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Cat Lovers Can Now Share a Bottle of Wine With Their Feline Companions


If you’ve ever wished you could share a glass of wine with your cat, you’re not the only one.

Denver’s Apollo Peak is in the process of marketing an all-natural, organic and non-alcoholic wine that is great for your feline companion as well!


Apollo Peak has two varieties on offer right now – a red Pinot Meow and a white Moscato – both great for your cat. Their tagline is also quite perfect – “Why drink alone?” – and they brew the beverage using organic and all-natural beets and fresh organic catnip grown in the US.

When speaking with UPI, Apollo Peak said, “When cats smell catnip they tend to get funny, move around and play a lot. However, the exact opposite occurs when they ingest catnip. They normally will become more ‘mellowed’ out when they drink the wine so it might actually help for those restless nights.”

In case you were wondering, this wine is also safe for you to drink and for canines, if you choose to have them join the party as well.

The bottles retail for $11.59 and are currently only available in the States. But as soon as we can get them here, you’ll be the first to know!