Celebrated chef Mario Batali is concluding the year on a rather bitter note, amid a handful of sexual harassment and assault allegations. Following this, the chef has been fired from his position at ABC’s daytime show The Chew, which Batali

Sportspeople’s ways of dealing with boo-boos and aches is way different from ours. Case in point, Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn. An ace skier, Vonn doesn’t let any cut, scrape, or sprain put her down for she has the ultimate

When you own, create, or run something, it is natural to want your name associated with the product. But what happens when you name is printed across a business you have no association with whatsoever? Something of the sort has

Have you ever attended a political rally? Yes, the special appearances by unknown faces that happen right before elections. If you have, then more power to you; and if you haven’t, allow us to give you an idea of what

Colombo-based Shangri La hotel opened its doors to the public late last month. With a colossal inventory of 500 rooms and a picturesque property overlooking the Indian Ocean on the One Galle Face location, this Sri Lankan landmark has a

When it comes to whipping up homemade holiday menus and healthy comfort meals, not a lot of celebs match up to the Kardashian sisters. Especially the eldest Kardashian – Kourtney – who has been kind enough to share with the

We don’t know about the major chunk of 2018, but May sure is going to be special with the next Royal Wedding scheduled for Spring of 2018, that is, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Now, while D-day is still

Recently Chef Gaggan Anand announced that his renowned Bangkok-based restaurant Gaggan would be shutting shop in 2020. And while the news breaks our heart, it may be reassuring for a lot of us to learn that the restaurant is not

In the recently held ‘Iron Chef Thailand”, Punjab Grill Bangkok’s Executive Chef Bharath Sridhar Bhat has come out victorious, becoming the first Indian chef to do bag the title.   Iron Chef Thailand The show, which is an adaptation of

Planning to visit Goa this holiday season? There’s a new place in town that you must check out. And the place is owned by a swanky Bollywood star, no less! Shortly after celebrating his 31st birthday last month, actor Prateik

You know how we don’t realize something until another person points it out – like the plural of ‘beef’? Well, popular American musician Justin Timberlake recently introduced us to the possibility of ‘braspberry’, a whole new berry that is made

American model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen celebrated her thirty second birthday on 30th November. The mommy-of-one (who’s soon going to be mommy-of-two, by the way) got the most adorable present a food enthusiast can receive from husband John Legend –

It’s never too late to learn, or experiment, or maybe even switch careers. And if the 44th President of the United States can maneuver a knife after being a leader of the free world for 8 years, there sure must

Looks like airports around the world are enjoying the holiday season, and we don’t just mean in terms of footfall. After Bobby Flay announced the launch of his burger joint at Atlanta International Airport, it’s Chef Gordon Ramsay who comes

While we all have our favourite foods for every season – even for the winters – it is always wise to know what the experts have to stay. Especially if the expert is celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who’s two-penny worth

Fun fact, there exists a category of foods called “manly foods” and chef Anthony Bourdain despises it. And while we are not sure what all foods and drinks fall under this group, we do know that the Parts Unknown host

This week our hearts broke a little but and our envy rose a little as Prince Harry got engaged to long-time beau Meghan Markle and Markle came a step closer to officially becoming a princess Her Royal Highness, Princess Harry

Move over Sridevi fans because the biggest follower of the actress is a couple in Singapore. Owner of an authentic Indian restaurant named Delhi Restaurant, which is situated in Singapore’s Serangoon Road and Race Course Road localities, the couple has

Musician and pop icon Drake, in addition to making some amazing food-tapping chartbusting tunes, also has his money invested in the food and beverage industry. The Canadian rapper has not only looking to start his very own restaurant brand but

Earlier this month, US President Donald Trump was on a five-country Asia tour, wherein he also visited and dined with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as well. And while the state dinners included a variety of traditional Japanese grubs, the American