Pretty colours, crisp layer and soft meringue on the inside, macarons are absolutely delicious and we certainly can’t resist these on any given day. That’s why World Macaron Day is no exception and we encourage you to head to Yauatcha

Badam Pista Barfi is an Indian dessert made with almonds and pistachios. These are ideally prepared during festivals or you can simply enjoy it for a fuss-free, sweet treat.    

God bless the baker who came up with the concept of cheesecake. The entire concept of whipping together sour cream cheese and condensed milk makes our taste buds dance. (Fun fact though, cheesecake was originally made with unripened cheese sweetened

With the bright onset of Spring, Café Coffee Day launches its new dessert menu ‘Dessert Delights’ that features the most trending flavors to turn your day around. From a classic pineapple to the evergreen black forest, consumers can find a

Have you ever tried Cranberry Banana Pancakes? Soft, fluffy and moist and taste just like banana bread with cranberry toppings. Made with mashed ripe banana, eggs and cranberry. This easy recipe makes for the perfect weekend morning breakfast.

Cinnamon rolls are what cavities, plush bellies, sugar rushes, and dentists’ fortunes are made of. But that that stop us from indulging in one? No sir! And why should it? Nothing spells out E-A-T-M-E better than a soft, baked roll

On his latest episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host had over baker Amirah Kassem of Soho’s Flour Shop fame. Kassem is known for putting together edible magic in the form of vibrant and beautifully detailed cakes, which

Enjoy this Republic day by preparing food with the theme of tricolour. Make a special tricoloured platter with a wide range of succulent food. Bringing in the patriotism flavour to your taste buds, celebrate the day with Hariyali chicken, rice

Whenever we find ourselves drooling over the lavish display of ice cream flavours at gelato parlours, the only thing more difficult than deciding which flavour we want, is whether we want it in a cone or a cup? Let’s be

With restaurants after bakeries after kiosks rolling out a variety of epic waffles, the breakfast food has now become a trendy snack that people are ready to eat from morning to evening to midnight. And to leverage this popularity, a

Food art is always a delight to look at. For the eyes as well as for the palate. The beauty of one form of art being used to create another form of art is uber appealing. Especially if the results

Did you ever think about wine in your dessert? If not, then try this Pedrera Red Wine Chocolate Cake recipe. This chocolate cake is also an absolute treat for all the chocolate lovers. Coat with the chocolate topping and I

In this video, we will see how to make Kozhukattai recipe. This sweet Kozhukattai recipe is made with rice flour, cardamom powder, salt, coconut, ghee and jaggery. This is an amazing sweet served during the festival of Pongal.  

If you are looking for a classic dinner dessert, try this Easy and quick Poached Pears in Red Wine recipe. An extremely easy dish to make, pears are boiled in Pedrera red wine, cinnamon and sugar which maximizes the pear’s

It is hard not to like halwa. Ghee, sugar, and dry fruits, what’s not to like? And loving halwas comes with loving all its varieties and the ways it is made in. But everyone is bound to have a favourite.

A glass of wine and some chocolate makes a perfect combination. So why not combine the two to make rich, chocolatey red wine brownies? Made with melted chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla, flour and then mix the wine to make a perfect

The cookie dough trend has been a ‘thing’ for quite some time now and has taken the Internet and our eating choices by storm. And it doesn’t look like the food item is going out of vogue anytime soon (thank

Brownies, they’re just what this world needs to set out on a more peaceful and loving existence. In all honesty, a good batch of fudge brownies could halt the biggest of wars and bring down the mightiest of heroes. And

Recently, West Bengal got the Geographical Indications tag – the GI tag – making the fluffy treacle-laden Banglar Rosogolla their very own. The possession of the tag came after a two-year-long debate with neighbouring state, Odisha, about the same. But

Shortly after West Bengal bagged the Geographical Indications (GI) tag for the Banglar Rosogolla, it set out to create the record for making the largest ever rasgulla. Made by two self help groups based in the Nadia district of the