We can all relate to the disappointment of going out and eating unauthentic cuisine. It’s especially hard for those of us who have immigrated to Bengaluru and are craving a bit of home food. Or maybe you’ve just been abroad

We all know the feeling of experiencing that absolute craving for a certain kind of food. We also understand that the headache of researching restaurants is not only time-consuming but also sometimes leaves us disappointed. If you’re craving Mediterranean cuisine then

The Great Indian Kebab Festival has arrived in Chennai and it is going to be in the city all the way into the middle of April. And with it, comes delicious kebabs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians, special dishes that you

If you’re a social media addict like I am, then you’ll know that there is always some food fad or another sweeping the internet like a storm and this latest one is no different. Crazy as it may sound, floating

If you’re looking for a unique kind of experience with food you’ve only heard about, but never actually enjoyed, then the Tunday Kababi Food Festival at Raintree Anna Salai is where you need to be. The best part is that

Whether you are planning for a birthday party or organizing a corporate meeting, it is imperative to arrange it in such a place where your guests can have matchless dining experience. There are some remarkable restaurants in Boise such as

Of the many scrumptious cuisines that the South Eastern fragments of Asia has to offer, one of the yummiest and most zestful hails from the seafood and spice rich country of Thailand. With an ingredient portfolio that features ingredients like galangal, lemongrass, fish

There are very few people in the world who don’t like tacos or haven’t enjoyed the deliciousness of tacos. But there’s a new kind of taco that might stop everyone from spending their hard earned money on the dish. Tacos,

Much like people, the things associated to them too have a place of origin. Like their clothes, their language, and even the food that they eat are all a reflection of the region/country it hails from. And living in a

Celebrating unique festivals is something that The Park Chennai has been doing for a while now. Whether it’s a traditional Indian food festival or something a little different, you can be guaranteed to feast on a meal that you can’t

The French folk have a gorgeous way of going about with their food and wine, a fact that Julia Child would totally agree upon. Right from their basic materials to the final preparation, everything is on point. There is hardly

Drive along Khader Nawaz Khan Road and you can’t miss the bright lights that direct you to the newest restaurant along the street. Go up a flight of stairs and you’re faced with a familiar space, but with a touch

Just when you thought you couldn’t enjoy Chinese food in a totally new and fun way, Wangs Kitchen goes and introduces something exciting. The Chennai-based Chinese restaurant has introduced “My Box”, which is designed like a take-out box with Chinese

Bengali food might not be commonplace in the city of Chennai, but starting this week for ten days, Spice Haat at Hyatt Regency is giving food lovers in the city a chance to experience something new. While traditional Bengali food

A market report titled, “Pasta” was recently added by Global Info Research. The report offers an in-depth study of the Pasta market and includes resourceful insights such as size, share and growth of the Pasta industry. The current trends, opportunities

To most people, the mention of Velachery means the area in Chennai where the Phoenix Marketcity mall is located. But there’s so much more to Velachery than just a big mall with everything you could ask for. It’s a very

Iranian (or Irani) is a cuisine known for it’s aromatic gravies, spiced rice and rich flavors. Devoured mostly in the western Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the Capital too is not devoid of good Irani food. Although there are only a handful

You’ve heard the name Gulabs everywhere because they’re selling delicious Indian snacks that are familiar but also have something new to offer. And now this Chennai based company is introducing something new to their collection – Tiny Khakhras! Khakhras are

Like to dine in the comfort of your couch and PJs? Love South Indian food? India’s largest food order and delivery service brings to you the best of both with its South Indian Food Festival in the Capital. Based on

Believe it or not, February is almost over and before the month ends and summer officially sets in, here are all the places you can go, the food you can enjoy, the experiences that you don’t want to forget. Bengali