What’s a morning without any coffee? Incomplete. Torture. Wrong. Not only is coffee an amazingly delicious beverage, but also the caffeine sure is one of the best things to happen to mankind. At least the chunk of mankind that needs

Over the past few months Starbucks has managed to portray itself as some kind of King Midas of cold brews and coffee beverages. Pretty much every food, flavour, and trend that the coffee giant that it touches becomes a whipped

If you thought that the hipster coffee trend had peaked with the avolatte (unfortunately) you would be sadly mistaken. We, the citizens of planet earth, have decided to mercilessly butcher a glorious vegetable – the carrot. We all know just how

Coffee is a vital part of anyone and everyone who’s day starts way before their mind and body start to function, that is, in the morning. The caffeinated drink though a major source of acid reflux is the reason why

We haven’t even completed six months of the New Year and there are already so many new food and drink trends to keep up with! From slightly overdone rainbow/unicorn food trend to some rather repulsive insect laden food making it

Coffee really is essential to life, as we all know. Sometimes in life when we don’t what to do or which way to go coffee gives us that extra boost to make it through. Sunday’s are really just pre-Monday so this coffee cocktail is just the kick you need to get you through the week. The best part? It’s easy as 1 2 3.

Starbucks’ Spring menu this year is nothing short of a dream. The coffee giant recently released a massive bunch of new drinks like the coconut cold brew, and breakfast items like their gluten free sandwich and organic avocado spread, but

Starbucks’ innovation train is not going to stop anytime soon. With a number of delicious and healthy additions like the organic avocado spread and gluten-free breakfast sandwich already upping the coffee giant’s ante, Starbucks has introduced us to yet another

They call it “death wish coffee”, the world’s strongest coffee made by Black Insomnia Coffee. The South African brand claims that it is the world’s strongest coffee and honestly, we won’t be surprised if it is. After all, it has

Proof that Spring is here? Starbucks is releasing new bottled coffee options that are going to be available in grocery stores. Just when you think that Starbucks has outdone itself, this reveal happens and you’re thrown for a loop because

The alcohol and coffee combinations are just getting started, so don’t look away yet. If you’re excited about the Jack Daniel’s whisky flavoured coffee, so are we. There’s also the wine infused coffee that is going to be making an

Starbucks has already been a step ahead of its competitors in the game. The coffee magnate has been consistent in delighting consumers with exciting new additions to its menu – the most recent additions being its ombre brews and the mason

Combining sweet and salty flavours is probably one of mankind’s biggest achievements in the food arena. What? You don’t think salted caramel, prosciutto-wrapped melon, and chocolate popcorns are downright awesome? And cashing in on our love for all combos sweet

Remember when we talked about Jack Daniels whiskey-flavoured coffee? Well, now there’s wine-infused coffee and the world is a happy place. Just the thought of drinking wine and coffee together is bound to put a smile on your face! This

With their latest video, McDonald’s UK is taking a hilarious poke at hipster coffee shops and watching the video, you’d totally understand why they’re focusing on it in the first place. It’s become quite the standard that hipster coffee shops

Last year Dunkin’ Donuts introduced a Cold Brew Coffee and it did so well. And thanks to that success, they’ve introduced a brand new cold coffee. “Sweet & Salted Cold Brew” is their latest offering and is only available for

A few years ago, there was a new addition to the world of coffee – bulletproof coffee. Which was basically coffee made with a knob of butter and a dash of oil mixed together. It made waves because of the

These days, a box of chocolate isn’t enough as a Valentine’s Day gift, upping the game is definitely more exciting. Starbucks is obviously your go-to place for a treat like this, and this year, they’ve re-released three of their famous

Just when you thought it was easy to order your coffee every morning and the routine of standing in line had just become totally normal to you, Starbucks has changed that completely. And don’t even lie and say that it

Sometimes you set out to make yourself one cup of coffee and end up with enough for four people, but you don’t really have four people to serve coffee and you only want one. Unless, of course, you are a