Just as much we love bringing you stories, the passion behind them inspires us to keep searching for more of these tales. One such tale is of Priyanka Save who looked at the abundant growth of the fruit Chikoo in

A serene rooftop bar encapsulated by the lush greens that can effortlessly transform into a chic party hub at nighttime is hard to find. But luckily for all those living in SoBo that shouldn’t be a problem for we have

1.Kingfisher PRICE : ₹130 FOR 650ML 2.ROYAL CHALLENGE PRICE : ₹760 FOR 750ML 3.BUDWEISER PRICE : ₹160 FOR 330ML 4.TUBORG PRICE : ₹140 FOR 650ML 5.CORONA PRICE : ₹270 FOR 330ML 6.HEINEKEN PRICE : ₹280 FOR 330ML 7. Royal Dutch

Delayed flights or a long layover? Do you need to find a place to catch a quick drink to unwind before you take off? Bangalore Airport has a great offer in store for all beer lovers to simply relax while

There are always days providing you great excuses to knock back a few beers, but the one truly celebration in the name of beer is officially celebrated on August 3, 2018. To celebrate International Beer Day, Roseate Hotels & Resorts

Mahou India, the first subsidiary of Spanish brewing major, Mahou Group to be established outside Spain, has launched its premium wheat beer – Mahou Maestra Wheat in Delhi NCR on Wednesday, 25th July 2018. This will be the first Spanish

The world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer, is loved for a number of reasons around the globe. Some like it for the flavor (s), some for the high, and there are some who have preferences based on

What if we told you that apart from being wild and exciting, there is going to be a lot more common things between your next night out and the Disney classic, The Lion King? Delhi, behold Simba Craft Beer. *Cue

The season is not looking up for beer-lovers in Delhi-NCR. First, the expired beer ruckus in the Capital and now enjoying a chilled pint at a nice bar in Gurgaon may cost you more than it did earlier. Due to

Always wondered what it would be like to hop on the beer bandwagon? Or are you a beer enthusiast but never quite got around to understanding what terms like ‘pilsner’, ‘hops’ or ‘cana’ mean? Well, whether you’re a rookie who

Every four years football fans across the globe ditch their nationality for one of the thirty-two that qualify for the FIFA World Cup. And no matter which country you are supporting this season, Café Out Of The Box has a

Don’t scoff and dismiss this question for you might be being served expired beer at your favorite bars, pubs, and restaurants in Delhi. And the Delhi government even has proof. During a series of surprise inspections carried out between August

The world’s kind of sort of running out of fresh drinkable water. *Cue intense music* with industries after households drying up sources, every other avenue to save the life-giving liquid is welcome. Even if that means making sewage drinkable. Wait,

It’s the 21st century and unless someone wants their social image to go for a big toss, they should tread rather carefully around topics such as sexism, racism, and gender equality, et al. However, as it turns out, Dutch beer

A snakebite is an alcoholic drink made with equal parts of lager and cider.

These homemade beer battered onion rings are deep-fried to crispy golden perfection. Try these onion rings as a side dish or as a burger topping.

It’s St Paddy’s Day good people! And while most of us non-alcoholics are celebrating with a sugary dose of khus syrup, why don’t we fix the rest of you some yummy Guinness cocktails? Here are 10 recipes to help jazz

India’s leading alco-beverage chain, The Beer Café has been delighting beer-lovers since April 2012 with over 50 kinds of brews served at each of their outlets. However, much like a black sheep of the family, TBC’s oulet in Logix Mall,

Nothing defines “chill” better than a pint – or better, a crate –of chilled beer. And just as we beer-guzzlers are particular about the beverage’s temperature, most of us are picky about the brands that contribute to our beer belly.

Who said Disneyland is just for kids? The popular theme park just got a grown-up twist with its latest boozy addition – an in-house brewery. That’s right, you can now get high on more than just fun at Disneyland! Ballast