Did you ever think about wine in your dessert? If not, then try this Pedrera Red Wine Chocolate Cake recipe. This chocolate cake is also an absolute treat for all the chocolate lovers. Coat with the chocolate topping and I

A glass of wine and some chocolate makes a perfect combination. So why not combine the two to make rich, chocolatey red wine brownies? Made with melted chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla, flour and then mix the wine to make a perfect

Brownies, they’re just what this world needs to set out on a more peaceful and loving existence. In all honesty, a good batch of fudge brownies could halt the biggest of wars and bring down the mightiest of heroes. And

Of the many reminiscent of the mid and early 20th century that boast of a post-colonial hangover, Hyderabad’s legendary Karachi Bakery is one. The rustic bakery, which is popular for its signature cookies and pastries, opened shop in 1953 and

If you’re a dessert lover and you’ve ever stepped foot in Noida or come in contact with someone who stays on the other side of the Yamuna, you would have tried out the delicious treats and bakes from Theos. But

Cookies are bakes everyone loves. Seriously, have you heard anyone saying they don’t like cookies? Team it with chai, your morning cuppa, with cold milk or simply munch on some as snack. Which is why you should know where to

When it comes to experiencing movies like royalty, there is hardly any group that does it better than PVR Director’s Cut. From gourmet in-auditorium food options including the likes of exquisite sushi spreads and premium popcorns to concierge services and

Brownies are amazing in a number of ways – they are rich, delicious, and leave you with the most amazing sugar rush. Moreover, they come in a variety of scrumptious flavours! No, we’re not trying to sell the dessert here,

After gracing Noida and Gurgaon with some absolutely godly brownies, popular Mumbai-based bakery Theobroma has now set foot in Delhi with a new outlet at the SDA Community Centre, Safdarjung. That’s right, South Delhi folk can finally stop relying on

India has, over the past few years, developed the exquisite taste for freshly baked gourmet breads and bakes, which has in turn paved the way for a number of bakeries, cake shops, and boutiques. One such patisserie and boulangerie that

If you’ve ever had a serious sugar craving while in Chandigarh, chances are that the locals would have directed you to this heavenly place called “Nik Baker’s”. And chances that you would’ve wanted to put life and everything else aside

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and for all of you haven’t made plans to visit these awesome events and restaurants in Delhi, we’ve got a last minute hack for you – delicious cakes, bakes, and confectionaries! Because nothing spells out ‘we

On every birthday of my husband, being bitten by the baking bug, I search out for the new flavours of cakes to make him surprised. Do you also feel in the same way? To go and discover the new flavours

A wise man once decided to give the human race the best of chocolate and hazelnut in a jar. The wise man was none other than Michele Ferrero and that thing in the jar is our beloved Nutella. The spread

Christmas is just round the corner and if you still haven’t picked out a gift for your loved ones, fret not for we have just the solution for you – Christmas hampers. Not only do hampers hold a ton of

Peach Cake Recipe

Print Recipe Peach Cake Recipe A heavenly peach cake that tastes like summer. Speckled with fresh peaches and drizzled with cream glaze, this peach cake recipe is a true crowd pleaser! Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Prep

In a time when Instagram likes makes someone or something famous, it’s no surprise that bakeries and chefs are making things and creating dishes that are specifically for those delicious Instagram likes and shares. FOMO (feeling of missing out) as

Diwali is celebrated as the festival of lights – and to the dismay of many – and crackers. But being an Indian festival, it also qualifies for a massively indulgent spread. While there is nothing like home-cooked Diwali treats, restaurants

Craving some cake, or need to place an order for that big birthday coming up? Check out these bakers, and bakeries that will definitely get you cake-static! Melt It Down, Kanakpura Main Road Want customised delectable cakes and flavour-infused chocolates

Delhi-NCR is well acquainted with the concept of sinfully rich and chocolaty brownies, but only people who have folks over in Mumbai or visit the city often know what the words ‘sinful’, ‘rich’ and ‘chocolaty’ mean. For they have sunk