MILK Milk chocolate is made when dry milk is added to sweetened chocolate, which means it contains more milk and less chocolate liquor (than dark chocolate). In fact, the major with milk chocolate is that the first two ingredients are

National, October, 2018: It is that time of the year when friends and families come together to celebrate their indelible sweet memories during the country’s most awaited festival, Diwali. This year, add a unique sparkle to your festivities by gifting

La Chocoallure takes inspiration from what is visually enticing and converts it into the most unique handcrafted treats. Since its inception in 2010 by a zealous trio – Shanu Arora who is a gold medalist in interior designing but opted for a full

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Looking for a job that comes with benefits like unlimited food, a dreamy location, and tens of reasons to binge on Nutella? Well, you might just be in luck because Italian chocolate manufacturer, Ferrero, is looking for 60 “sensory judges”

Mumbai, July 2018: World Chocolate Day is just around the corner. This is a day where chocolate lovers across the world get set to indulge in their favourite chocolates, be it is Chocolate Milk, Hot Chocolate, Delightful Chocolate Candy Bars, Chocolate Cakes,

It’s World Chocolate Day and it’s being celebrated all through the weekend in Mumbai and we’re spoilt for choice. So all the chocolate lovers, gather around, for we’re giving you some awesome places to be at and hoard chocolates and

Fabelle, ITC’s Luxury chocolate brand known for its exquisite handcrafted chocolates is all set to host the country’s first ever chocolate buffet on the occasion of World Chocolate Day on Saturday, 7th July. The first of its kind chocolate indulgence

We all love chocolate; if not in the form of bars and candies then definitely as desserts and beverages. The sweet food/ingredient has come a long way in the history of food and candies. Right from its cultivation as a

Dreading stepping out in this heat? We’ve got just the chocolaty elixir to keep you healthy, happy, and hydrated this season! This rich Mexican chocolate milkshake is thick, delicious, creamy, and all that a cocoa shake should be, only with

Du Rhône Chocolatier established itself in Geneva in 1875 and since then there was no looking back for their pralines. We visited the store on its launch date in Mumbai which is 16th May, this is also the first Du

Mumbai: Dessert lovers have something to look forward to this May as luxury gourmet patisserie, The Dessert Street, will organize the finest chocolate making workshop for dessert aficionados who are eager to learn the art of making entremets and artisan

Nestle’s leading wafer chocolate brand, Munch, is all set to ramp up the excitement for the 11th edition of the Indian Premier League with its latest campaign. As the official “crunch partner” of three IPL teams – Mumbai Indians, Kolkata

Popular Indian biscuit manufacturing company, PriyaGold, announced yesterday that it has signed Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif as the brand ambassador for its latest product. The new name that has been added to PriyaGold’s vast portfolio is a chocolate bar named

We know, we know, we’ve already done an extensive chocolate poll featuring all the major types of chocolates like fudge, wafer, caramel, and the likes. But we’d like to back to the basics for a bit and ask you this:

On Monday, Mars International India Pvt. Ltd, the local arm of American chocolate giant Mars Inc. announced the signing on Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the new brand ambassador of the company’s popular chocolate label, Snickers. In a hilarious

Mondelez-owned Cadbury Dairy Milk has been in our life for longer than we can even remember! Right from its nostalgia-doused ads to its journey over a number of looks and designs, the chocolate has seen more variety than any other

Love is a celebration of our relationships. It is unique and is defined by individual traits that define our relationship with our loved ones. This Valentine Day, celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship with Fabelle’s personalized gifting range – “My

For most of us, this question (picking a Kit Kat flavor) is hypothetical. Flavor, what flavor? It’s either a 2-piece or a 4-piece! But those of you who really do have access to flavors like Green Tea, Banana, Matcha Milk

When the Aztec stumbled upon the treasured cocoa bean, little did they know that centuries later we’d be eating cocoa extract in the form of chocolate bars. Let alone flavored, nutty and center-filled bars. From tree to factory, chocolate making