Drew Barrymore is a doll and the most violent we’ve ever seen her is as one of Charlie’s Angels, so imagining her as an undead person who lives off human flesh was a little more than unbelievable. That was until

If you utter the words In-N-Out in a room full of Americans – especially West Coasters – you can expect a unanimous outpour of love for the brand followed by major mayhem to look for the nearest outlet. One person,

Pineapple on pizza – or Hawaiian Pizza, as some call it – has been a major topic of debate, hate, and argument among pizza eaters. The combination of pineapple and cheese repulses some, while some love indulging in a slice

At 27, Ayesha Curry has achieved more than most of us can even dream of. And now it looks like she won’t stop at nothing! After rolling out a successful cooking show on Food Network and a best-selling cookbook, Curry

Fighting for the one you love is plain and simple human instinct. And this instinct that can span over materialistic belongings and non-living things that you deeply care for as well. A fact that Chrissy Teigen recently proved on Twitter

President Donald Trump has hardly ever (read, never) been on the good or better side of things. You may as well add ‘dinner etiquettes’ to that list of things. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently joined the big mac loving

This year’s Academy Awards, a.k.a. the much-coveted Oscars, are just round the corner (28th February), and while we can’t wait to find out who bags how many golden figurines, we do know what the attendees will be filling up on.

With a cookbook in the market, a show on Food Network, a food delivery start-up, and widespread social media fandom, it is safe to say that Ayesha Curry has carved a strong foothold for herself in the culinary sphere. And

Jon Bon Jovi has been on everyone’s pop playlist for the past three decades. But it’s not just the music that he has given to the society; it’s his wife Dorothea Hurley and his Pay-If-You-Can Restaurant that is the real

Though in all fairness, he did get a whopping discount on the $45 million property. After conquering the coffee realm, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has finally decided to step down from the position of CEO last December after a winning

Chef and restaurateur Gordon Ramsay is known across the globe for his acidic tongue. A fact that has been proven time and again, by his encounters with contestants on various TV shows. But little did we know that the acid

A few weeks before Donald Trump assumed office and the former First Family moved out, there was much debate on whether Trump and his clan would wipe Michelle Obama’s sprawling vegetable garden clean or not. And while former President Barrack

And we would’ve done exactly what he did after that! A few days back a particular Hot Cheeto was making the rounds on the World Wide Web. The snack grabbed so much attention that even Jimmy Kimmel featured it on

Former First Lady Michelle Obama may not be the FLOTUS anymore, but that does not stop her from being her super awesome self. And if Barrack Obama’s vacay pictures are anything to go by, he too is having a well-deserved

Social butterfly and TV personality Khloé Kardashian recently parted ways with former NBA star Lamar Odom, her husband of seven years. And in addition to her new found “freedom” and single life comes a change in her legal identity as well.

If you’ve seen Stranger Things, you’d be well aware of the importance that ‘Eggo’ holds. Especially in Eleven’s heart. The ready to eat “Homestyle” waffles kept El going and were even the iconic giveaway to her possible survival at the

Three more days to go for the most mush and love ridden day of the year, a.k.a. Valentine’s Day. Now, if you’re single, we hope you have a Netflix membership and enough pizza coupons, and if you’re in a relationship,

If you didn’t get woozy enough after looking at Hollywood’s light-eyed razor sharp jawed specimen of fine male genes Channing Tatum, the actor is set to give you yet another reason to go weak in the knees. This time, literally.

If you’re a fan of the popular American TV series The Office (Pfft! obviously you are!), you’ll know who Pam Beesly, a.k.a Jenna Fischer, a.k.a. the “young woman who snuck drinks off of other people’s tables” is. For the uninitiated,

As if there’s weren’t enough celebrity-owned wine labels that we couldn’t lay our hands on, there’s yet another public figure who will soon kick off their own wine label. And it’s none other than Super Bowl LI’s showstopper, Lady Gaga!