the last week, McDonald’s took that quite literally. And people everywhere are extremely confused by this

Now that the FSSAI and NASVI have undertaken the task to redefine the street food scene of the Capital, it’s time authorities took it upon themselves to refine the hygiene and quality of food served at major fast food chains

Last year, the Kerala government decided to implement a ‘fat tax’ which meant that junk food and fast-food restaurants and outlets around the state were paying an extra tax for serving food that is usually more affordable. Now, Prime Minister

Following the countrywide demonetization drive, California based premium burger chain, Carl’s Jr. launches its ‘Muttonization’ drive to meat up your meals. The restaurant is rolling out its latest Big, Bold and Juicy Mutton burgers with 4 variants: Korma Mutton (INR

Taco Bell has been testing all kinds of great and innovative things that have been shocking Americans and the world into wanting everything they can get their hands on. They’ve already introduced Loaded Fries and Volcano Chicken Chips, but now