Popular Indian television actor Aamir Ali, who is known for his work in telenovelas like FIR and Bhaskar Bharti, is adding yet another feather to his hat. The actor is all set to step foot in the hospitality industry with

The world is fast catching up with healthy and nutritious eating and moreover procuring food that is grown with a minimum amount of chemical. In other words, organic farming is the next big thing in the agricultural space. And popular

From all his accolades, critical acclaim, and fandom, if there is one thing that we’ve gathered about Akshay Kumar is that the man can do just about anything. From being a martial arts expert, an actor par excellence, and a

It often happens that we have a massive craving for a particular kind of food, say cookies, and not every bakery, restaurant and/or shop can satiate our hunger for the same. And so we venture out on a hunt for

We get hard-sell marketing and we get that sometimes advertising needs to be really curt to get the point across. But that should in now way entail putting someone down in the process, let alone using actual health problems to

There is hardly anyway you can go wrong with pizza. Unless you’re Gordon Ramsay and you’ve come in contact with pineapple pizza. But apart from that exception (and a few others), pizza is loved and devoured in a number of

Oprah Winfrey is no stranger to the food and beverage industry. Having invested in a cookbook and a beverage label in the past, the media mogul has well established her presence in the arena. To make her foothold stronger, the media

It’s true that animal rights and meat eating are two very sensitive subjects to speak on, but that said they are also issues that people talk – as they should – about. And special attention is given to what public

Chef and TV host Ranveer Brar has earned quite a name for himself through an impeccable culinary aesthetic and a knack to keep audiences glued to their TV/gadget screens. Going in depth of his art, the chef who is currently

Superfoods and healthy foods are all the rage. And what sells even better are such foods that come with a certain traditional and cultural ante. Case in point, the ridiculous turmeric latte, chai latte, and the most popular of all,

After proving to be a rock-steady cricket player by not just Indian but also global sports standards, Gautam Gambhir has turned his attention to more socially sensitive causes off the field. The cricketer has kicked of a campaign – under

Chef Gordon Ramsay is synonymous with the globally popular cooking competition, that is, MasterChef. Ramsay, who is an indispensable part of the panel, also started MasterChef Junior for younger culinary wonders. However, these weren’t enough for the chef as he

When it comes to being a flawless and totally whack superhero, there ain’t no better actor than Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star has charmed us all with his wit, humour, and acting time and again. But did you know that

A renowned TV personality, author, cook show host and a culinary icon, Ina Garten is a name almost every foodie and cooking enthusiast has come across. Apart from the yummy delights that she puts together in the kitchen, Garten is

Author and food expert Anthony Bourdain developing something super fun brewing at his work desk – a chef-centric comic book series called Hungry Ghosts. Yep, gone are the days of scouting the streets of Vietnam with the POTUS and writing

When it comes to – and eating good fancy food like scalloped potatoes – Chrissy Teigen can definitely be banked upon. So if she says that scrambled eggs taste better when cooked with heavy cream, we put the darn cream

If there’s one thing that Jimmy Kimmel does flawlessly (apart from being an amazing late-night host and a gorgeous human being) is flipping the most perfect and colourful cartoon-inspired pancakes for his 3-year-old daughter, Jane. Kimmel has often taken to

Don’t we all want to possess MasterChef level cooking skills? But alas, not everyone is born a Kunal Kapur or Nobu Matsuhisa and has the talent to whip up a culinary storm, let alone be compared to MasterChefs. That said,

It’s the year of new brand ambassadors, or so it looks like in the food and beverage industry. After Shah Rukh Khan became the face of food delivery platform Foodpanda, and Chef Kunal Kapoor was signed on for IG International,

Who better to take fitness tips from someone who has helped celebrities like Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone look like they do today? In a recent interview, celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala talked about the importance – or