Fast Food

Despicable Me 3 hit theatres this month and the movie has had all the minion fans going bananas with Gru and the gang’s “criminal minds”. And now McDonald’s India will also join in the minion lovin’ with a whole range

Please allow our inner minion to squeal and dance in joy! Okay now that we’ve got that out, here’s the big news: McDonald’s Singapore has added a gorgeous new dessert to their dollar menu and it’s what every minion fan

The holy month of Ramadan though invigorating, can also sometimes be a little taxing simply because we tend to miss our favourite foods while fasting. And even though the Ramazan fast is anything but devoid of amazing noshes, there are

Our loyalty may lie with a particular food chain in general but it’s okay to flock over to a different restaurant for something that they’re better at. For example, a lot of times we may love a particular eatery for

Now that’s something I never though I’d write! It’s the 21st century and there have been enough advancement in science and technology that we can do quite a lot of thing on this planet and away from it. In fact,

We’ve seen a whole lot of crazy cakes, and by crazy we mean over the top innovative and ingeniously decked. From gorgeous gardens to spicy chicken wings, the world has decorated the baked dessert with pretty much every possible topping.

We can bet a box of classic glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts that you have at least once in your life enjoyed the deep fried ring of pastry dough, a.k.a., doughnuts. Are we right or are you kidding? Point being, doughnuts

We all know that the recipe for KFC’s legendary fried chicken is a top secret. We’ve also all seen the multiple memes created by alleged disgruntled employees claiming to out KFC’s secret recipe in FB posts. However, it seems as

Chicken nuggets were recently hot on social media after nugget kid Carter Wilkerson managed to create quite a stir around it. But if nuggets are all the rage, can nacho chips be far behind? Especially when it’s a nacho-nugget hybrid

Unless you have zero access to Twitter, the Internet, and social media in general (basically, if you’re living under a rock), you must have heard all the free nugget stir cause by 16-year-old Carter Wilkerson, who asked Wendy’s what it

Like any good human (read: semifunctional adult) I must have my coffee. Whether it’s to keep my eyelids partially open or in order to pretend my body is working while my brain is asleep, I definitely need caffeine. Don’t take

It’s the age of uncanny inventions and kitchen gadgets that you could probably do without but still are too curious to let go without using. For example, the banana slicer, the “roll n pour” (because why lift the jug right?),

We’ve all been at that point after a crazy night where we just crave some calorie filled junk food. We go to Empire if we must, but when I was younger, Taco Bell was a great option. Those hard shell

It seems that McDonald’s seems to be in the news almost every single day. Today, it’s because of their uniforms. Yes, you read that correctly, their uniforms. The McDonald’s uniform is pretty darned iconic. I mean, the red and yellow

For the first time, in a very long time, we have managed to one-up the United States of America (I mean, come on Obama was next level). Americans are finally getting a taste of the Zinger Burger (or as they

Around the world, McDonald’s has almost become synonymous with fast food. We all know exactly what we’re in for whenever we decide to go for a meal there. However, the fast food company is deciding to change things up a

Despite having a wide array of super foods at our disposal, fast foods and junk foods continue to be an integral part of our diet. And with brands like KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and many more feeding us

Pineapple on a pizza, or as it is more popularly called Hawaiian Pizza, has been a topic of debate for a long time. The subject has discussed and argued over quite a number of times, with Iceland’s president, Guðni Th.

While super foods and health foods are picking up pace, fast food chains too are mushrooming all over the globe. With outlets in hundreds of countries, these chains roll out everything right from donuts to salads to sandwiches. And despite

Remember Steve (played by Joe Keery) from Stranger Things? Yes, the guy who dated Nancy Wheeler and came off as complete bad news until a certain point towards the end of the show. Anyhoo, turns out Steve is as huge