On every birthday of my husband, being bitten by the baking bug, I search out for the new flavours of cakes to make him surprised. Do you also feel in the same way? To go and discover the new flavours

A wise man once decided to give the human race the best of chocolate and hazelnut in a jar. The wise man was none other than Michele Ferrero and that thing in the jar is our beloved Nutella. The spread

Christmas is just round the corner and if you still haven’t picked out a gift for your loved ones, fret not for we have just the solution for you – Christmas hampers. Not only do hampers hold a ton of

Peach Cake Recipe

Print Recipe Peach Cake Recipe A heavenly peach cake that tastes like summer. Speckled with fresh peaches and drizzled with cream glaze, this peach cake recipe is a true crowd pleaser! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep

In a time when Instagram likes makes someone or something famous, it’s no surprise that bakeries and chefs are making things and creating dishes that are specifically for those delicious Instagram likes and shares. FOMO (feeling of missing out) as

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights – and to the dismay of many – and crackers. But being an Indian festival, it also qualifies for a massively indulgent spread. While there is nothing like home-cooked Diwali treats, restaurants

Craving some cake, or need to place an order for that big birthday coming up? Check out these bakers, and bakeries that will definitely get you cake-static! Melt It Down, Kanakpura Main Road Want customised delectable cakes and flavour-infused chocolates

Delhi-NCR is well acquainted with the concept of sinfully rich and chocolaty brownies, but only people who have folks over in Mumbai or visit the city often know what the words ‘sinful’, ‘rich’ and ‘chocolaty’ mean. For they have sunk

The world of donuts has expanded from classic sugar coated donuts to a vast selection that includes multiple flavours, fillings and even savoury donuts. This fried, sugary treat is an age old favourite. To add to the plethora of choice,

It’s true! Noida’s hot new shopping, eating and hangout hub, DLF Mall Of India just stepped it up with a hot new bakery. And it’s none other than Delhi-NCRs much-loved and highly binged at ‘Big Chill Cakery’! And we’re not

If the word ‘chocolate’ or the sight of anything even remotely russet or milky and brown gets you jumpy like an oompa loompa, then you, my friend, are what they call a chocoholic. Your life revolves around the delight that

You read that right. A mufgel. Which, if you really think about it, is what happens when you mash up a muffin and a bagel. And this isn’t even the first of the strange food mash-ups with even stranger names,

A pie is a baker’s way of expressing. And we are sure of this because a waitress told us. And there is nothing yummier than a golden pie crust stuffed with sweet caramelized fruit chunks, topped with sugar and cinnamon;

Cookies are bakes everyone loves. Seriously, have you heard anyone saying they don’t like cookies? Team it with chai, your morning cuppa, with cold milk or simply munch on some as snack. Which is why you should know where to

Bread has been a staple in diets all over the world. Whether we’re eating bread for breakfast or eating a sandwich at lunch, bread has played a huge part in our lives and in our diets. In India, of course,

The king of fruits is back and ready to start a tropical party on your taste buds. Although raw mangoes guarantee a tangy and pucker-worthy taste that can make even boring, old dhal chaawal enticing. But this is nothing compared

It’s donuts upon donuts upon donuts upon…. and it goes on and on and on. The Inception Donut has arrived and we should have seen this coming considering that there have been so many weird and crazy food trends. Adam

Have you ever wanted to get your son or your girlfriend a very specific kind of cake, but never knew where to go? That problem is now being solved by Curtnny’s Cakes. Curtnny’s – named after owners/founders Curtis and Vinitha

The French Loaf , the fastest growing bakery chain in the country is ready to beat the heat by introducing an array of summer specialities for all throughout the season. The French Loaf has come up with mouth-watering salads, burgers,

If you’ve been worrying about how you’re going to get your sugar fix today, Taj Coromandel has the solution for you! This World Health Day, they are introducing sugar-free cakes and bread at La Patisserie from April 7th – 10th.