Kit Kat is one of the few brands that experiments with interesting – and sometimes really strange – flavours and ideas. And now they’ve got something a little more interesting than what they usually do. To celebrate the Lunar New

Keeping up with the creatively inclined times that have seen an Oreo-filled Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Cheetos Pizza, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry cookies, and the likes, Nestle’s wafer chocolate brand Kit Kat has also come up with a deliciously sinful hybrid

Just when we were done lapping up the last of our holiday candy stock, the confectionary aisle was hit by a number of ground-breaking innovations (yes, Cadbury Silk Oreo, we are looking at you). And while our mind was recovering

If you’re been seeing pictures of Cadbury Oreo Eggs all over the internet and wondering what the deal is, let us help you out. Because it’s a unique thing and we’re jealous. Canada has been selling and eating these delicious

The latest addition to the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk family is a flavour that we’ve all been waiting for ever since it was announced that chocolate brand, Milka and cookie brand, Oreo were joining hands to create the Big Crunch

Coconut flavoured chocolate may not be a common favourite, but these chocolate coconut balls are about to change that. Mini balls of chocolate and desiccated coconut rolled together, the sweet has the bittersweet flavor of chocolate with a hint of

If you’re still in the middle of buying Christmas gifts for your friends and family, don’t worry you’ve got time! But more than that, the most perfect gift for the food lover in your life is a Christmas hamper filled

Domino’s has been on top of its innovation game for the past few months – both internationally and in the Indian market. While the pizza magnate has introduced a number of new and innovative ways of delivering pizza overseas, the

Inspired by the pieces of tree bark that you sometimes find lying around, chocolate bark is a much more delicious alternative. And it’s really simple and the perfect treat for friends during Christmas. You can serve it in a bowl

This year has been great for the weirdest and most popular food trends known to anyone. Everything from turning your food into rainbows to creating one dish out of two, 2016 has seen it all. But now that the popular

We know, we know, we’ve already done an extensive chocolate poll featuring all the major types of chocolates like fudge, wafer, caramel, and the likes. But we’d like to back to the basics for a bit and ask you this:

Weird food combinations are all the rage, but sometimes something interesting comes along that makes you stand up and take notice. Like the Chocolate Cheese out of Australia. Curds & Whey in Melbourne, Australia is the genius behind chocolate-infused cheese.

Known for the famous triangle shaped chocolates, Toblerone has caused quite the outrage among fans in England and slowly all across the world as well. The maker of Toblerone has reconfigured the unique appearance of the two milk chocolate versions

Brownies are a popular treat anywhere in the world. No matter where you are and whether you like chocolate or not, brownies are amazing. They are the perfect combination of chewy and crumbly and deliciousness in every bite. Usually, the

Cooking is always fun, especially when it comes to experimenting with new ingredients and mixing up flavors. Cooking becomes even better when one of the ingredients is chocolate! Whether it’s milk, dark, bitter, or white, the flavour of chocolate brings

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights – and to the dismay of many – and crackers. But being an Indian festival, it also qualifies for a massively indulgent spread. While there is nothing like home-cooked Diwali treats, restaurants

In part one of our conversation with L Nitin Chordia, we learned about Cocoatrait and what he did to become an official chocolate taster and all about his chocolate subscription boxes. In part two, we learn more about Cocoashala, the

There are chocolate lovers, chocolate appreciators and then there are chocolate tasters. L Nitin Chordia is all three, but most importantly, he’s the only official Chocolate Taster on this side of the planet and the founder and owner of Cocoatrait.

Having watched and re-watched Charlie And The Chocolate Factory over a gazillion times, I can confidently say that there are very few movies that get me craving for that amount of chocolate and candy. But it’s probably time I’m prove

Feel like a cozy night in, curled up in front of the fire wearing your most comfortable sweatshirt? Now that you’re comfortable and warm, can’t choose whether to open that bottle of red wine or indulge in a cup of