Cartoon Network Has Partnered With A Doughnut Shop In Australia For These Adventure Time Themed Doughnuts


If you’re a fan of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, then you’ve probably come across the fact that Bacon Pancakes are Jake’s favourite breakfast. And let’s be real here, everyone likes bacon pancakes. Jake even had a song about these pancakes, because that’s just how awesome they are.

And if that’s not enough reason to get started on watching the show, then here’s Hugh Jackman in a dubsmash video featuring said song, because sometimes it takes a big celebrity to bring attention to the better things in life.


Good morning….

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But we digress.

Cartoon Network has tied up with Doughnut Time in Australia to promote the Adventure Time Live show kicks of its Australian Tour that kicks off in Melbourne and for that, the doughnut shop had created a brand new doughnut that any self-respecting Adventure Time fan would want to get their hands on.

Named “It’s Always Adventure Time”, the doughnuts are glazed with maple syrup and then topped with caramelised bacon pancakes. Because how else are you going to bring together everything that Jake has ever loved? The doughnuts are decorated in Finn and Jake’s signature colours and are available for a limited time only starting March 9th to celebrate the live show.


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