To better the quality of food and counter the problem of overcharging, the Northern Railways have updated the guidelines for vendors reports Times of India. A new set of guidelines have been issued and have been made mandatory. Not following

According to the Economic Times and its sources, the popular food delivery company, Zomato India might be able to raise $500 million and $1 billion in the new financing round. The publication has found out that the company is in

Sooji Halwa Maida Halwa Egg Halwa Thirunelveli Halwa Pineapple Halwa Ashoka Halwa Besan Halwa Apple Halwa Corn Halwa Badam Halwa Karachi Halwa Ragi Halwa Tiranga Halwa Mango Halwa Beetroot Halwa Bread Halwa Moong Dal Halwa Dudhi Halwa Gajar Halwa Chana

There was a time when Delhiites referred to Dilshad Garden as the North-East but the present times have seen the establishment of authentic North-Eastern restaurants here. Initially, the only place that served this cuisine was the Nagaland House where you

Too Lazy to cook? Try this mouthwatering one pot Coconut Rice dish! Weekdays can get a little hectic for everyone and to take out time to cook up an extensive meal can be oh-so-frustrating. So here’s a simple one-pot recipe

Attempt this simple, one-pot chicken curry that is low-fat, low-calorie and it’s slow-cooked so the meat is flawlessly tender. One pot solves all your cooking hassles! This dish is perfect for you lazy bones. Print Recipe One Pot Chicken Curry

The Southern states of India are highly skilled when it comes to cooking up a multi-course and rich delight. Add to that some Kerala spices, seafood and veggies and you’ve got yourself a decadent Malabari feast. Dip your Malabari paratha

Vibrant culture, heart-warming people, and lip-smacking food; there is no better way to describe this beautiful state. The Gujarati cuisine has a whole different idea of flavours, predominantly sweet and otherwise mostly spicy.  A community that is fond of its

When we say India, we don’t mean Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata or even the national Capital, Delhi. The five alphabets refer to the entire 3.3 million square kilometers that represent the country, they refer to the 29 states and

Kebabs are a desi carnivore’s #BAE. The char-grilled and marinated pieces of meat can turn around anyone’s day and make life beautiful again. Delhi has deep connects with the Mughals and North Indian royal families, which makes it kind of

Our scrumptious prawn thokku recipe is the perfect side dish for dosas, Idlies or rice. You can even have it as an appetizer as it tastes really divine! The prawns will vanish from the plate in the blink of an

Here is the hand-picked list of top foodies across Indian cuisines, who brings the best of food exploration across major Indian cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai through their distinctive blogs. This list doesn’t stop with restaurants and

In this dish, the sweetness of bananas is highlighted and complements well with the slightly bitter methi leaves making the duo an exciting filling for theplas. It is also good to note that this thepla will last for a day or

Here is the hand-picked list of top 10 hot drinks in India. Warm up around the fireplace this holiday season with these delicious winter drinks and cocktails, perfect for any family gathering. 1. Mulled Wine Mulled wine is a beverage usually made

We’ve already learned at length about the Capital’s signature street foods and it’s legendary eating hubs (and even how they came into being), so it’s time now to dig a little deeper into what really makes Dilli-style food so iconic.

Delhi may be a rainbow of cultures and cuisines, but the one cuisine that stands out is without a doubt Punjabi. Punjabi food packs a flavoursome punch complete with dollops of malai (cream), oodles of butter, and heavenly amounts of

Enjoy this Republic day by preparing food with the theme of tricolour. Make a special tricoloured platter with a wide range of succulent food. Bringing in the patriotism flavour to your taste buds, celebrate the day with Hariyali chicken, rice

The Bengalis are very passionate about everything thing that they like – sports, culture, literature and their sugary-sweet mother tongue. This zeal remains unmoved when it comes to their food. The heady aroma of their Sorshe Maach, Maacher Jhol, the delicious

If you’ve been born and brought up on in the Northwestern chunk of India, or spent a considerable amount of your life in Delhi – or even spent a winter in this region – you’d be well affiliated with the

Dal is one of the stable dishes indian cuisine. Different types of lentils are used in indian cooking, with these lentiles a variety of recipes are prepare and dal is one of them. Here is a collection of 21 best