Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden is turning 2 this year on May 28th and is celebrating with the Mumbai-kars who share their birthday. That’s right, bottomless complimentary drinks to those who have their birthday on 28th May and come to the birthday

The vibe at Koko in Mumbai is hip and happening with the lively music, creative décor pieces and a bar area right at the heart of the restaurant. As we entered the place to enjoy yet another event put together

Learn more about whisky or enjoy chilled beer at exceptional rates! This week in Mumbai is going to be quite eventful and here’s our guide to the best of them! Jamjar Diner Engage your kids in an intriguing quilling workshop

The lovely square-shaped glass, two glimmering pieces of ice and that luscious golden liquid flowing into the glass. Ah! What a life, right? Whisky lovers, it’s your day! Enjoy World Whisky Day at these 7 awesome bars in Mumbai! The

Happy Friday Mumbai! Get ready for 6 awesome events this weekend in Mumbai which are full of food, drinks and lots of fun. Foodhall Tea connoisseurs gather around at Foodhall for experiencing rare teas from private estates of India at

Whiskey lovers, listen up! We’re indulging in some whiskey-infused cocktail today, a.k.a., whiskey sour. The drink is essentially a concoction of whiskey, sugar, lime juice and an optional dash of egg white. The egged version of the drink also known

The sweltering heat is back in Mumbai and we find ourselves cursing now and then. But fret not, every story has a superhero and ours is ‘The Freakshake Festival’ at 145 Café and Bar. Yes, sweet, sassy and overloaded drink

Mundane tasks and long meetings wearing you down? Head out after work to a gig or simply have a lavish lunch to lift up your midweek spirits. Here are 5 events in Mumbai to perk up work weekday! [email protected] Café

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and in case you haven’t planned anything, don’t fret. There are plenty of places in Mumbai to make sure your mommy dearest enjoys her day. Scrounge up a gift and card because we’ve taken care

Weekends are meant to unwind and do your own thing, to lay back and enjoy what the city has to offer. Mumbai truly has a lot on its agenda this weekend and here are 8 amazing places and events to

The long distance travelling, stretchy meetings and work overload can bring you down. Thankfully, we have cool places in Mumbai just these 6 amazing places below that are all set to transform your weary self into a happy one. Check

We foodies aren’t satiated with the galore of food around us for our taste buds are always asking for something new and exciting. Keeping that in mind, restaurants in Mumbai keep adding to their menus, add in seasonal favourites and

Foodies! Gather around to relish delectable food and refreshing beverages in Mumbai all through the month of May 2018. May your taste buds be satiated sometime soon! Hard Rock Café Enjoy a variety of local burgers from various part of

Be it a good day at work or a bad one, an occasion or simply Monday blues. There’s always your favourite drink or beer that cheers you up big time. Here are great deals and happy hours on alcohol at

Lovers of cosmopolitan, sip on your favourite concoction as The Daily Bar and Kitchen celebrates World Cosmopolitan Day on 7th May. Though a classic cosmo is made using vodka, triple sec, cranberry and lime juice, the eatery has added its

Dining is not the same as it was a decade ago and with this massive change has come a variety of concepts. Varying in décor, style of service and ambience these concepts are amazing to see and it’s all thanks

BKC Dive turns one on 21st April and is having a grand week-long celebration and we’re excited for the bash. Needless to say, there are going to be amazing offers on food and drinks so that you can party hard

It’s the fourth month of the year, the summer is not yet onto its highest, the mangoes are appearing on the scene and we’re craving new flavours. Aren’t we foodies? So let’s head out and check out all the places

The cricket fever has returned along with the summers in Mumbai. It’s time to gather up your buddies and hit the sassiest places for drinks, chilled beer and delicious eats for its time to cheer hard for your team. So

Happy Hours make us happy and knowing that we kick back after a long day at work and not hold back is the best news. So ladies if the thought of unlimited martinis and sangrias makes you happy too, then