Fast Food

Now that the FSSAI and NASVI have undertaken the task to redefine the street food scene of the Capital, it’s time authorities took it upon themselves to refine the hygiene and quality of food served at major fast food chains

Last year, the Kerala government decided to implement a ‘fat tax’ which meant that junk food and fast-food restaurants and outlets around the state were paying an extra tax for serving food that is usually more affordable. Now, Prime Minister

Following the countrywide demonetization drive, California based premium burger chain, Carl’s Jr. launches its ‘Muttonization’ drive to meat up your meals. The restaurant is rolling out its latest Big, Bold and Juicy Mutton burgers with 4 variants: Korma Mutton (INR

Taco Bell has been testing all kinds of great and innovative things that have been shocking Americans and the world into wanting everything they can get their hands on. They’ve already introduced Loaded Fries and Volcano Chicken Chips, but now

Much like Oreo, the fiery and uber spice Flamin’ Hot Cheetos too has seen its share of variations and experiments in the past few months. Starting from the gorgeous Cheetos quesadillas by Taco Bell Philippines, Burger King’s Cheetos chicken fries

American fast-food giant McDonald’s is selling a controlling stake of almost 80% in mainland China and Hong Kong franchise business to a consortium of Citic Group and the Carlyle Group for up to $2.8 billion, the companies announced today. In

Breakfast has always been such an important part of our lives and it’s important to start your day off with a meal that is absolutely delicious and perfectly made. And to help you do that, McDonald’s has launched a brand

We’ve seen a number of versions of what a perfect burger “must” look like. But is there really one set definition of ‘perfect’ in a sea of taste preferences? Which is probably why there are so many recipes revolving around

Domino’s has been on top of its innovation game for the past few months – both internationally and in the Indian market. While the pizza magnate has introduced a number of new and innovative ways of delivering pizza overseas, the

Remember ‘Napolean Dynamite’? Yes? No? Don’t worry we won’t judge you if you don’t. Okay, maybe a little. Anywho, Napolean Dynamite was 2004 comedy flick starring Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez. The movie revolved around a socially challenged teen, Napolean

Three years after the Indian launch of McCafe – the beverage side of the McDonald’s brand – the cafe finally arrives in Chennai. First opened in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia, McCafe came as a nice change from the usual options

The Big Mac is a big deal, in every way. It’s the one burger that defines McDonald’s and that kind of food. Fast food has been a growing industry for years and that’s not going to change any time soon.

2016 has been a year of many culinary concoctions,  yes we’re talking about all the crazy food mashups we’ve seen this year. Now jumping on board is the pizzadilla, proving that italian and mexican food are meant to be together!

The Australian Fast Food market has been seeing many innovative culinary creations, off late – remember the hamdog? Now, with halloween around the corner, restaurant Down N’ Out in Sydney, Australia, who came up with the original Pokémon burgers that

It’s quite true about the saying – There’s no such thing as bad publicity. And regardless of the company, there is always at least one prank or joke to fuel the social media fire. Off late, fast food chains have

Rawa Sheera, also known as Sooji ka Halwa, is a wonderful Indian dessert, which can be prepared in minutes. The sweet dish does not need much preparation in advance. With Haldirams special recipe, anyone can make lip-smacking Rawa Sheera. The

In the appalling case that you haven’t noticed, KFC has a new face every few years. Of course, Colonel Sanders is the constant one, but the food chain also picks up actors to portray Colonel Sanders. Previously, the Yum! Brands

Recently Doritos launched a range of black corn chips in Japan to commemorate the spook-laden Halloween month. And frankly, it was a refreshing change from all the pumpkin spice (no offense). Keeping the dark theme of October alive, artist Newt

So – as reported earlier – Domino’s one-upped its game by not only turning 100 per cent vegetarian, but has also introducing a special Navratra menu to pick from during the course of the nine festive days! As reported earlier,

From KFC’s Double Down sandwich, and Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos to Burger King’s Whopperito, and Pizza Hut’s grilled cheese- and hot dog-stuffed pizza crusts, we’ve heard of it all. These crazy combinations keep drawing curious diners who want to