Catch up with Life, Coca Cola’s new product in 8 years

Meet Coca Cola Life, 89 calories a can

In an effort to cut down obesity, Coke takes a quick, calorie counted step and creates the Coca Cola Life. The still-sparkling drink is made with Stevia and contains 89 calories as opposed to 139 calories in the regular Coke. [pullquote]Coke Life promises less sugar and less calories.[/pullquote]

Coca-Cola Europe president James Quincey said: “With Coca-Cola Life, we have innovated to provide consumers with a new option with fewer calories. We were early signatories to the UK Government’s Responsibility Deal and as we work with others across society to address the public health challenge of obesity in the UK and across Europe, we will continue to take actions that help people balance their lifestyles.”


Earlier this year, Coca-Cola GB announced it would invest £20m in physical activity programmes through to 2020, in an effort to help get one million people active. Coke’s in the health zone alright!