Now that we’ve established the king of all tea-time biscuits, it’s time we get to know what kind of tea you like. Or rather, how you like to take your cup of relaxation. Now, before we go any further, let

We have learnt quite a lot about the ills and goods of kicking off the day with caffeine, or just tea and coffee in general. For example, coffee can prevent your teeth from staining and reduces the chances of having a

The atmosphere was brewing with excitement at The St. Regis Hotel Mumbai as one and all awaited to sip on a new, refreshing taste. And what a perfect time it was, for tea but only this time instead of the

When it comes to tea – or for that matter any kind of beverage with more than one ingredient like coffee, milkshakes, etc. – there are always various options that come tagged along with it. For example, what kind of

The hands of the clock divide the day up for an average human being, but for a hard-core desi (Indian), the activity that punctuates the day is our religious cups of tea, a.k.a. chai. It’s true; you can ask any

Is there anything more relaxing than a cup of tea after a tiring work session? This is such a refreshing beverage. Especially, in India it is hugely popular among people of all groups. In fact, India is one of the

By changing the bacteria in the gut, black tea may be able to stimulate weight loss and provide health benefits according to a recent research. This research by the University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences (UCLA) is published

Do you like green tea? If yes, then it is very essential for you to know about different green tea brands available in the market. Green tea offers special benefits on your health and thus it becomes a health tonic

Green Tea is all the rage right now – as is any food and drink that could help keep your body in the pink of health – and why shouldn’t it be? It’s been proven to be supremely healthy, can

Most of us just cannot imagine beginning the day without a good dose of caffeine – whether tea or coffee. And not just starting it, it helps us a lot of us to keep going through the day as well.

Drinking tea is one of the many things that brings people together. Unless, of course you like your caffeine stronger in the morning (read, coffee). The beverage with its umpteen number of variety is a favorite among many households and

Enid Blyton has enriched our childhood and thanks to her we’ll always yearn to solve some mysteries like the Secret Seven as well as eat the “Delumptious” food. In the first book Janet is shaking a bottle with some peculiar

It’s only May and the thermometer has already crossed the 40 degree mark. Yep, the mercury is rising at an alarming rate and though we are struggling to keep ourselves from having a heat flash, it is just the beginning

It may come as a surprise that the vast majority of tea exported India is dependent on foreign brands to sell their tea abroad. Bala Sarda, wondered why there was such a lack of Indian indigenous tea brands. He knew

There is so much excitement for the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast and rightfully so! With a cast like this, and a story that is as old as time, how can we all not be excited about

The Eveready Industries India (EIIL) board approved the company’s proposal to reorganise its packet tea business. The battery manufacturer has decided to ‘provide sharper focus’ for its packet tea operations in the country and chart out a higher growth trajectory.

Very recently, Starbucks India introduced Teavana teas into coffee shops around the country. But now, there’s something even bigger happening! Starbucks (internationally, at this point) is releasing bottled and ready-to-drink iced teas in four new Teavana flavours. In partnership with

This Valentine’s Day, skip the fancy desserts and cocktails and try something different. Teamonk Global, an online tea shop based in Bengaluru, has introduced a new flavour just in time for the special day of love. Azaya Rose Tea is

Vahdam Teas, an online tea brand, has secured $650K from angel investors Mumbai Angels Network, Fireside Ventures and Singapore Angel Network. With this round of funding, the company will look towards improvements in marketing, product development as well as opening

After an Indo-Australian Chai Wali made a prominent mark for herself as the tea Queen down under; a gorgeous chai wala (tea vendor) from Pakistan climbed his way up the fame ladder; and yet another former chai wala became the