Summer has really been difficult this year, and it’s not just the unrelenting heat. Demonetisation has left everyone’s pockets a little lighter (except the rich people, of course, the irony!). If you’re looking for a cool (literally, cool, you’ll see) way to get a bit of that summer buzz then we have just the cocktail for you! The Lava Flow cocktail not only looks amazing but is also a take back to those childhood summer days when mum used to force banana milkshake down our throats (oh, was that only me?). This R-rated version of the banana milkshake combines bananas, strawberries and rum! Did somebody say match made in heaven?

No, this is in fact not a joke, but I’m sure it’s not the weirdest thing you’ve seen on the internet these days. At times like these, the internet is indeed dark and full of terrors. There has definitely been

We’ve all been at that point after a crazy night where we just crave some calorie filled junk food. We go to Empire if we must, but when I was younger, Taco Bell was a great option. Those hard shell

Folks, the day has come. It seems as though it’s just not enough to have a glass of Prosecco. The forces that be (AKA white people) have now decided that just a plain old glass of Prosecco just won’t cut

When it comes to tea – or for that matter any kind of beverage with more than one ingredient like coffee, milkshakes, etc. – there are always various options that come tagged along with it. For example, what kind of

This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill! Tipsy Bull – The Bar Exchange, in Bellandur, is all set to turn one this Saturday and what better way to celebrate than with subsidized drinks? I know, it

There has been no shortage of woes for UB in the last couple of years. Starting with the Kingfisher Airlines fiasco and ending with Vijay Mallya’s arrest last week (granted, it was only for about 5 minutes). Don’t even get

The Renieri tenuta, or winery estate, comprises 128 hectares in the southern quadrant of Montalcino, on slopes that face Monte Amiata. Thirty hectares of vineyards are planted at an elevation of 350-420 metres, their exposures forming an arc from southeast

It’s ‘that’ time of year. When a fan just doesn’t cut it, and a simple walk to the store can make you feel like you’ve crossed the Sahara. If you are of age, and already know the refreshing delight of a Mojito I can assure you that you’re gonna love this! These Mojito slushies cool you all the way to your soul and give you a nice buzz. Did I mention that it only takes 10 minutes to make? Happy drinking!

A crisp and minerally red, with concentrated flavors of dark cherry, roasted plum and dried raspberry, layered with rich, spicy notes. White chocolate details show on the finish, accented by hints of pepper. Drink now through 2020. White chocolate details

Intense citrus and gooseberry flavours with notes of capsicum and passionfruit. A blend of fruits from the Awatere, Waihopai, and Lower Wairau Valleys gives this Sauvignon Blanc the classic Marlborough fruit burst with great palate weight and a clean, acid

Had any plans for hitting up a discotheque or going for a pub-crawl in Delhi? Well, you may as well drop them all because the Capital will not be bringing out the poison this weekend due to the on going

Rich, bold, slightly tangy red with soft, chewy tannins, and higher acid than expected in this style. Dark fruits and subtle herbs with red soil in the nose, and a hint of cola. Cola is more noticeable in the mouth

The Catena Alta Chardonnay shows an intense green-yellow color with golden highlights. The nose offers ripe white fruit aromas such as pears and peaches that are interwoven with delicate citrus and floral notes, such as Jasmine. The palate shows rich

While Madonna’s Vita Coco has been our go to replenishment after workouts, last year pop artist Beyoncé too put her money in a watermelon water startup called WTRMLN WTR. And now joining the league of extraordinarily talented women is Bollywood

Wine is a nice balance of fruit and Oak with a velvety finish. The black currant and bold cherry fruit flavor goes well with the soft French oak finish. A definite crowd pleaser. It smells like asparagus, vanilla, oak, tea, light

Donald Trump is known for tweeting the most absurd and some even hilarious statements. Some of these tweets include calling out media houses, news channels, and even journalists for reporting what according to him is “fake news”. Case in point:

It has been a long (long) weekend and we can only imagine that you probably feel the same way we do (dehydrated and full of regret). Just kidding! In any case, we all know that any hangover cure may come in handy someday (read: tomorrow morning) and this special elixir bloody mary will be the answer to all your prayers!

An intense ruby red in color with purple highlights, the 2013 Tignanello shows a nose of great red fruit intensity along with highly pleasurable notes of vanilla, chocolate, and leather from the well balanced contribution and fusion of the aromas

If the cherry blossom Sprite and Starbucks’ Sakura blossom and pink drinks are anything to go by, this Japan’s pink blossom season is going to be cashed upon majorly by FMCG and F&B giants. One of the many other another companies