If you’re one a little crunch stuffed with dollops of mushy Tex-Mex goodness then tacos are your thing. The Mexican dish combines the best of Mexican cuisine – cheese, salsa, veggies, and chicken, et al – inside one deliciously crispy

We’ve all experienced the absolutely horrific dilemma of trying to choose between two items on a menu. Why don’t you just pick both you say? (hint: I do, it’s called a meal with your boyfriend. Jk.) I say waste not, want

There are very few people in the world who don’t like tacos or haven’t enjoyed the deliciousness of tacos. But there’s a new kind of taco that might stop everyone from spending their hard earned money on the dish. Tacos,

Food is a brilliant and hearty way to start off just about anything. Whether it is a party, your day, the weekend, or a whole new year! And what better than a bunch of zest Mexican dishes to spice up

Chennai is opening up to different kinds of food these days and of those cuisines, we’ve got the delicious and spicy Mexican food. There are a few Mexican restaurants in the city, but everyone has already experienced and enjoyed the

With an all-guacamole-themed restaurant taking New York City by storm, we wanted to make that experience slightly more available to our readers. So, unless you can  or are going to New York City soon, we bring a little bit of

From mac ‘n’ cheese and nachos to bacon, lettuce and tomato (BLT) sandwiches and fried chicken covered with cheese sauce, the New York food landscape is dotted with single subject restaurants. In such a scenario, coming up with a unique theme

Ashvita Bistro is upping their game by bringing in specialized pop-up restaurants with chefs from all over the country. And this week they launch their latest pop-up restaurant in association with Mafia Chef from Mumbai. Mafia Chef is Devansh Javeri,

We’ve said it time and time again, Chennai is a city that is much more accepting of different cuisines than people realize. Being adventurous when it comes to food is usually a risk that people don’t like to take, but